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11 - Life

As the years passed, Princess Wyndia, Sakura, and Rina each had boyfriends which led to them spending less time with each other. The girls would eventually meet up from time-to-time, but only on certain days. When they would spend time together, the girls often spent it at the time chamber to make their day last longer. They talked about their relationship, first kiss, and various other girl topics.

Neither girl sought out to show who loves their boyfriend more or who was more affectionate. Each had respect for the other, as all girls were delighted to hear their developing love for their boyfriend. Typical fairy-girl talk, with secrets only they knew. Of course, no one could say anything outside their little circle. Doing so would only prove that you could not be trusted and you would lose your trust among the group. Perhaps even risking friendship.

Princess Wyndia, 16; Sakura, 17; Rina, 16

The fairies were falling in love for the first time. Of course, this is the beginning stages of everyone’s first love. The excitement that goes through one’s mind, heart, body, and soul which makes you feel happy, cheerful, and wanting to see this person again and again. Yes, there may have been times when they argued, fought, or simply chose to say certain things that neither of them meant, but all was forgiven. None of the young teens ever tried to take advantage of any of the fairy girls. The girls each knew martial arts and knew how to defend themselves should the need arise.

They literally were floating in the clouds having many conversations about how they felt and what it feels to kiss, hug, and have someone by their side. Within time, the boyfriends each began to break up with each of the fairies. It was not because they were not beautiful. No, absolutely not. The three fairy girlfriends each were divine, developed, and maturing into young adult women. The girls worked out together and motivated one another to do so. They ate healthy, stayed in shape, made plenty of conversations, but for a while, the girls felt it was their fault.

The young males were curious and wanted to adventure by meeting other young fairy girls. At the time, these young boys did not realize how great they could have had it. The pain of heartbreak affected them. The girls would eventually get other boyfriends that would always surpass their previous relationships. Sakura could not forget her first love however. She adored spending time with Kanin. Even though she found out he has another girlfriend, part of her still remains in love with him. She had a feeling he would come back to her. Sakura did not know when, but deep down, she held onto that feeling.

As the girls kept maturing, they came to a conclusion. Seeing their bodies in the mirror, they felt beautiful realizing that every girl has unique, lovely features that are different from the others. Often, the girls would compare breasts sizes or waist lines but it was just for good laughs.

By the time the young fairies reached 19, and Sakura 20, the girls never worried about looks again. They knew deep down that they were made beautiful, and in a perfect image. This stuck with them and no matter what anyone thought or said. It would not make a difference. A fairy is always lovely and beautiful.

It was as if it was inscribed in their hearts and minds. “I am beautiful, I am sexy, I am lovely, I am gorgeous, and this is me!”

The girls also matured and realized that if a young male fairy did not want to be with them, they would just let him go and let him be on his way. They missed out on a wonderful opportunity to be with a fun, loving, and caring, gorgeous fairy. The girls practiced readings minds on their boyfriends and could tell who was interested in them and who would eventually not be. Not once did they teach the males the mind reading technique. It was their little secret that helped the girls to either focus their time and efforts without having a heartbreak in the end.

Even with the mind reading technique, the girls still would lose boyfriends. Some of the fairy males did not know what they wanted. Yes, a bit immature, but the males kept looking around to see what beauty would satisfy certain needs or wants. The girls never felt ugly, used, or any negative feelings because they knew after a while, that the problem was never them. For the males, it was never about sex, but rather choosing one among the many beautiful fairies.

The fairies soon decide to stop using their mind reading technique on any young man and simply learn to have a normal relationship. They would only read their boyfriends’ minds if there was ever a strong reason to have doubts. It would not happen often.

The years passed as the girls were the best of friends. Each would practice their magic by themselves, with help of friends or family, and with each other. The fairies also read books to help them advance their magical abilities. Various magic techniques were learned, passed on, and mastered. The list of abilities included healing, attack, defensive, increased attributes, shields, slow down time, speed up time, and stop time completely, creating a dimensional vortex, restoring and reviving plants, animals, and people, with so much more.

Sakura would learn much about love and life when her mother introduced her to a fairy named Kokoro. She was a fairy of love and happiness. With her assistance, Sakura was able to understand more about the perspective of love, and how do fairies fall in love. Minako also gave various advice about love to her daughter. She knew Sakura held onto certain things. Her mother would advise her to let it go and move on. When the time is right, she would meet the right person who will make yesterday history. It is a natural order of life.

Minako told Sakura how she met Ryo, her father, and what caused them to fall in love. She also explained how there were other boyfriends before him, but none of them completed her like Ryo did. Sakura was interested and curious to learn more.

Princess Wyndia would also speak to her mother about love as the Queen was always willing to talk to her daughter. It was one of her favorite subjects. Queen Windy knew that she was going through a phase in which most young adults are vulnerable. With the right advice and support, Princess Wyndia was cheerful, smiling, and no longer worrying about past incidents. This knowledge and wisdom gained, would be shared with her sisters and friends.

“Mother, have you ever had your heart broken by someone you liked or love?” asks the young princess.

“To tell you the truth, I have been so happy with my family, and my beautiful daughters, that I have forgotten about those awful times. To answer your question, yes, I have had my heart broken. I was not always royalty. When I met your father, I was but a simple fairy, just minding her own business, learning Wushu and getting my certifications as an elemental fairy of the wind. I come from the farthest regions of Fairylandia, and many of the young men would always try to court me. I did fall for a one in particular. He broke my heart one too many times. I too learned how to deal with this, sadly. It did not last forever.”

“Then you met my father,” the young princess interrupts.

“Yes, I felt what was once impossible to feel. I fell in love and he captured my heart, respected me, and loved me completely. Even after so many centuries, his love is still as strong as when we he first declared his love for me,” the Queen replies.

“Splendid! I wish to have someone like that in my life, mother,” Princess Wyndia comments.

“You will my love, I believe, and it will happen when you least expect it. Everyone finds their true love in Fairylandia.”

As the fairies progressed and advanced their magic abilities, they continued to acquire new abilities. What seemed impossible long ago soon became child’s play to them. The girls decided to learn more elements to keep advancing. These elements are the basic wind, water, fire, lightning, cold-freeze, and various other mix of elements.

All was going well in their life, until things took a drastic turn when fairies from outside of Fairylandia came into their hometown and had trouble adapting to Fairylandia’s rules.

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