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Chapter 27 - Kell

Kell stood at the front of the tiny chapel in Emmalyn’s parent’s home. Emmalyn’s proposal had surprised him, and he was furious that he hadn’t been the one to do it himself. He’d grabbed her, kissed her passionately, and declared the wedding would take place later that day. Now here he was, with Behr by his side, and waiting for his bride to walk in. He hadn’t been standing there long, but it felt too long already.

When the doors opened, Kell stood straight, and breathed a sigh of relief as his wee warrior walked through on his father’s arm. The sight of her took his breath away. Her hair was left down, and it shimmered as it flowed around her. A string of tiny white flowers kept it off her face. The gown was pure white and fell to her feet. The skirt was adorned in lace and the top had short capped sleeves. The bodice was tight, and it was a soft silk. The top showed a hint of the lace that adorned the skirt. She had no jewelry, except for her locket, and she didn’t need any. Although Kell would be rectifying that later.

Emmalyn caught his eyes and looked down, then her head shot back up and her eyes were shimmering with tears. She was happy, and he could clearly see it. When she remained standing in the same spot for too long Kell took one step towards her. That got a surprised look from her before she was tugging her father’s arm, and once more heading his way.

Kell didn’t register the words the priest was saying or the kiss her father tenderly placed on her cheek. All he knew was that her tiny hand was placed in his much larger one, and the ceremony that would bind her to him could begin. He was ready to start his life with her.

Kell glanced around as the priest began. The ceremony was small because he wanted to keep it a secret. He wanted no one except his most trusted warriors and Emmalyn’s parents to know of it. That way if he needed to use his powers he would be underestimated. He had a feeling things would get worse before they got better. And he’d need them to keep his bride safe. He had no intention of letting any harm come to her.

When the priest stopped talking and glanced at him he understood it was time to speak his vows. He squeezed Emmalyn’s hands and tenderly kissed her forehead.

I pledge myself to you. I promise to stand by your side in this life and the next. I promise to put you above all else, to love you unconditionally, and to protect you with my life. I am yours as you are mine,” Kell vowed.

Emmalyn beamed up at him, as her tears slid down her cheeks. When he slipped a ring he had the blacksmith, make that very afternoon on her finger, she gasped. The ring was sterling silver, and the band was heavily textured. It split on either side as it reached the pronged solitaire, that was framed by dozens of smaller diamonds. Her raised her hand and kissed the ring then waited as she recited her vows.

I pledge myself to you. I promise to stand by your side in this life and the next. I promise to put you above all else, to love you unconditionally, and to protect you. I am yours as you are mine,” Emmalyn vowed.

Then she turned and accepted the ring her father slipped in her hand. Kell had it made at the same time. Like hers it was sterling silver with a textured band. They fit together perfectly, just like the two of them. Then as he had done, she raised his hand and kissed his ring.

Just as the priest was about to pronounce them husband and wife the doors flew open. Kell turned that way in a defensive posture, and Behr, Torrin and Oryn all moved to shield them.

“Are you seriously having a wedding without me,” was bellowed from the other side of the door. Then a limping and seriously pissed Mathias hobbled into the chapel.

Emmalyn gasped then squealed in delight, but Kell stopped her before she left his side and darted back down the isle. He turned to the priest and glared at the man.

“Say the words,” Kell growled as the priest visibly swallowed. His warriors and her father didn’t even try to hold in their laughter. Kell ignored them all and scowled.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. May your love carry you through this life and into the next. You may kiss your new bride,” he finished.

Kell didn’t waste a second. He wrapped his arms around Emmalyn’s back, dragged her against his body, then slammed his lips down on hers. She melted against him and gave as good as he did. The kiss lasted a long time before they were forced to break apart and take a breath.

“My wife,” Kell grinned as he gazed own at her tenderly.

“My husband,” she returned breathlessly as her eyes still shimmered with tears.

“Never in my entire life have I ever laid eyes on a bride as beautiful as you. You absolutely take my breath away,” Kell declared as he ran his finders across the lace at her bodice.

Emmalyn visibly shivered as she whispered her thanks. “You look pretty good yourself,” she replied as she griped the front of his tunic.

Kell was wearing a pair of black leather pants and high black boots. His shirt was black as well and long sleeved. It was a soft cotton with a leather strip running through the three button holes at the top. The leather wasn’t tied, and the top fell open a bit to reveal his chest. His hair was freshly washed and hung untamed around his face.

“Can I say hello now please,” Mathias suddenly yelled impatiently from the back.

When Kell glanced his way, it was to see his warriors had blocked him so the ceremony could continue. Kell gave a sharp nod, and they stepped to the side. Instantly Matias continued his slow trek up the isle. At the same time his bride remembered he was there. Kell let her go, and watched as she grabbed the sides of her dress and lifted them, then ran down the isle.

She hit Mathias head on, and if his warriors hadn’t braced his back, they both would have gone down. Kell watched as pain ripped across her guardians face, but when he pulled back and looked down at her, it was gone. The man would never let her know she had hurt him, and he respected that. Kell listened to his bride sob for only a minute before he’d had enough. He moved down the isle with both her parents at his back.

“Mathias it is wonderful to see you again,” Emmalyn’s mother gushed sincerely as Kell pulled his bride into his arms. As soon as she was out of the way both parents hugged the man.

“You kept our girl safe. We are forever indebted to you. It is obvious we made the correct choice when we picked you to look over her,” Emmalyn’s father declared.

Mathias nodded in thanks then hugged them back just as fiercely. It was clear the man was more than a trusted guard. He was family.

“I see things have progressed between the two of you,” Mathias announced as he studied Kell. “I watched the end of the ceremony. It is clear you love my Emmy, and I am happy she has chosen such a fine warrior to be her husband. You will keep her safe, of that I have no doubt.”

Kell nodded as he pulled his bride closer. The wedding had gone off without a hitch and he couldn’t be happier. He had wanted it done quickly before the councillor returned or any uninvited guests turned up to stop it. Not even the staff knew the ceremony had taken place, as only Boris had attended. They had dressed in private and used a back staircase to ensure they weren’t seen. They would head back to their room the same way. When Emmalyn took off her dress later, it would be safely wrapped and placed in a truck for her.

Kell listened to them talk a minute longer and accepted congratulations from his warriors. Then he eyed his bride with soft eyes.

“I think it is time for us to say our goodbyes sweetheart. I’d like some time alone with my new bride,” Kell announced huskily.

He watched with barely contained patience as she hugged each and every person present. Then she blushed as she took his outstretched hand and let him lead her away. When they reached the back stairs, he simply bent and lifted her into his arms. The dress was long, and he was worried about her missing a step, but he could also move faster if he carried her. He took the steps two at a time as she wrapped around him and held on. Then he was kicking the door to their room open and whisking her inside.

Kell crossed the room in two strides and laid her on the bed. Then he moved to the back door and flicked the lock, doing the same with the main door and the balcony doors. He wanted privacy tonight, and he was ensuring there were no interruptions. Then he moved to the bed and looked down at her. With a small smile he closed his eyes and concentrated on the logs that were piled in the fireplace. Then he turned his palms up so they faced it and spoke quietly, as he opened his eyes once more.

“I call on the element of fire. Bring the fire to me and let me warm my bride,” Kell requested. He felt his hands warm and then he saw the tiny sparks shoot from his palms. A second later he pushed out and fire shot from them to hit the logs. They caught and flared up sending a soft glow throughout the room. “Thank you for honouring me with your graciousness,” Kell finished as he dropped his hands and turned back to his bride. She was staring at him wide eyed, with a look of pure awe.

“Could you always do that?” she questioned, as she pointed at the flames.

He answered as he prowled towards her. “No. I could move a flame or enlarge it if it was there, but I could never start one on my own. And I definitely couldn’t shoot one out of my hands. That was a surprise to me as well as you. It appears my powers have indeed increased. It will be interesting to see what else I can do. But that is something to discover another night. Tonight I’d like to discover my new wife,” he gruffly declared.

Then she opened her arms in invitation and everything but her was forgotten.

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