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Fairylandia, a magical, mystical place where fairies, pixies, elves, other creatures, and yes, even humans, coexists with each other. Two young fairy girls learn what it means to be a fairy. By learning various abilities and practicing constantly, the girls achieve powerful magic skills. By learning teamwork, friendship, and supporting each other, Princess Wyndia and Sakura build a strong bond that will last an eternity. Join these amazing fairies as they travel Fairylandia to learn about life, love, happiness, and best of all...magic.

Fantasy / Adventure
A.I Medina
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1- The Young Princess

In the Kingdom of Fairylandia, at the outskirts of the Cherry Blossom forest, two beautiful fairies talked with each other. One tried to help her friend deliver a baby, and the other gave instructions. Many forest animals gather around the tree branches high up top. Intriguing their curiosity, they stare towards the fairy in labor. Belly swollen and legs spread wide, one reclined back against a tree trunk, breathing heavily between contractions. Her best friend knelt before her, issuing firm instructions to assist with the birth.

“Breathe, my Queen. One, two, breathe, and…push. Sakura, please remain seated my daughter,”

Fluttering her wings and flying around them, the young child fairy tried to get a closer look. Unsuccessful, Sakura listened to her mother returning atop the large flower where she sat. The two-year-old looks on with excitement. She had never seen a baby fairy being delivered.

As the next contraction began, the Queen panted, “Minako! Is it supposed to take this long?” Queen Windy had been in labor for many hours.

“You are close now, my Queen. Baby is nearly through. I can see a head! Breathe, and… push!”

“You are my best friend. You do not need to address me as Queen,” Queen Windy says following her friend’s instructions.

“It is an old habit,” Minako says with a smile. “Push my Queen!”

With materials ready nearby, soon, the baby fairy enters the world leaving behind the womb. Taking the baby into her arms, Minako grabs a nearby blanket to cover the newborn.

“Congratulations, Windy! You are a mother to a gorgeous baby girl,” Minako says as she begins to clean her up.

“Minako, as my best friend, I want you to cut her umbilical cord,” the Queen says.

“It would be an honor,” Minako says.

Selecting a cutting tool, the baby’s umbilical cord is cut by the fairy friend. Minako finishes cleaning the baby from any residues left behind. Once ready, the newborn is given to her mother. Queen Windy cries with joy to see her first-born daughter.

“Fourteen hours in labor. You did it, Windy!” Minako says.

“Baby fairy girl!” Sakura shouts raising her hands in praise.

The birds chirp in unison as the other animals also cheered in their own unique ways. Raising her hand to the air, the Queen waved to them, acknowledging them for coming to witness this event. The pixies dance happily on the tree branches, as this brought much joy to everyone. All beings of Fairylandia love their Queen. Even the animals show respect and honor. In Fairylandia, everyone coexists with each other. Half-breed humans, fairies, elf, pixies, and animals.

“I could not have done it without you and your magic. How did you cancel my contraction pains?” Queen Windy asks.

“Your mother kept a book with powerful magic abilities. I read it and practiced on me,” Minako answers.

“I love you, Minako. I am grateful to have as my best friend. You are always there for me. Now, let us look at you my beautiful daughter,” Queen Windy says.

Sakura flies over once again towards them. Landing near the Queen, she takes small glimpses of the baby fairy.

“What will you name her, Windy?”

“Her name will be…Wyndia. Strong like the wind, beautiful in her own magnificent way, and the loveliest fairy princess in all Fairylandia,” Queen Windy responds. “It is okay Sakura, you may come.”

Smiling happy, the young fairy gently lands as her butterfly wings arch downward. Upon coming close to the newborn, Sakura’s eyes widen with joy. The fairy baby opened her eyes to gaze upon her mother. Meeting each other in person for the first time, the two share some smiles.

Ma-ma,” the fairy baby speaks.

“Minako! She just called me mama,” the Queen says with joy.

“Wow, she is already speaking! That is great! I told you talking to her while she was in your womb would help her develop faster.” Minako says.

In Fairylandia, fairy babies develop faster in brain functions and activity. Due to their enhanced abilities, they can distinguish family members and close friends by voice. The fairy babies can see in perfect vision. Within time, they learn how to distinguish people by sight. A fairy baby also develops a deep connection with their mother while in the womb. They understand and speak simple words within minutes of their birth. This is due to an evolution that took place one million years ago. All beings in Fairylandia evolved to become higher, stronger beings. A human baby in the human realm would take anywhere from eight months to a year for their development to occur.

The baby princess stared towards Sakura and smiles.

“Sakura, I think she remembers your voice when you talked to her while she was in my womb,” the Queen says.

“Hello Princess Wyndia. You are a pretty baby girl,” Sakura says.

“I hope you can become best friends forever like your mother and I dearie,” the Queen says.

Sakura agrees with a huge smile.

“Let me clean you up. First, let me restore your health,” Minako says snapping her fingers.

Instantly, colorful glitter surrounds the Queen restoring her strength and stamina. This magic heals everything leaving the person feeling refreshed like if you awakened with a ton of energy.

“Milk time, my baby Wyndia,” the Queen says.

Opening her dress and revealing her left breast, she introduces her nipple to her baby’s mouth, as the fairy princess is fed. The newborn fairy delights in drinking mother’s milk. Sakura places her hand over the fairy baby’s hand. Grabbing one of her fingers, the baby princess gently squeezes it. Smiling once again, Sakura is thrilled at how cute Princess Wyndia does this.

Some time later, the Queen is fully cleaned and finished breast feeding her daughter. From the materials bag nearby, Minako pulls out a special outfit made for Princess Wyndia. Removing the blanket that covered her, both Queen Windy and Minako assist putting on the outfit. The outfit is a princess gown. Suddenly, the young princess expresses discomfort.

“What is happening?” Sakura asks.

“This my dear, is when a fairy gets her wings,” Minako says.

Except for the young princess, the three fairies begin to flutter their wings. Doing this creates a vibration that the baby will tap into to and mimic. Therefore, allowing her wings to vibrate at the same frequency as the others. Lasting several seconds, the fairy baby wings come out of her back fluttering rapidly and soon come to a stop.

Cheering for Princess Wyndia, they are joined by the forest animals who also express joy that the young fairy received her wings. The birds each chirp a different tune as the pixies danced on the tree branches. Revealing two beautiful translucent blue wings, the Queen extends her wings out to show how they match. Carefully flying around, the young princess flew only around her mother once and quickly returned to her mother’s care.

“Do not worry Princess Wyndia, I will teach you how to fly,” Sakura cheerfully says.

“You know what Sakura, your mother was the one who taught me how to fly,” the Queen adds on.

Surprised by this, Sakura feels thrilled and is eager to teach her soon.

“Thank you all for coming and witnessing the birth of our new princess. All hail Princess Wyndia of Fairylandia,” she says referring to the animals and pixies expressing joy.

The pixies, birds, and other animals bow towards them in unison. Minako and Sakura also bow to the newborn princess.

“All may rise. Minako and Sakura, let us go to my castle. A ceremony waits for my newborn daughter. Today, we celebrate my newborn daughter’s birthday,” Queen Windy says.

“Yes, Queen Windy,” both mother and daughter respond.

Kneeling, the fairies extend their wings outward. Sakura’s colorful butterfly wings also match her mother’s style. Unlike the other fairies, they are not translucent. Like an artist painting, ever so capturing and alluring, their wings are beyond beautiful. Flapping their wings to a certain rhythm, the fairies leap into the air and take flight. The Queen holds her baby gently in her arms while flying high in the sky. Reaching this altitude in seconds, the fairies do not experience gravity forces. Rather, their bodies have adapted to their environment allowing them to dominate flying at high and low altitudes. The fairies may travel fast, but the wind will not hurt them. What an amazing feat?

Staring down from high in the sky would bring fear to most humans. A fairy embraces the joy of taking flight. From the far, you can see a magnificent castle sitting atop the clouds. Majestic in size, the view will leave you in awe. A colorful rainbow spreads over the top of the castle. Fireworks explode in the air as trumpets echo in the distance. The fairy guards can see from the far and announce the Queens return. The Princess is born. Fairylandia eagerly awaits the arrival of their new princess.

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