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Enter Fairylandia, a land where fairies and everlasting magic and love exists. One day, a group of humans find the portal to the fairy realm. Amazed by this magnificent place, they want to stay. The Fairy King is not pleased with the idea, but the Queen allows it under one condition. The humans cannot commit evil deeds within Fairylandia. Otherwise, they will be banished forever. Princess Wyndia, the fairy of the Wind, alongside, Sakura, the fairy of Love and Happiness, study the humans learning their ways. Many humans fall in love with both male and female fairies. The female fairies as well as the human women give birth half-breed children. The peace between comes in question, when a group of humans are caught trying to steal the precious resources and riches of Fairylandia. This causes strife amongst the fairies, as another group of fairies plans to overthrow the King and Queen to steal their powers. Who will remain faithful to their kingdom? It is up to the fairies to save Fairylandia from evil, corruption, and themselves. As one threat finishes, another emerges from the shadows. It is all about power and those that want control! This story revolves around two fairies who start out learning magic as children. As both age and mature, they master various magic techniques. Welcome to Fairylandia, the fairy realm of infinite love and happiness.

Fantasy / Adventure
A.I Medina
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1- Welcome!

Do you remember as a child hearing various tales about fairies, pixies, and other mystical creatures? Do you remember traveling to that faraway place in your dreams? Did you know that such a place does exist?

Welcome to Fairylandia, a place where magical and mystical beings coexist with each other living in perfect harmony. Fairylandia is a unique place where peace and magic are felt everywhere. It is filled with love, happiness, vibrant, cheerful attitudes, and personalities.

Everyone respects and helps each other. Here, magic comes to life as various magical creatures’ study, learn, and interact with each other using magic.

The masters of magic are of course, the fairies. Both male and female fairies spend countless years studying and perfecting the arts of magic. From making a simple colorful spark appear out of thin air to having the ability to control the weather at will.

Each fairy chooses their own path and what they desire to master. Elemental magic, happiness magic, science magic, and yes, even love.

Here in Fairylandia, no one is taught anything negative. There are no spells to make people fall in love with you or tricks to scare anyone.

The King and Queen of Fairylandia outlawed and banned the use of evil magic. Though it does exist, it is not permitted to practice within the kingdom.

If you are caught, you are stripped away of your magic abilities and banished from Fairylandia. No one dares to break the rules not for fear of being prosecuted, but if your life is so great, why would you want to destroy it?

A fairy does not age passed their 21 years. They remain forever young and beautiful. In Fairylandia, all sicknesses are destroyed. A fairy’s immune system defends against all things known and unknown.

Their bodies automatically create antibodies strong enough to resist, defend, and continue to fight off any illness throughout their entire life.

A fairy does not feel the fatigue of humans, but sometimes can feel a bit frustrated when certain things do not go their way. It is only normal for them to feel this way.

Time in Fairylandia passes by slower than in the human realm. Therefore, a fairy child age 2 can have the mental knowledge and capacity of a 7-year-old child.

This is possible only because fairies are advance-beings and develop faster in brain activity and functions.

Even though they will still embody the likeness of a child, they are sometimes too smart for their age. Some fairies learn mathematics, various languages, and many other wonderful things as well.

The following is a story that has become folklore. Thankfully, the fairies are magnificent at keeping their records and archives very neat and well intact. Their libraries range from various books from the beginning to present day.

To spend one hour at their library and read the many books will cause you to keep reading more and more. There is too much valuable information to share but not enough to complete in one day.

This is Fairylandia…

The Kingdom of Fairylandia, outskirts by the forest, two beautiful fairies are talking to each other. One is trying to help her friend deliver her baby, as the other is giving her instructions. She also has a child; the baby girl’s age is one.

The little fairy sits atop a flower staring towards her mother and the other woman wondering what is happening.

She does not fall and maintains her balance. The two adult female fairies speak in two different languages but understand each other perfectly. The woman lying down in labor speaks in Chinese while the other woman kneeling speaks in Japanese.

The translation is as follows.

“My Queen, breathe, and push,” she says.

“Minako, it is not that easy. I have been pushing for a while now,” the Queen says.

“I can feel your labor pains and know exactly what you have gone through. If I gave birth, you can do it as well. Now push my Queen!”

After a while of pushing, the Queen finally feels her baby come out of her. Minako holds her and wraps her up in a blanket and helps to clean her.

“Cut the umbilical cord Minako. I want you to have the honor, my best friend,” the Queen says.

Minako smiles as she performs the cut with a pair of scissors nearby.

After cleaning up the baby, she makes sure she is nice and warm wrapped up in a blanket, as she hands the Queen her newborn baby girl.

With the snap of her fingers, the Queen is healed, cleaned, and her vital signs are stabilized. There is no more blood or other bodily fluids oozing out of her genital area. She sits up to receives her baby girl.

“Hello my baby Wyndia! It is a pleasure to finally meet you in person. I have been waiting for you my love. I am your mother, Windy.

Welcome to Fairylandia, my little Princess Wyndia. One day, this kingdom will be yours, but for now, let’s be happy and celebrate your arrival.”

Minako bows down towards the new Princess Wyndia as she kneels upward and gives her a kiss to her cheek.

“Hello Princess Wyndia, I am lady Minako, your mother’s best friend, and your best friend too. Do you see my daughter sitting on top of that big flower?

That is my daughter Sakura; she will also be your best friend. So never fear, you will never be alone as you will have a big family to look after you.”

“Minako, let us go to my castle and announce the arrival of my baby girl. I will ask my assistants to prepare a feast in her name. I need to find my husband too. He will be happy to see his firstborn daughter. Let us go Minako, little Sakura, and baby Wyndia.”

Getting up while holding her baby, the fairy Queen stretches out her wings. Minako grabs her daughter as well and the two leaps into the air spreading their wings. They fly away from the forest at a gentle speed.

“Congratulations my Queen, you are a mommy now, and you will make a wonderful mother because you are a great person. I am not just saying that because you are my best friend.” Minako says as Queen Windy smiles.

“I say the same about you, and if you were Queen, you would be so amazing.”

“Gratitude, my Queen,” Minako says.

“Stop being so formal, you are my best friend, call me Windy.”

The two smile and continue to chat as they make their way to the castle.
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