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2- A Fairy's Power

Princess Wyndia, age 3; Sakura, age 4

“Mother, how does a fairy get her power?” Sakura asks.

“We are born with our magical abilities, my love. We must train ourselves every day to release the magic that is dormant within us. As you practice, you begin to understand more of your magic.” Minako responds.

“This seems hard,” Sakura complains. Slowly extending her hand out, she magically makes a glowing orb appear.

It begins to change color as it spins around floating above her hand. The young girls look amazed at the sparkling orb.

“Princess Wyndia, extend your hand out,” Minako says as the young princess does as she is told.

The girls have a look of wonder and excitement and in their minds question what might happen. Their ideas create conclusions that do not even exist, but to any child, this is enchanting!

As the Princess takes the orb into her hand, she cheerfully smiles with such joy to see it float. Minako quickly creates another colorful sphere and gives it to Sakura. Both girls now have floating orbs hovering above their hands.

“Now, what is your favorite color? Think about that color, and just imagine this sphere changing into that color,” Minako says.

The girls close their eyes and begin to do as instructed. Princess Wyndia chooses purple, while Sakura chooses pink. Instantly, they open their eyes and are amazed that their orbs changed to their desired color.

“Wow! Amazing!” the young princess says. Sakura giggles as she thinks about another color and it automatically changes to that color. The princess soon follows copying Sakura in her acts and her magical orb also begins to change color.

Soon, the girls have a rainbow display of colors changing within the orbs.

“Girls, now I want you to throw it up as high as you can into the sky and watch what happens,” Minako says.

Princess Wyndia and Sakura both look puzzled by this. Sakura goes first as she throws it into the sky and notices that it continues to fly high into the sky. Soon, the orb explodes creating a firework display of the chosen colors from which she had selected.

The young princess soon throws her orb up into the sky but easily falls back down. She picks up again and throws it into the sky, but it falls back down once more. The young fairy princess is saddened by this. Sakura helps her by picking up the orb and giving it back to her.

Minako smiles knowing that it is her first time and every fairy struggles at first. She is reminded of when she was a child and her mother did the same magical exercise with her. She failed miserably and ended up exploding the orbs on the floor, but within time, she mastered it perfectly.

“My princess do not feel sad. Think positive and happy thoughts. Imagine that orb flying very high, you must believe in yourself and focus on sending it to the sky. Do you understand my dear?” she asks.

The princess stares at her and analyzes in her mind what was said. “Believe,” the young fairy whispers to herself.

She closes her eyes thinking back to the positive feelings she felt when she was holding the orb for the first time and saw it changing color before her very eyes. The princess also thinks in her mind that she wants her orb to fly higher than Sakura’s orb. If not, maybe even the same distance.

She takes the orb grasping it in her hand and throws it into the sky. The orb takes off at a faster speed than what Sakura launched hers. It disappears for a while as it makes it way upwards. The princess focuses on it and can zoom in with her vision. Why has it not popped? She tracks it down and sees it.

“Sparkle!” she shouts. Instantly, the orb explodes in a loud boom, releasing a colorful display of fireworks.

“Wow! Great job, Princess!” Sakura shouts.

“Did you see what you created, Princess Wyndia, and Sakura? This exercise is meant to teach you that you are in control of your power. Both of you felt that, right? I gave you the orbs, you are the ones who changed the color and caused it to spin. I really didn’t do anything other than create and give them to you both. The real magic was done when you girls decided what was going to happen to those orbs. When yours didn’t fly Princess, I told you to believe and you made it fly higher and faster, calling what you wanted into existence,” Minako says.

“Oh, I see. I copied what you always do mother. I do believe and I understand. Call it to existence...” Sakura wonders about on that thought.

Soon, they are greeted by Queen Windy who gently lands near them and the three fairies bow towards their Queen. The Queen is wearing a short pixie dress and showing more cleavage than the usual. She is out dress code but in these parts of the forest, no one is out here but them. She does wear her royal crown that identifies her as Queen of the Fairies.

“Rise my fairies. Was that your orb just now my little princess?” the Queen asks as she is greeted by a hug from her daughter. “Yes mother. I believed and I understand what lady Minako is teaching us. Can you do that too, mother?” the young princess is thrilled to find out.

“Minako, shall we?” she asks.

“Yes, my Queen,” she answers. The two extends their hands out as soon the wind begins to pick up around them creating a vortex that hovers just above the tips of their fingers. The orbs glow in various colors growing rapidly. They get very big and soon, the fairies lean back and throw them into the air taking off at a fast speed.

Within three seconds, several loud booms are heard over the sky as the fairies have created an impressive colorful firework display that leaves the girls in awe.

“Wow! Mother and Queen Windy, you two are awesome!” Sakura expresses.

“Yay! Mother and Lady Minako are so cool!” the young princess says in excitement.

“That will surely give you two something to look forward to,” the Queen says.

The two young fairies imagine doing the same thing as what their mothers did. Deep down inside of themselves, they believe that it is possible.

“Have you finished giving them their lesson, Minako?” the Queen asks.

“Yes, my Queen. Our lesson is complete for this morning,” Minako responds.

“Gratitude and thank you, Minako. Did you all know it was actually lady Minako who helped me master this technique when I was young like you,” the Queen says.

The young girls are stunned by this.

“Her mother taught it to her, and my mother taught it to me, but with Minako’s help, she helped me overcome my tiny obstacle, and now, we are masters! All thanks to her positive words and encouragement. Minako is a great teacher, and since sometimes I have certain queen duties to attend to, she makes the perfect teacher for these magic exercises for you all. So, pay attention, because she is very good.”

“Thank you for your kind words my Queen,” Minako says bowing to her friend, Queen Windy.

“Now ladies, if you will excuse us, this little princess has a lesson of her own back at the castle. Her father wants her to begin studying Kung-Fu.” she says.

“Ryo-san also wanted to train Sakura later this day. I said it was too young for her, but he insisted,” Minako says.

Queen Windy and Minako sigh, “Men.”

“I bid you farewell, and may peace, love, and happiness be with you,” Queen Windy says.

“May peace love, and happiness be with you,” the fairies reply.

They all bow to each other and soon the Queen and her daughter take off flying. Now it is just mother and daughter.

“Walk with me my daughter,” Minako says as Sakura takes her hand.

“Where are we going?” she asks.

“To the side of the mountain. I want to show you a very beautiful and magnificent view,” Minako responds.

Sakura questions why they must walk if they can just fly up to the side of the mountain. Minako teaches her daughter that there is beauty within the Cherry Blossoms forest that you cannot see from the sky.

Looking around, they see various animals running through the forest. These do not cause harm to anyone. Also, colorful butterflies are flying around everywhere. She begins to understand what her mother is trying to teach her.

“Mother, is my name, Sakura, chosen because you saw how pretty the cherry blossoms are?” Sakura questions.

“I named you after your name because you are beautiful like the cherry blossoms but also because your father and I agreed that it would be best suited for our beautiful daughter,” she responds. “I am beautiful?” Sakura questions.

“Yes, my dear Sakura. You are one of the most beautiful fairies here in Fairylandia. In my eyes, even more beautiful than the Queen, and even your mother,” Minako responds.

“Wow, Sakura is beautiful,” she says reaffirming to herself. Minako smiles as they begin to sing a song in Japanese.

The song speaks of a little girl who no one thought she was beautiful, but she kept being nice to everyone even though they called her bad names. Her family knew she was beautiful, but she wanted to feel it like the other girls did. The mother tells her not to worry and that true beauty is not always what is on the outside.

Only one boy considered her beautiful and he kept telling her daily.

Eventually, the girl grows up and becomes a very beautiful and attractive woman, and all the men who thought she was ugly chase after her, but she rejects them all. The one who was able to be with the girl was none other than the boy who considered beautiful since childhood. She sang this song to her to let her know that anytime she does not feel pretty or beautiful, not to worry about it.

“You are already as beautiful as can be, my little Sakura-chan. You come from a very beautiful mother, of course you will be even more beautiful when you are older. For now, don’t think you are just pretty, know that you are very beautiful. All fairies are forever beautiful,” Minako says.

Hearing this brings a smile to her face. The two enjoy having more conversations about random things. Once they exit the Cherry Blossoms forest a while later, they are greeted by a man who wears a Japanese-style karate gi. It is ripped over his arms and it shows his muscular arms. Instantly, he picks up his daughter and gives her a kiss to her cheek followed by Sakura giving him a tight hug. “Papa-chan!”

“Hello Sakura,” he says holding her in her arms. Minako bows towards her husband. Placing Sakura down, he bows back to her as well.

“My lovely Minako, good morning my dear,” he says.

“Ryo-san, good morning,” she says with a smile.

“I am glad you all came by. My morning class has ended, but, I want to teach Sakura now,” he says.

“You will teach me karate, Papa-chan?” Sakura questions with a puzzled look on her face.

“Yes! Every fairy should know how to defend themselves and you may never know when you will need to use it. Even though Fairylandia is a peaceful place, this peace may be in trouble someday, and we need to be ready for anything,” he says.

Sakura imagines herself fighting forest creatures and winning. She is eager to practice with her father.

Minako magically makes a cloud appear her as she sits down and stares at the two. Sakura knows some of the basics because she has seen her father in action before, but never has she physically trained with him. They stand facing each other as both bow towards each other. First thing, fighting stance. He tests Sakura to see if she really has been paying attention when she was watching his classes from previous times. She shows a great stance, but her hands are a bit tense. He shows her the right way to properly stand with her hands.

He tells her a variety of commands and explains what they mean. From step punch, oisuki, to uraken, backfist, geri, kick, and just basic techniques. She catches on rather quick because it interests her so much. Sakura is enjoying this time that she is bonding with her father. Ryo tells his daughter to kick him on his legs, and she does. He demonstrates to her how it should be done.

Now that she understands, she attempts to do the same. He instructs her to hit harder, and Sakura listens. Ryo lets Sakura know that due to her age, her attacks will not hurt him at all. Ryo tells her to do a combination attack, but only with the basic attacks he has taught her

“After your attack, KIA!” Ryo demonstrates how he wants the attacks done.

His shouting startles Sakura for a bit. They practice doing this shout. He lets her know that when a weaker opponent does not expect an attack, you KIA with your attack and this will throw him off guard, allowing you to finish the fight or confuse the opponent with fear. You do not have to shout all the time, but when you deliver a strong attack, that is when it can have a great impact. Sakura understands and attempts her KIA’s. In her parent’s eyes, she sounds so cute shouting and performing these attacks.

After a while, she understands more and continues to practice the basics. He does give her a break, so she doesn’t absorb too much information and gets bored. Sakura extends her wings while adjusting her pixie dress, followed by a small stretch. She flies around for a bit and gets to see the view from the top of the trees. She adores seeing the various animals all around the forest. After a while, she hears her father calling her and she performs a backflip from a branch and falls to the ground, but gently hovers down and lands next to her father.

They once again bow to each other and this time, Ryo instructs her to watch him as he performs yuni-no kata. Which is the first kata of the fighting style, Shito-Ryu. He performs this kata with such finesse. He breaks it down into parts for her as she gets to shadow him while they practice. After some time, she must perform it in its entire herself. Sakura remembers all the movements perfectly and to KIA in one of the moves halfway through the kata.

Once complete, she stands at-ease and bows to her father. Both parents are impressed that their daughter has completed the first kata and understands some basic attacks.

“You did well my little Sakura-chan. Your training for today is complete,” Ryo says.

They both to each other saying, ”Arigato gozaimashita.”

Sakura runs up to her father and gives him a big hug telling him thank you for teaching her martial arts. She is very happy to be learning and promises to become a master just like him. He likes the idea of that and says that he will push her forward and perhaps if she gets very good, Ryo can allow her to be in one of his group classes. This motivates her even more.

“Sakura-chan, what would you like to do now? We will dedicate this time to do whatever you would like,” Minako says getting off her cloud and making it disappear.

Sakura flies around with joy and says, “I want to play hide-and-seek with you and Papa-chan in the forest!”

And play hide-and-seek they did as the family enjoys a fantastic time making their daughter happy.

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