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To her parents, she was nothing but a creation, a tool to use. She was to do her mother's bidding and kill the Vampire King. Or will she?

Fantasy / Romance
Alexis D. Ford
5.0 2 reviews
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0 - The Birth of a Dark Witch

The two people, a man with blond hair and blue eyes that glowed with raging power. A woman stood beside him, her features opposing his, her hair, as black as midnight, stood out during the day, while her glowing red eyes -- housing the same amount of power as the man -- stood out during the night.

They both stood over a cradle, glowering at the thing that lies within.

“She is perfect,” the woman whispered in astonishment, her red eyes holding pride at her creation but also with little resentment for the little creature.

The man glanced at the woman then back at the thing he helped create. His heart hardens with defiance as he stared at it. He couldn’t believe he helped create a monster that is doomed to destroy their world.

He stayed silent.

“She will be perfect,” the woman muttered. “She will rip out the Vampires King cold undead heart with her bare hands.” The pride she held grew when the baby opened her eyes with a somber expression on her face, as her cold violet eyes shined in the night, staring at her two creators.

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