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10 - Opening Ceremony

Princess Wyndia, age 14; Sakura, age 15

The festival was set to begin at sundown. Princess Wyndia and Sakura were dressed up, ready, and excited. The stage was set as it was in the middle of Elfen Forest. This city was west of Fairylandia. The fairies, pixies, and elves delighted in coming together to mingle, share interest, and see what other things the city had to offer.

To some the festival had already begun since the morning. There were carnival games, attractions, rides, all around the area. The elves were in charge of the food this time as the cooks and bakers all received their opportunity to shine by making something of their choosing and making it available to others. The elf cooks created exquisite recipes for each of the foods they made. Everyone was eating happy and given compliments to the chefs.

There was a carnival stand where an elf was selling funny hats and other various things. This included hats that had big eyes on the front, hats with a lot of bells that would jingle, as you would walk, hats that would glow and laugh when you would laughed, and a hat that would express your emotions depending on how you were feeling.

If you felt happy, the hat would turn yellow and create a happy face above you. If you felt sad, the hat would turn blue and emit a sad face. If you were crying, the hat would turn a dark color and it magically created a rain cloud above you, as it would rain over you. You did not get wet, but it would illustrate that you were crying. If you were in love, the hat would turn red or pink, and many hearts would come out of the top continuously.

In addition, if you were lost, and are unable to find where you need to go, the hat would magically make a glowing arrow appear in front of you, and redirect you to where you needed to go. Magically awesome!

Kids of various ages were running around trying out different snack stands, game stands, ride stands, and the adults were just as interactive with everything too. There were guessing games to guess people’s names, weight, and age.

There were magic games like find the disappearing ball which a ball was placed in an upside down cup, and it would magically start moving around all these other cups until it came to a stop, you would guess where the ball was. If you had it right, you would win a prize. The prizes ranged from small magic books that taught you simple magic, large stuffed Kuri-Kriu’s, yo-yo’s, balloons that would inflate by themselves, capes, and many random things.

Sakura’s idea of having flying competitions came to life. There were races held constantly as you would see the fairies putting their speed to the test. It was like a watching jets soaring past by above you. However, it was not the sound of a strong engine roaring through the sky. You could feel the wind trails they left behind as the fairies passed by at low altitude. She was excited to participate earlier, but had to get ready for the opening ceremony in the evening.

Princess Wyndia and her sisters were there also competing against each other. The girls were not in their fancy dresses, but rather their normal pixie dresses. They would have to change before sundown so they could also participate. After a while, they would be free to do whatever they would please.

Then, the great-awaited moment came...Sundown.

In the center of Elfen Forest was a grand stage. Here is where many fairies, pixies, elves, and other Fairylandia citizens gathered to see the great performances of others. The stage was set as Sakura appears wearing a beautiful white sparkling dress that she magically made change color with certain movements she would make. She introduced herself welcoming all to the festival. Sakura was very charismatic showing zero signs of stage fright. No, this young fairy was eager to get up on the stage and sing her heart out.

She sang a popular fairy song with the assistance of a Celtic band from the elves. It was a love song quite popular throughout Fairylandia. This particular song everyone knew and enjoyed. To everyone’s surprise, Princess Wyndia also joined in this song and they made it a duo performance. She also had a similar dress to what Sakura was wearing.

Everyone cheers for the two fairies. Their singing was like an angelic symphony. Even Ryo, Sakura’s father was surprised that his daughter could sing so magnificent. She was able to do the high notes, vibrato parts, and her synchronization with her best friend made the song sound very beautiful.

To finish, at the end of the song was a vibrato part that extended for about fifteen seconds. During the vibrato finish, many fireworks went flying high into the air filling the dark sky with vibrant colors. The child fairies, elves, pixies, and others were excited. Some did get scared due to the loud explosion booms that would occur when the fireworks exploded and echoed. Still, it was a fun sigh to see.

Both girls receive a standing ovation with much applause. The girls are sure to thank the Celtic elf band that assisted them with their performance. To receive a compliment from a Princess is a very high honor. The fairies ask for another round of applause for the Celtic band as they ask them to come up to the main stage. The band does and everyone cheers for them as well. This was a high honor for them because in so long, such an event has not taken place. For this band to play this song so well along with the fairies was a huge deal, not only for them, but also for all of Elfen Forest.

The fairies were happy knowing that they did not take in all the glory for themselves. Fairylandia’s customs know better and that if they all put their effort in this event, they all get credit for it. The band bows towards the fairies expressing their thanks. The fairies also bow back accepting their thanks. As the band returned to their positions, they begin to play more music for all to hear and dance. Everyone is cheerful, happy, and merry. The girls exit the stage as they leave the band to play their music.

Many of the fairies’ friends come by and congratulate Princess Wyndia and Sakura on their awesome singing and performance. The Princess Sisters admire their jiě jiě, older sister and are fascinated that she sung so well. The girls want to know where they practiced. Both fairies answer that they trained by themselves high in the mountains away from everyone. The King and Queen come to congratulate the fairies for a great opening ceremony. Everything the girls said and sharing the moment was perfect. The Elf King also comes by to thank the fairies for their amazing work. The two fairies bow to the members of royalty as they also return the bow.

After a while, the girls decide to go their own way to enjoy the rest of the festival and carnival. Sakura wanted to continue to participate in the flying races. She changes from her beautiful dress to something more comfortable suited for the night with the snap of her fingers. Like magic, she has a different style pixie dress on. She stretches her wings and decides to hover around to look at the many games that are around. She can enjoy herself a bit before she heads to the races. As she is hovering about, she bumps into someone.

“I am so sorry, I did not mean to bump into...you,” she says as she realizes that she has bumped into a fairy boy her age. She finds him handsome as he has caught her interests.

“Apologies, it is I who needs to be more careful. I am sorry, lady Sakura. Oh, and you sang beautiful today. I could feel the love in the song,” he says.

“Oh...thank you. You knew my name. Right, you saw me singing,” she says.

“Yes, I was feeling a bit down, but as soon as you begun singing, it is like you took all my worries away. Oh yes, I am so sorry. My name is Kanin. Pleased to meet you lady Sakura,” he says bowing towards her.

Sakura is happy and curious.

“Would you like to play a game or go somewhere else? My treat,” he asks.

Sakura smiles and says...

“Okay, but only if you race with me,” she responds.

“Oh...very well, I think I can keep up with you,” Kanin says.

The two begin to fly towards where they are hosting the races. The fairies get to know each other a bit more and are surprised to find out that they are both from neighboring villages within Fairylandia. Kanin does show interest in Sakura, but he is hiding it. Sakura is very aware of this as she attempts to read his mind. She is very successful and can easily hear his thoughts.

“Wow, she is very cute! I hope we can continue talking more. I am glad I bumped into her.”

All she continues to do is smile and continue their conversation.

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