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3 - Free Your Mind

Princess Wyndia, age 7; Sakura, age 8...

Sunrise, somewhere in the middle of the forest there is a group of young fairy boys and girls. Their parents dropped them off earlier and now the instructor is ready to teach them. It is a beautiful day today. The sky is blue, the wind is blowing swiftly with a gentle breeze. A woman wearing a short pixie dress with long hair, raises her hand into the air while extending her wings out. Her wings display a colorful attraction as the children know to be quiet and pay attention. She speaks in the native language of fairy and the translation is as follows.

“Good day to you class! Today, we will be learning something very fun. First, we are going to start with telekinesis, and we will be moving objects and turning them into projectiles. If you have never done it before, I will teach you. Second, we will also learn how to dodge those projectiles. Sounds interesting, yes?” the instructor says.

The kids all stand in awe and are eager to learn.

“Everyone let’s stretch first. Stretch yourself and your wings as well,” she says.

“What is the purpose in learning this? Are we ever going to use telekinesis?” a young fairy boy asks.

“Absolutely! We use it daily, and it helps us as well as when we help the other creatures. You can use it to help anyone or yourself,” the instructor says with a smile.

Now that everyone has stretched, she has them divide into groups of three. There is a total of nine students. Four are boys and five are girls.

“Allow me to first demonstrate what I want you to do,” she says lifting her hand and into the air and magically brings some huge rocks to the side of her.

With the flick of her wrist, the rocks gently land on the ground and while moving her other hand, the rocks spread out.

“Anyone, what do you see in front of you?” the instructor asks.

Everyone slowly answers, “Rocks.”

“Correct! You see rocks. Can one of you kids go and try to lift the rock, please?” she says.

At first, the boys were a bit afraid but one of them goes and tries to retrieve the rock. He shows difficulty lifting it up even though it is not too big.

“This rock is heavy, I am not that strong enough,” the boy answers. The instructor points to the rock.

“Move! There,” instantly, the rock begins to hover above the ground as she directs it where she wants the rock to go.

It lands gently again on the ground. Everyone is fascinated by this and they are curious as to how did she do it.

“You are trying to move the rock, and that is where you fail to realize the truth. There is no rock. It is not magic, but the ability within us all to summon our true strength. Are we fairies or are we humans? What I have done just now, each one of you can do. Yes, it may be tough in the beginning, but with enough practice, you will be able to lift that, and so much more. Did I require strong muscles or a bulky body to prove that it is heavy?” she says.

The children answer in unison. “No.”

“Then if we are fairies, what makes you any different than me? Remember I said, we all have this power within us. You must believe in yourself, and free your mind of any negative doubts or feelings. I commanded that rock to move because I believe that I have the power and authority over it. By believing, I am programming my mind to break all barriers that would be considered normal and believe that I am in control. I make the reality an actuality. My reason for splitting you into groups is so you can motivate each other when doing this. Your teammates will help you to believe, and by all of you synchronizing on the same exact thought, this activates neurons in your brain that unlock more of your hidden potential.”

Some of the fairies do not understand what she is saying, others have no problem understanding her explanation. The instructor orders the first person in their groups to step up and give it a first attempt. Sakura leads, and two other boys step up. The three point to the rocks standing in front of them but are unsuccessful in making them move.

Everyone gets to take a turn and for about five minutes, the young fairies are unsuccessful. The instructor smiles as she laughs for a bit and thinks back to a time when she was younger, and she also had difficulty doing this. At that time, she was the only fairy that was able to move the rocks, even if it was only for a short distance.

Later, she kept practicing more and more, until she understood what her instructor was motivating them about.

“Try again, everyone.” she says.

They keep taking turns and nothing. She decides to step in and show them how.

“Point at the rock,” she whispers into one of the boy’s ears.

“Now, is the rock heavy or is the rock light?”

The boy struggles to give an answer.

“It is heavy because I saw my friend try to pick it up,” he responds.

“NO! It is not heavy. Were you not part of the group that was amazed at how I was able to lift it without a hesitation?” she asks. “Yes, that was incredible,” he responds.

“Then be incredible my dear. That rock is not heavy. To a fairy, telekinesis works best by what you believe. If the rock is heavy, you will never move it because you are telling your brain to accept the fact that it is too heavy. However, if you tell yourself, I can do this! This rock is not heavy at all! Move! Then your rock will move. Now try again,” she says in a fierce voice.

It does startle the young fairy boy as he attempts again.

“The rock is not heavy. I can do this. I am a fairy,” he begins to believe.

“Groups, cheer him on fairies!” she shouts.

Everyone begins to cheer. The instructor moves onto the next fairy and instructs the girl the same.

“What is the problem dearie?” she asks.

“What if the rock falls while I am trying to make it hover?” she asks.

“Do not try to pick up the rock, even in your mind. Believe my dear, that this rock is weightless. Is it more powerful than you? Is it that much better than you? NO! Free your mind and see yourself lifting that rock. Make it float, make it fly, do whatever you want with it. Throw it around, make it bounce, turn is on its side. Just believe and do it!”

The girl begins to understand a bit. She closes her eyes and imagines herself lifting the rock. Sakura understands perfectly the lesson being taught as she is eager for her turn. Her mother is always finding new ways to free her mind and expand her knowledge on all fairy-abilities. The girl barely lifts the rock as it moves and shakes for a bit. She opens her eyes and sees her results, but as everyone cheers, she loses focus and it lands back on the ground.

“I almost had it,” the young girl says to herself.

“Keep believing, there is no almost had it, you have it, you can do it,” the instructor says.

Seconds later, everyone pauses as they see a rock floating in mid-air. It wasn’t even her turn yet.

“Wow! Great job, Princess Wyndia,” Sakura cheers for her.

“I believe, this rock is not heavy. I am stronger, I am better than this rock. This rock is lighter than me,” the princess says.

Sakura instantly points to the rock and closing her eyes believes. Within an instant, the rock also begins to float.

“Yes! This is what I have been waiting for, now everyone, take turns trying it. Once you learn this, you will never forget it,” the instructor says.

Each of the children are in awe and each get their opportunity to lift the rock. This time, they are all successful. It is funny to see that one child ignited the spark necessary for the others to believe and achieve what was once thought to be impossible.

“Do you see it now my young fairies? You believed in yourself. You all did it. All I did was show you the truth, you are the ones who made it possible. Okay, take a five-minute break and practice your new learned skills lifting other things around our area. When you come back, I will teach you something new. Break!” she says with a smile on her face.

She reminds herself that seeing the young fairies awakening their abilities is something she takes pride in. Helping them to develop these skills is the reason why she chose to be a fairy instructor of telekinesis.

Time later...

“Can someone tell me why we need to learn how to dodge incoming projectiles?” the instructor asks.

Everyone is silent and does not respond.

“To avoid getting injured, killed, or worse,” she answers.

The students begin to think to themselves as to why those specifics.

“Once again children, all fairies have powerful magic abilities dormant deep within us. All fairies are taught this because when you finally discover your power, you will realize there is still so much more to learn. Even myself, you may think I am a master at this, but this is just the beginning.”

She calls to one of the boys to stand in place as the instructor positions herself distance away. Looking around, she sees a couple of broken twigs. She instantly uses her telekinesis ability to pick them up and launches them at the boy at an easy speed.

“Dodge it!” she shouts as the boy listens.

The instructor picks up more twigs and keeps launching them to the boy who dodges the incoming twigs. In his mind, he believes this is too easy and he has this no matter what she throws at him. Little do they know that she has a hidden ability that allows her to read their minds. She smiles and then creates an arrow by materializing energy as she quickly launches it towards him. He sees it coming but falls to the ground.

The arrow is stuck onto a tree far away behind him as it disappears leaving behind a mark. The tree quickly heals, and the imprint is left behind is suddenly no more.

“Why didn’t you dodge it?” she asks.

“I was scared. The arrow looked bright and big,” he responds.

“Arrow, twigs, rocks; it makes no difference what is launched at you. We can dodge anything incoming in our path. I will show you how it is done,” she says helping the student get up.

Soon, the instructor asks everyone to line up in a horizontal line.

“I want you all to use telekinesis to pick up whatever is nearby you, including the rocks you just lifted, and throw it at me at full force. Give me your best shot!”

One by one, each child picks up an item and launches it towards her. They see she stands in place and begins to dodge each thing that is thrown at her. The children search for more nearby things as their curiosity makes them pick up stronger and heavier items. Without hesitation, these kids are picking up things that before seemed too heavy or impossible for them. She knew that this would eventually happen.

As the kids all throw their projectiles towards her, she performs something spectacular for them. She stands in place and dodges every single item.

However, she is moving faster than the original as she leaves a trail of visible shadows that they can see. It only lasts a fracture of a second, but she moves so fast that they are stunned by what she does.

Returning in place, the fairy instructor waves hi to them smiling at her students.

“Think fast,” she says creating a magical blue sphere and quickly launching it to one of the girls.

They play around like this for a while and it looks like a game of dodge ball. The game begins to intensify when the children also begin to create blue spheres of their own. Soon, you see spheres thrown at the instructor, but she still dodges them with ease. She is having fun with her students and sees that they are awakening their abilities.

No one was creating spheres of any color before. These spheres do not hurt as a male student ends up being hit by one. They just pop and colorful, magical glitter comes out disappearing on impact.

The kids are consciously creating new things and believing in themselves more and more. After a while, the instructor throws a several fast sphere towards Sakura. She sees it coming and for a split second, she understands something. Sakura extends her hand out and makes the spheres stop in mid-air. Her eyes were closed as she did this, and upon opening her eyes, she is amazed to see the spheres stopped in time and place. All the fairies are surprised and congratulate her for effort.

“Sakura, how were you able to do that?” the instructor asks.

“I actually thought you were going to strike Princess Wyndia, and my instinct were to protect her. I was not going to allow that because she is my best friend. I thought to myself, ‘No!’, and believed that these spheres were going to stop."

Princess Wyndia was behind Sakura looking onward.

“You are right, Sakura. I was aiming for Princess Wyndia. Now drop those spheres to the ground,” she says.

Sakura lowers her hand as the spheres fall to the ground and lightly explode upon impact. Seeing an opportunity, the instructor creates many spheres within seconds and launches them towards the group. They cannot just stand in place, but only two fairies do end up being hit. Everyone else is dodging in place as she continues to launch various spheres at the fairies. She caught them off-guard, as this is precisely what was planning to do.

With the kids no longer worried, being carefree, and their hopes highs, the kids are all responding by instinct now. In their minds, if their instructor did it while they were all bombarding her with things, then it is also possible for them. Their young minds begin to understand that it is not just thinking to dodge; it is acting, believing, and allowing that inspiration to flow through you.

It was never impossible to begin with. They dodge the spheres just as their instructor did before creating the visible shadow-like figures of themselves. This happens because as they are moving so fast, time slows down for them, but their bodies continue movement.

“Congratulations to those of who did not fall. If you did, get back up and do the dodge again. You created magical spheres just as I did because you believed you could. Now, I want you all to practice dodging with each other. If you are hit, then take a seat. The last person standing will win a prize from me,” the instructor says.

The fairies love their new game as they each try to outdo each other, but with their newly learned dodging abilities, it becomes a challenge. The fairies now must think beyond. If their current speed is not working, they must launch their spheres faster. From the far, it looks like a war zone. You see colorful spheres being thrown everywhere and fairies flying from one corner to another, dodging in place and shooting at each other from air.

The game intensifies as four of the fairies try to tag-team Sakura. She is not afraid and knows that they want to come after her. The fairies each launch multiple spheres towards her. Sakura instantly extends her hand out and stops the spheres in mid-air once again. To their surprise, Sakura pushes her hand forward as this causes the spheres to return to the group hitting them all towards their chest.

“My goodness she is a fast learner. Has she done this before?” the instructor thinks to herself.

Soon, it all comes down to Princess Wyndia and Sakura. The two smile happy towards each other as they begin to throw colorful spheres to each other. The other fairies are sitting down in a group as they cheer them on. Princess Wyndia flies closer to Sakura bombarding her with spheres, but Sakura can dodge and move away from their location.

After some time of trying to outwit each other, Princess Wyndia flies rapidly behind Sakura and taps her with a sphere. It gently explodes on her back as the girls stop and both look towards each other. Sakura bows to the young princess as she also bows back.

“That was fun Princess Wyndia, we should play like that again on our free-time,” Sakura says giving her best friend a hug.

The fairies cheer for them both as the instructor comes by.

“Princess Wyndia, you were amazing. My gift to you is a private one-on-one lesson from me to help you advance your magic abilities and skills. I will have to speak to your mother about this later. In the meantime, did you all think this was fun?” she asks.

“YES!” the kids say in unison.

“We as fairies can move faster than any other beings in Fairylandia, and even faster than humans. Know it and believe in it deep down inside of you. Next time, we are going to dodge those arrows I made earlier. I just need you all to practice more before getting into something a bit more serious. Congratulations my fairies, you all are learning to free your minds. Practice, practice, practice! You will one day be a master and the more you know, the better it is for you. Class take a break, as we will have a final round of our game we just did. I never told you it was a game because you wouldn’t have put your effort into it as you did.”

The kids are marveled by her teachings. Now they learned something very useful for their future. They learned a new game that they can play with anyone in their family or with friends. She was right in many things. This is a lesson they will never forget. The fairy kids all begin to ask the young princess and Sakura questions, as they are eager to know how they could do what they did.

The girls demonstrate what they learned and teach their fairy friends their abilities. No one judges, no one hates, and no one is envious of the other. All fairies get along great. This is so cool!

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