Victoria's King

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We bleed so we can live. The Moon doesn't make the monster - the world makes the monster. Victoria understands blood. She understands to bleed is to live. She knows that there is art in bleeding well - with all your Wars of White showing. Victoria is the only female Alpha that has taken her first breath in the world of teeth and claw. The Moon's doctrine, kill all female Alphas. The only thing wrong with Victoria is she was born a female. Born an Alpha. Finian, first born to the North has met his mate Victoria. A mate his dreams never prepared him for. Unaware of all the trauma Victoria has suffered at the hands of her father, her pack, Finian must forge a new path for his mate, for himself to become what he reluctantly was born to be. A king to rule in the land of teeth. Greyson, born second, twin to Finian considered an abomination by some in his own pack. He feels the connection towards Victoria. He feels a draw to something he should never feel a draw too. A mate bond shuffles the structure of his spine to bend towards his brother's mate. Finian, Victoria, and Greyson have to walk a hard path forward as they battle against faith, and the bond that wraps between the three of them.

Fantasy / Romance
Rachelle Mills
5.0 208 reviews
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The Pulse


The wind seems to be deranged.

A rustling of the leaves sounds to be clapping the closer we get to the Eastern Territory.

Father is looking at the sky - darkening underbellies are threatening a storms release.

“Do you smell that?” Lifting my nose up. Scenting.

Grey looks over his shoulder at me from the front seat, he inhales nodding his head, “I smell something.”

There is an eagerness to the Wild that’s encased in skin.

“What do you smell, Finian?” Father’s voice seems far away. It’s difficult to concentrate. The scent - overwhelmes.

“Her...” a long shudder of air is exhaled out.

Grey shifts in his seat.

“It’s a good thing we decided to drop Greyson off first, instead of you.” Father’s voice is there, but it’s not what I’m centering on.


The tempo of my heart is accelerating when we stop in front of the house.


"Finian, calm yourself, you’re looking too Wild right now. You don’t want to scare her. Tuck your teeth back in." His voice is distant, nothing can compete with the rush of blood through my ears.


Getting out of first.

Involuntary pleasure presses against the throb of my neck.


“Finian, we will meet the Alpha first. Make our introductions to him, first.” Father doesn’t understand. She’s here, behind that door.

A deep need overtakes the surface of the skin to rise, to expand our reach. Puffing up to our height.

“Finian, stand down.” Father threatens, and the Wild vibrates our height out to him. He’s standing in our way. Nothing will block our way from what’s inside there. Mate. A fucking beautiful word. Mate.

She’s in there, I’m out here. This needs to be fixed. Now.

“Finian.” Father exhales out, I inhale.

“Step to the side Father, I won’t ask again.” He laughs, Grey looks from at the both of us. His face is flushed. His chest is heaving.

...pulse strengthens.

Hot urges...Fire consumes everything inside. Burning away the fear of the Alpha blocking my pathway to her.

War sounds from a Wild that is no longer at peace with his father.

The sound of thunder can’t compete with what’s coming from within the cavity of my chest.


Flesh uprisings on bones - mutinously revolting the need to stay housed in skin. The rush of blood hurts the casing of veins. Arteries bulging, engorging.

I am rising, standing, stretching out to become fuller than I have ever been before.

Power consumes the Nature of myself.

“Who are you, Finian?” Father’s voice sounds controlled while mine combusts outward.

“Finian, future Alpha to the North.” Powerful. I believe this.

Father’s teeth show out, "that is who you are. Show them who you are."

A step taken to the door, he moves to the side, watching. Taking my Left.

There is no knocking, only opening it up and walking inside. I belong here, where she is.

...the pulse hurts, now.

A gasp for breath.

Nothing else matters, not the fact an Alpha is marching War toward my space. The only thing that is attention holding is her...

Morning glory blues...


She is beyond the things I ever thought was possible in a female.

“Let them have their moment.” Father’s voice is to the side, handling the Alpha that I give no shits about.


Stepping closer.

Combustion seems impossible to stop.

Movement stops. I can’t move closer because she has taken a step towards me on her own.

Eyes match mine in strength. She does not look away, and I can’t take my eyes off of hers.

Holding me in my spot. She hinders me useless for a moment. Only for a moment.

“What is your name?′ Sounding strangled, needing the name.

“Victoria,” Oh my Moon her name is beautiful.

“Who are you?” her words trap my voice while traveling all over my body. The shake is hard to stop.

“Your mate.” She starts crying after I speak those words. A hand over her mouth tries to block out the sound of her. Nothing can block out the sound of her. Ingraining in memory, forever.

Her body shakes, her knees knock together until her father takes her by the back of the neck, lifting her off the ground to drop behind him.

Blood leaks from the puncture wounds he’s produced with claws.

“She’s unavailable, she’s not gone into her first heat.”

Claws sink into the back of my neck as I leap for his throat. Pulling me back, “Finian, you’re not capable of killing this thing.”

“Rules are rules, Alpha Shamus. She is not available to your male.” He’s not looking at my father, he’s taunting me with eyes that scream towards the Wild. He’s shifting inside our bones.


The fucking pulse in my neck is going to explode out.

Teeth descend.

I’m going for his throat.

Nails sink deeper, crushing the bones of my spine. Feet want to go through the floor with the pressure placed on my neck.

“What do you want, Steve?” My father’s words crush out while I’m being crushed down in my spot by the weight of his hand.

“She stays.”

“That’s not an option,” yelling out towards the Alpha even underneath the pressure my father has me under.

“Is that a threat, pup. Are you threatening me?” The Alpha of the East stands to his height and my father shows him his full height.

“You come for Finian, you come through me first, male.” Father has never shown War before. A true War sounds from his chest that vibrates around the room. The way his Nature introduces himself out is taking all of my mate's eyes away from me to hone in on the power that Father possesses within himself.

Grey takes my father’s right. Standing up, showing off. Teeth have altered his face and Victoria takes all of him in. Head to toe before looking at me, head to toe back to him, confused.

“We will leave now with my daughter.” Victoria is weeping out loud from what my father just said, she takes a step towards us.

Towards me.

Her father smacks her face backward.

Father throws me outside, blocking the way back inside with his body.

I’m going through the wall, running hard, the house groans out while my shoulder shifts in its place.

“You can’t fight us all, Shamus.” Looking around outside, male wolves are gathering.

“I don’t have to fight everyone, only you.” Death does not shout from my father’s voice. It’s a calmness that I’ve never seen. He’s focused on the neck of this Alpha.

“We will kill your males first, in front of you.” The Alpha gloats - boasts.

“Finian, Greyson show these wolves where you are from.”

Back to back we terrorize the range of ourselves outwards. Wolves answer us back with their series of sound.

“They are juveniles,” the alpha laughs.

“I’m not.” Father stops the sound of the Alpha mid-laugh.

The vibration of my father can be heard through the soles of my feet.

Chest to chest. Eye to eye.

Alpha against alpha, except, it isn’t fair. My father makes this one seem small, little, vulnerable to attack.

Gently he reaches for Victoria, pulling her behind his back. He takes a step backward. Victoria is walked with the body of my father blocking her from harm.


“Finian, open the door for Victoria.” Hands shaking, she too close. Her scent takes away all the feeling of my hands. I’m far from numb, the blood is rushing, pulsing hard. Oh, my moon she is beautiful. Too beautiful to look at for longer than a moment.

My father takes the point of the gathering pack.

“We can War now, Steven. You die or I drive away in peace.”

There is a hold on the breathing around us. Father is not exaggerating. He never speaks words he won’t act on.

Grey shuffles up taking his Right. Puffing up taking the Left.

We stand against them all. We stand strong - together as it should be.

Adrenaline surges but its nothing compared to the way she surges me from within.


Nothing can come between us. Shoulder to shoulder.

A wall of teeth showing out, their wall of teeth showing back.

“You die first, Steven. I don’t care how it goes down. I don’t care if you send a league towards me. I will go through everything to find your throat.” The Alpha speaks words of his belief. I believe him. My father never lies and the way that this Alpha looks he believes him.

“Victoria, never return here. If you do, I’ll kill you.” Once again claws sink deep into my neck. Holding me in my spot as I try to lift my leg to go for his throat. He is going to know my teeth one day. He is going to feel who I am along the line of his neck.

“Let me go, father.”

“Finian, you’re not ready for him. One day you will be ready and I’ll let you have that honor your mate should be shown.”


Getting into the back seat with her, with Victoria. I can feel the shake of her body. It vibrates into the seat.

“Am I dreaming?′ Her words whisper out. Catching them in my mouth, holding her breath in.

“No, this is no dream.” Looking into those eyes, it’s me who should be asking if I’m dreaming? Am I the one to be woken up in a minute because the feel of her is not real.

Pulling away from them all, she looks out the window. Her hand going up, waving goodbye to a male that is standing solitary. Away from the group.

“Who is that?” An edge of a tooth is cutting into words.

“Charlie, my friend.” A tear drips down. Wetting the fabric of her bloody shirt. Old stains hold on the material. A few more wolves gather holding their hand up in goodbye. All females, all crying.

“Welcome to the North, Victoria.” Father turns in his seating meeting Victoria’s eyes that hold his. Easily.

Grey turns towards her. His face flushes and he seems to not be able to pull away from what’s mine.

“Victoria this is Greyson, my brother.”

“Welcome to the North, Victoria.” His voice comes out deeper. I don’t like that deepness. She tries to speak but no words make it out. Again the look from me to him back to me.

Grey turns forward, but I don’t look away from the back of his head.

Eyes burn...the pulse threading through veins.

Quivering when those Morning Glory Blues turn on me.

Her hand sits at her side.

Putting my hand over her’s.

Skin against skin.

Both of us take in a breath, our skin shakes.

“Welcome to the North, Victoria.” Squeezing her hand in mine.

Victoria, saying it again inside my head.



Mine. All Mine.

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