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Chapter 51 - Emmalyn

Emmalyn was covered in blood and using her healing powers was weakening her. The wounded were falling at an alarming rate, and she pushed herself to attend them all. She healed the worst of the injuries. Any she felt would heal on their own, she left alone. It was the only thing she could do to keep going. She was exhausted, but she refused to give up.

Thankfully, Kiera noticed what she was doing and got the Fae to help. Since Emmalyn wasn’t healing the men completely, the Fae were flying in to carry them away. It was a huge relief to know the men would be safe, and would not be left on the battlefield to suffer further.

Emmalyn took a minute to look to the sky, and sure enough Kiera was there. The Fae was shooting arrows at a dizzying speed, while remaining unnaturally close. Emmalyn had her suspicions that was due to Kell. She knew he had agreed to let her fight too easily. The man was infuriating. Not only was Kiera there, but anytime someone got too close, something would happen to them. They would trip on a root that appeared out of nowhere, or a huge gust of wind would knock them over. The last man actually got hit on the ass by a small bolt of lightening. Emmalyn would have laughed, had she not been so terrified.

The fight was surprisingly even. Emmalyn had been alarmed at the amount of men Connor had managed to gather. Kell had a fair share of his own, but most of his men were still roaming the other Kingdom’s, and not close enough to be here to help. Without phones, only messengers could be sent out to retrieve them, and they hadn’t returned in time.

Emmalyn was terrified the fight would be lost. She looked in the direction she had last seen Kell and saw he was surrounded, but holding his own. The man was lethal, and more than skilled with a sword. He cut through the enemy easily and was a sight to behold. She was proud to be his wife and prayed they would be victorious.

Doubts were setting in though. The castle must have been filled with men, for the amount on the battlefield was staggering. Her wolves were fairing well, but even she knew it may not enough. Dropping her head, she tried to come up with another powerful animal that could fight on her side. Lions were good, but she doubted they had anything like that here. They may have bears, but she wasn’t sure they would make it in time.

Furrowing her brow, Emmalyn desperately blocked out everything around her. She needed an animal that would be close. An animal that could take out the enemy quickly. An enemy that would be hard to hurt. Then she had it. Once when she went camping with Mathias, they had come across a wasps nest. They had been a good distance back and had suffered no stings. But two teenagers had taken a stick to the nest and provoked the bees. The bees had retaliated by swarming. The boys had fought back, but their sticks hadn’t done a thing. The bees simply parted, then resumed the attack.

Emmalyn closed her eyes and concentrated. With all the energy she had left, she called on the bees for help. She begged them with her mind to join the fight and save Kell and his men. Then she opened her eyes once more and waited. It took only minutes for a loud buzzing noise to break from the woods. Then thousands upon thousands of bees were heading straight for the enemy. As they got near they broke off into smaller groups and attacked. Men screamed as they were stung numerously and swarmed.

Emmalyn once again looked to Kell, expecting him to be looking her way proudly, but that wasn’t the case. Kell had his eyes closed, just as she had, and was looking towards the sky. She could tell just by watching him he wasn’t even aware of what she had done. She could only guess that he too had realized their situation was deteriorating and was calling on the Elements to help.

“My girl, you’re a genius,” her father shouted, as he ran his sword through the side of a man foolish enough to take him on. Her father was older, but she was happy to see it didn’t slow him down. He could fight, and for that she was thankful. She had been worried about him, and it pleased her to see it had been for nothing.

Emmalyn smiled at her father, then was forced to turn away as they brought another man to her. She looked up to see Torin eyeing her with concern. When she simply gave him a questioning look, he nodded towards the man lying at her knees. Emmalyn was almost too afraid to see who it was, but she forced herself to do so. When she did, her heart shattered. Darrow was laid out before her, and he was covered in so much blood she knew it was serious.

“He took a sword to the chest,” Torin informed her. “I can do nothing. I know you are tired, but if you have enough strength left, you need to do what you can for him.”

Tears pooled in Emmalyn’s eyes, but she refused to let them show. “He will not die,” she vowed.

Closing her eyes, she placed her already bloody hands directly on the wound. It took her awhile, but she had come to realize that doing so centred her powers. Most acknowledged the pain when she touched the wound, but it terrified her that Darrow did not. They had left Abrielle behind with Seraphine, and Emmalyn did not want to be the one to tell her of Darrow’s death. Concentrating, she willed her healing power to do its work. When the light came, she almost collapsed in relief. Her power was dwindling, and it was getting harder and harder to call it up.

It took longer than usual, but finally the wound began to close and the blood stopped flowing. Darrow’s pale skin turned back to normal, and his eyes slowly opened.

“You healed him completely,” Kiera called out in surprise. “We will not need to transport him. Why would use the last of your powers on him?”

“He is my good friend,” Emmalyn responded, as she helped Darrow sit up. “And so is his bride. I did not wish to feel her wrath when she discovered his injury.” Darrow smiled at her, and her tears fell. “You terrified me,” she admitted.

I am sorry sweetheart,” he apologized. “I honestly did not mean for that to happen. I was battling two when a third took me by surprise.”

Emmalyn nodded and was in the middle of giving him a hug when a loud cracking noise caught her attention. She leaned back and looked to the trees, the direction the noise had come from. What she saw caused her whole body to lock solid. Darrow didn’t have the same problem. The man pushed to his feet and pulled her up with him. Then they both had a clear view of the unbelievable sight before them.

Massive tree roots were pushing through the forest floor and ripping the base of a tree from the ground. Limbs turned into arms, and trucks separated to form legs. The top of the tree took on the form of a face, and two large knots opened to reveal eyes. Then it pulled completely from the ground and headed straight for the courtyard. As it did two more began to crack, and they too formed strange tree creatures that moved towards the fight.

By the time the first reached the battle, a dozen more had appeared behind it. They towered over the men, terrifying them. The enemy tried to run, but they were no match for the trees. The creatures simply leaned over and batted at the men as if they were pests. The bodies of the enemy were viciously hurled across the courtyard. Some hit the side of the castle, and the sound they made was horrifying. Others simply flew so far they disappeared over the rise and Emmalyn lost sight of them.

Tearing her eyes away, she saw Kell once more had his sword. His expression revealed nothing but fury as he cut through the enemy and made his way to her side. When he was close enough, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to his chest. Then they stood silently and watched as the trees took out every enemy left standing. It was bloody, it was brutal, but it was extremely effective.

When it was over, there was only silence. Kell let her go and stepped away. Then he moved into a small clearing before stopping, gaining all the trees attention.

“I thank you for coming to our aid,” Kell voiced loudly. “You are truly magnificent and have saved me and my men. You may return to your resting place, knowing that I am eternally grateful.”

The trees glanced Kell’s way for a minute, before simply turning and returning to the forest. Then each one stopped and bent slowly. Emmalyn watched in awe as their faces disappeared, their arms turned back into branches, and their trunks morphed back together. Then they simply sank back into the ground, and there was no evidence left of what they had just done.

Suddenly an ear splitting cheer went up from all the men, as they realized the battle was won. Swords were dropped, men began slapping each other on the back, and heartfelt congratulations passed back and forth.

“It’s over,” Emmalyn sighed as her father made his way to her side. “I’m so glad it’s over.”

“It’s not,” her father denied as he brushed her damp hair away from her face. “Connor has yet to die my sweetheart.”

Emmalyn looked to Kell and saw he was not celebrating like his men were. She hurried over to him and took his hand.

“You need to find him,” she encouraged. “I will stay here with my father and Mathias. There are still injuries that need to be taken care of and I may have some healing power left.”

“I will stay with her,” Kiera added. “My people will do so as well. You do not have to fear for her safety. Take what men you need and end this once and for all.”

“And find your mother and brother,” Emmalyn pleaded. “I feel if you find them, you will find Connor close by. I just pray he has not hurt them.”

Kell nodded, then he turned to Torin, Behr and Oryn. “I want you three with me,” he ordered. Then he motioned to Darrow and Lock, who had joined them. “I want you as well.”

Emmalyn grabbed his shoulders and pushed up on her tippy toes. As she stared into eyes unbelievably similar to hers, she repeated a line she had heard many times now. “May the souls of fallen warriors protect you and give you strength.”

Then she pulled him down the rest of the way and kissed him. Emmalyn poured all her love into the kiss, and he returned it just as passionately. When he pulled away, the silver flecks were shining brightly.

“I will see you soon,” Kell vowed. Then he turned and strode away, his men right behind him.

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