(The Murderous) Beauty and the Beast (Who Fell In Love) ~Book #3 in The Hands of Fate and The Cosmos

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Chapter 15.

Chapter 15.// Moving Out

The silence as they moved about was somewhat comfortable. Gamaliel had a portal opened as he flipped through the pages of a thick, ancient book. Everyone's belongings went into the portal; a little personal pocket of the Void where their belongings would be safe.

Grey studied the young magic user. She wasn't there when he and his sister were born, given that the sister planets were falling apart and everyone had to flee and go into hiding; but she remembered his childhood, or at least, the memories Alice had shared with her once they finally caught up.
He was always quiet, observational, inquisitive; he never wanted to be a warrior like his mother, but wanted to study the wonders that The Cosmos created all because he was lonely.
He looked so grown-up now; a mixture of features from both parents. 'Just like my Daisy-May.' She mused, a smile blooming on her face as her eyes drifted to her salt-and-pepper girl, carrying boxes and gently tossing them into the portal. She sent a longing glance at Gamaliel before turning away and picking up another box, avoiding looking at him altogether.
"Oh, boy." Sidra murmured as Cassandra hissed softly. "Unrequited love is a bitch, ain't it?" Tabitha murmured, Grey and Cassandra humming in agreement. Grey continued to watch her daughter with a smile as she herself packed and sealed boxes.
"We made that. It still blows my mind." A familiar voice whispered in her ear as familiar and comforting hands slipped around her waist, and Grey turned slightly to look at her soulmate with a warm smile. He grinned at her in return, then pecked her lips.
"Ew.." A voice said out loud and they turned their heads in its direction, catching Daisy fake gagging with mirth in her hazel eyes. Simultaneously, the soulmates smirked, and Raphael slowly stalked her, wiggling his fingers.
"No, no." She exclaimed, tossing the box into the portal and taking off as Raphael began to run after her. Grey chuckled as she heard her squeals and Raphael's rumbling laughter. From the corner of her eye, she caught Gamaliel with a soft smile on his face, his gaze averted from the book levitating in front of him. He shook his head, the smile falling, and returned to his book. Grey sighed softly.
"I guess it's mutual then..." Cassandra mused, and Sidra squealed. "Love storyyyyyy!" She sang, and Grey could hear Tabitha and her other, more dormant occupant, chuckle. Grey was more than certain that Alice knew everything there was to know about the little glances they sent at each other. Speaking of which...
Grey glanced around the room and finally caught her gaze. She raised and eyebrow and Alice smirked. "If my son plays his cards right, we may or may not become mothers-in-law to each other's children." She said through their link, and Grey grinned mischievously. "You need to tell me everything." Sealing up the box in front of her, she carried and tossed it into the portal.
"I'm not passing up an opportunity to tease my daughter." Grey stated out loud as she dusted off her hands and walked towards Alice. The sapphire-haired woman smirked devilishly, but her gaze was focused on Gamaliel. Grey turned in time to see the flush of his cheeks before it was hidden behind the ancient book. The two friends chuckled evilly.
"Why the evil chuckles?" Azula asked as she walked over, box in hand. "Oh, you know," Grey started, facing the still-flushed magic user, "young love and all."
"Oooo!" The azure haired woman squealed, clapping her hands and bouncing on her toes. "Who? Tell me! God, it's been so long since I've actively been a mother and I feel so bubbly." Her hair swayed about her as she bounced on her toes and Grey chuckled. "I know, right? All the excitement is back." Grey said in agreement.
Alice scoffed, rolling her electric blue eyes. Grey and Azula laughed softly, patting the Guardian on the shoulder. "You get your well-deserved break now, Alice." Azula said once her laughter died down, and Alice scoffed again.
"My well-deserved break will come when The Council has been replaced, or if The Cosmos and Time suddenly decides to stop everything, or I die and get reincarnated as a cloud, which won't happen. Sadly." Alice listed off on her fingers, and the two sisters burst into laughter again.

"Should we keep the safe room? I mean... it's a good feature to have.." Ash reasoned as Grey, Alice, Gamaliel and Alessandro, the male version of Alice, stood in her old room, now bare and void of evidence of her residence.
"Yeah, that sounds reasonable. As well as the escape route to the backyard. The dungeon, weapons and artifacts room can go." Nodding, the hands of the magic users took on a dim sapphire glow. The hidden door glowed as well, and the light grew more intense as the seconds ticked by. With a flash, the door lost the glow, and Ash pulled the trigger lamp. He disappeared down the hallway for a few minutes before returning, the door sliding shut behind him.
"All good." He said, and they filed out of the room and down to the foyer, where everyone else was gathered. "Okay, is that everything?" Alice questioned once they were within earshot of the others, and they nodded.
Once they finished at Raphael's house and removed the wards and their scents, they came back to Grey's, doing the same after ensuring that it was safe enough to do so. The packing was easier to do since, despite moving in a few months ago, they still hadn't fully unpacked yet. It was just a matter of putting everything back in their boxes.
"Alright then. Let's get this show on the road. We're heading to one of the Greek islands. But, it's not safe travelling by conventional means, so, boys?" Alice looked to Gamaliel and Alessandro, and two different sigils flashed in their palms before a whooshing and tearing sound filled the air.
Right before their eyes, the air tore apart like ripping fabric, and two swirls of greens, purples, black and blues appeared. Genesis, Gamaliel's twin sister, stepped through the portal her brother made, the swirl conforming around her before she disappeared. Alexavier, or, his reincarnation, looked extremely panicked and jumped in after her.
Alice swore as she took a quick step forward, diving in after him; Alessandro, Gamaliel and Daisy chuckled and Quinn shook his head. "She's gonna smack him again." Collin said, causing Daisy to snicker. "Oh shit. I don't want to miss that." She took a step forward, towards Gamaliel's portal, before spinning on her heel to face the remainder of the group. "Mama? Dad? You coming?"
Raphael looked at Grey, who waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. "You can go, Raphael. Since Alice is gone, I have to stay behind to make sure nothing goes wrong on this side." He hesitated before nodding, and followed Daisy into the portal. Circe, Rayne, Taj, Azula, Quinn and Matt entered Alessandro's portal in a single file; Beth, Elle, Violet, Sage, Val and Collin went through Gamaliel's, along with Elric and Annora. The others filed through accordingly, choosing whichever portal a trusted person went through. Soon, it was just her, Jett, and the two magic users.
"We have to go through last, so," Alessandro gestured them through the portal, a light smile on his face. Grey glanced at Jett. "After you baby bro." Jett rolled his eyes, but stepped through Gamaliel's portal. The young magic user then swung his entire body into the swirling mass, before bringing the sigil-holding hand through. A zipping sound, like closing a backpack, filled the air before the portal disappeared. Grey blinked; it's been a while since she's seen a conjured portal in action.
"After you, General." Alessandro said, bowing jokingly. Grey chuckled as she hesitantly stepped forward, inhaling deeply before taking the leap. She felt cold; not an uncomfortable cold that's terribly unbearable, but a somewhat pleasant cold. The ground gave out under her, and she let out a short yelp as she began to plummet. Though, once her heart stopped racing and the panic dissipated, it didn't feel like falling, per say.
More like floating in the ocean, with a current pulling you where it wants you to go, an invisible barrier protecting you from being pulled by another current, and the void of space all around you.
Grey felt at peace. This is it, this is what she is fighting to protect. The beauty and freedom of the Void, the birthplace of The Cosmos himself. The reservoir of stardust and magic, what everything was, and is, created from.
The Council wants control over it all, and she'd be damned if she let them have their way. Even if the air leaves her lungs and her life-force drains from her body, she will fight them with everything in her. They'd have to scatter her atoms to try to stop her, and even then, they won't come out unscathed.
Filled with a new strength and resolution, Grey readily dove into the pool of light that grew before her.
She stumbled forward, almost falling, but found herself being held in the arms of her soulmate. Alessandro stumbled after her, righting himself before he crashed to the sand. Grey righted herself, still trapped in Raphael's arms. "You alright?" he asked, his blue eyes darting across her face. Grey nodded, her brown eyes taking in her surroundings.
Vivid blue ocean and sky, dark rocks and green hills interrupted by ruins. In the distance, she could see Alice and the others trudging towards one of the larger ruins. She looked back at Raphael, now noticing Daisy not took far away, staring out at the water. "You waited for me?" she asked, feeling a bit confused.
"Always will, mia regina." Raphael responded immediately, pressing a kiss to her temple. A minuscule part of her, most likely the battle hardened Guardian, hated how her face flushed, feeling like a schoolgirl. The rest of her reveled in the warmth of her soulmate, and the tingles he gave her.
"May," Raphael called out, and Daisy turned, a soft smile on her face as she saw her parents locked in each other's arms, "let's go." The trio began their walk to the ruins, both of Raphael's arms around his girls' shoulders. They both leaned closer to him, inhaling his scent, and he pressed a kiss to their heads.
"Are you ready to train?" Daisy asked Raphael, and he puffed out air. "As ready as I'll ever be." Was his response, and Daisy chuckled, which continued into a slightly psychotic cackle. She wiped the tears that had leaked out of her eyes as she calmed down, both Grey and Raphael watching on in concern.
"Mom is gonna kick your ass." She mused, glancing at her parents from the corner of her eye. Grey smirked, and Raphael glanced down at his soulmate with a slight frown, that quickly turned into a grin. "I have no doubt about that." Grey turned her head towards him with a smile and winked at him before pulling away from his side and walking ahead.
"I'm gonna try to get a good room for the three of us." She called out before breaking into a sprint, the sound of her soulmate's and daughter's pounding feet behind her. A smile bloomed on her face, and for the first time in a long time, she felt truly happy; having both her baby girl and her soulmate with her.

~Greetings from the Void.
No, no. I haven't returned; just peeking.
Back to the Void I go. Caio!~
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