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4 - Awaken The Magic Within

Queen Windy gave birth to three other daughters during her time. In total, there were four daughters. Princess Wyndia being the eldest at age seven. She was named after the city of the golden mountains within Fairylandia. The mountains were not actually made of gold. It was more beautiful country side and when you would reach the top of any mountains and looked over the city, the fields glowed like gold. Therefore, getting the name golden mountains.

Princess Li Ming was age six. Her name means beautiful and bright. Princess Xin Qian at age five. Her name means happy and beautiful. The youngest of the sisters was age three, Princess Wave Yu Wan. Her name was meant to be expressed as a wave of happiness. Together, they were called the Princess sisters.

The fairy sisters would always enjoy spending time with each other and with Sakura. They adored her company and treated her like family, even though they were friends. The fairies loved to play hide-and-seek and enjoyed racing each other flying from one part of the forest to the other. Obviously, Princess Wyndia and Sakura were the fastest being older and knowing how to outmaneuver the others.

Still, they never constantly kept winning as both girls would let the others win. Each sister took their turn winning. The older sisters helped give a self-esteem boost to the youngest sister who did not fly as fast as the others. Eventually, she did learn the techniques needed to keep up with the team.

Princess Wave Yu Wan looked up to Wyndia and Sakura the most. In her mind, they were very fun, and she tagged along wherever they would go sometimes. When practicing Kung Fu, she looked towards the eldest sisters for advice. She was never pushed away. She liked to practice forms with Sakura and spar with Wyndia. Big sister would let her sibling hit her because, her attacks didn’t cause any pain. What mattered was that she understood how to attack and where.

When the girls would be around their father, he would always train with them in martial arts in the morning and eat with them at lunch time before he stepped out to do royalty stuff. In the evening time, he would come back and sing songs with them to cheer them up. Each fairy had a unique voice and sounded so heavenly when singing. Sakura loved to sing as well. Since she did not sing with the Princess sisters, Minako would sing to Sakura with Sakura. The two would sing songs about love and happiness.

A day came when Queen Windy wakes up and decided to do something with her daughter Wyndia. She ended up inviting Minako and Sakura at the young princess’ request. The group ends up meeting up at the beach. Upon arriving, Minako and Sakura bow towards their Queen and Princess of Fairylandia. The royal fairies return their bow as well.

“Good day to you my Queen and Princess Wyndia,” Minako says.

“Love, peace, and happiness be with you Minako, and Sakura,” the Queen says with a smile.

“Ohayō gozaimasu, Windy joō-sama,” Sakura says.

“Ohayō Sakura-chan. Omai wa honto kawaii ne,” the Queen says with a smile.

Sakura blushes as she is surprised to hear her reply in Japanese.

“Yes, I also speak Japanese my dear. Your mother taught me. Minako-chan also speaks a variety of languages.”

“My Queen, thank you for inviting us, to what purpose is this?” Minako asks.

“Minako, you are always so formal my friend. Call me Windy, I will not scold you for it. I invited you to come so we can enjoy a good time together at the beach. Let us enjoy this time and have fun,” the Queen says.

The fly over to another area nearby but soon stop to see that there are two teenage fairies ahead of them. One fairy girl is floating above the water creating and controlling the waves as they are being released to the shore. The waves range from small to big. The other fairy is near the shore line just barely into the water. Her feet are submerged but only up to her knees.

She stands extending her hand out as if to stop the waves from going to the shore. It proves challenging for her as it seems that she cannot get the force of the waves to stop.

The water fairy floating above continues sending out more waves but the fairy trying to stop the incoming is unsuccessful. As the Queen sees this, she knows they are practicing to master their skills. The team flies over to their location as the fairies practicing stop and fly towards their Queen and bow towards her.

“Peace, love, and happiness be with you my dear fairies,” the Queen says.

The struggling fairy states that they are practicing as she is having difficulty stopping the waves from coming.

“What is the difficult part for you?” the Queen asks.

“When I extend my hand out, I am focusing on stopping the waves, but I feel as if I am not putting out too much magic energy into my intent,” she replies.

“I can see why. You have been practicing for a while now and you are exhausted. You need to rest and take a break. Since you are not at full-strength, your magic level is low. Once you have relaxed and recovered your power, you will be able to do stop the waves,” the Queen states.

“Minako, can we demonstrate for them please?”

Minako kindly accepts as she flies over hovering above the water some distance away. Princess Wyndia and Sakura look on. Queen Windy steps into the water extending her wings out and standing with good posture.

“Give me a big one, Minako,” she says. Minako also focuses as she moves her hands around in a circular motion.

Mizu no jitsu, tsunami!” she shouts as she creates a big wave from the water leading upwards rising about twenty feet.

She hovers over it and with pushes the wave forward taking off towards the Queen. Princess Wyndia, Sakura, and the two fairies are astonished and scared of the huge wave that is coming towards them. The Queen stands with a smile on purpose. She is enjoying this. You can feel a powerful aura force surround the Queen. She creates ripples around her that extend outward very fast. The wave keeps coming closer and closer. Suddenly, you can’t even see the sky anymore.

The wave covers your view. Instantly, she extends her hand out as if telling the water to stop, and it does. The wave stands before the Queen several feet away from her, without any movement forward. Whatever she did, magic, strength, telekinesis, the wave does not move from place.

“Subarashi!” Sakura shouts. The fairies all applaud the Queen and say wonderful comments towards her spectacular performance.

“Water is liquid, be like water. Water flows, so do I. Become water, and heed my call. I control this flow. No matter how big you may rise, I am in control at this moment in time. Dispel,” she says slowly lowering her hand.

The water returns to the ocean and the wave dissipates gently. The Queen faces the teen fairies.

“If I can stop that enormous wave from crashing into me, you girls can do it as well. We are fairies after all, and remember to believe in yourself, the magic is within you.”

Both teen fairies once again bow towards their Queen. They are honored that she was able to show them a magnificent performance in which they were able to learn something new. The fairies decide to continue practicing but they do not create a huge wave like Minako did. The fairies bow to their Queen once again as they take their leave.

Minako flies back towards the team as Sakura begins to ask so many questions to both her mother and the Queen. Sakura wants to try it as well. She believes she can do it.

“Minako, she is your daughter. You can decide if she is up to it,” the Queen says.

“Do you wish to really try this, Sakura-chan?” her mother asks.

“Hai!” she replies.

“Very well my dear,” she says instantly vanishing and appearing where she was before. She performs her water jitsu once again but does not create a big wave. Minako sends it off towards Sakura. This young fairy was paying attention even though she was astonished. She focuses her magic and power towards her hand.

Though she does not create the ripple-effect on the water, she still has high hopes. The wave keeps getting closer and closer. Sakura extends her hand outward and believes.

Soon, she is covered by the water wave and pushed back to the shore. Sakura is dropped off by the sandy area as the water repels back into the ocean. Queen Windy and Princess Wyndia laugh at how Sakura was dragged by the ocean. Minako appears besides her as do the others as well to assist Sakura.

“Daijobu,” she asks. “Daijobu desu. Doshite?” she replies.

She stated she is alright but wanted to know what happened.

“You still need more training my love. You were scared when the wave was coming close to you. You tried to fight it but that little fear that you allowed into your mind is what threw you off balance. You were close, you are understanding more. I am proud of you for that,” Minako says.

“Why are you all laughing at me?” Sakura questions.

“We do not laugh at your efforts Sakura-chan. Let me show you why,” Queen Windy says as she creates a cloud above her hand.

The cloud creates an image of what had happened in the Queen’s view and perspective. She does see herself being dragged by the wave and it was funny. They all begin laughing once again.

“I admire your bravery to withstand the wave and your willingness to attempt something you have never done before. Keep practicing Sakura-chan. You will get very far in this life,” the Queen tells her.

Sakura forgets about everything as the group share a good laugh.

Three weeks later...

Sakura had asked the fairy who was hovering above the ocean that one time to practice with her and Princess Wyndia. Both learned how to use their powers to control the water and how to create waves, just not as big as what Minako did. They would practice at night time when the ocean’s current was rougher. The waves grew bigger and size, and time after time, she continued to get swept away by the waves. Sakura didn’t give up. Even the Princess Wyndia would join in together with her and both would team up holding hands and extending their hands out to stop the wave.

They were unsuccessful. Minako and Ryo would watch over their daughter as she would dedicate time to practice. The parents would not interfere but would be cheering her on from their hearts.

“Minako, she is doing something I have not even begun to try. Do you see how she is improving?” he says.

“Yes, I am impressed by her persistence. Our little Sakura-chan is not giving up,” Minako replies.

“Just like her mother,” he says. Minako smiles and gives her husband a kiss to his cheek.

Sakura had meditated, asked the water fairies for advice also. She asked her mother and the Queen for tips onto how to dominate this ability. They all told her to let the magic flow from her heart. Clear your mind, feel the power, take control of it, and believe. She felt she was doing everything within her power, and nothing was happening, until one day, she calls for both her parents to come watch her practice.

Princess Wyndia invites her mother and sisters to come watch too. They all were thrilled to see her perform. One because it would be funny to watch her be dragged by the waters again, and two, because this might be it.

She was training in her dreams. She would dream of being able to easily stop the wave from hitting her, and a tremendous tsunami. Sakura was no longer afraid as she understood perfectly what she was supposed to do.

“Aqua-chan, hajime!” Sakura shouts. Sakura stomps the ground as she readies herself. It is as though she is powering up. An energy wave surrounds her as she focuses well on her intent. The fairy, who hovers some distance away creates the wave and sends it towards her. Sakura continues to power up her energy but suddenly comes to a stop. The wave gets very close to her as she extends her hand out.

“YAME!” she shouts. She can feel the energy in her hand as she takes control. The wave stops in mid-air as she does struggle a bit to hold it in place, but then believes in herself. The wave rests in place.

The young fairy, Sakura, did it! The crowd watching all applaud her and are amazed. The Queen and Minako are ecstatic about this. She gently makes the wave come down and spread back into the ocean.

“Yokatta!” the young fairy expresses.

She is soon greeted with hugs and words of praise. Sakura felt happy for her accomplishment as did her parents. The Queen offered Minako the chance for Sakura to participate in special advance magic classes. She accepts and wants Sakura to learn all she can so she can one day become a master of the magical fairy arts. Princess Wyndia keeps hugging Sakura and congratulating her on being able to do such an awesome thing. She wants Sakura to teach her this so she can also be able to do the same as her. They are best friends after all. Sakura accepts.

The girls decide then to have fun at the beach and enjoy splashing each other around.

“Be proud of your daughter. It is not every day we see fairies advancing at such a young age,” Queen Minako says.

“We are very proud of her and know she will be great as she gets older,” Ryo says.

“When she gets older and better at her magic, I would like for her to join the elite fairies,” the Queen says.

“It would be an honor for us, and for her as well,” Minako says.

The Queen decides to go have fun with her girls as she gets in the water and joins in on the splash game. Ryo says he will go prepare some food for them and bring back something to eat, so this way, Minako can have fun with Sakura and the rest of the team. Ryo soon flies away as Minako takes to the water and joins in on the fun.

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