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5 - Fight On

Princess Wyndia, age 11; Sakura, age 12

The girls kept growing and learning more about their magical abilities. Throughout the years, both fairy friends would share the techniques taught to them by their parents as well as what they learned themselves. Princess Wyndia and her sisters mastered the ‘Wave Stop’ technique with the help of Sakura. The sisters looked up to Sakura because she was always so persistent in learning more magic abilities and improving rapidly.

The girls also began to teach each other elemental magic. This is the ability to use elements of fire, water, ice, wind, earth, thunder and be able to summon it at will. The girls would all read various books on how to use elemental magic. Eventually, they were partially self-taught but with the help of the Queen, these girls were soon on their way to master elemental magic.

The Queen had told them to visit the Guardian Fairies. These were a group of young-adult girls each dedicated to representing an element. They would help keep Fairylandia clean, control the weather, and help regulate the environment and surroundings.

The young ladies would each have or be close to mastering an element. The Guardian Fairies practiced with the girls on how to start fires with the snap of their fingers. The spark would have to be ignited in their minds. So long as there was wood or something to strike a match from, the Guardians could easily start a fire. Imagine the fire in your mind first, call it forth, and watch the magic happen right before your eyes. It took some time to learn how to do this for the girls.

The practices mostly involved training your mind first before even using any magical abilities to start a fire. You cannot overcome the impossible if you don’t learn how to free your mind. Once you get through this, you will be able to summon all other elements at will and learn how to manipulate and work with them. The girls also practiced weather manipulation and how to control the water flow of the rivers and lakes around Fairylandia.

Princess Wyndia took an interest in mastering the element of the wind, and why not, her mother is basically named for being a grand master of the wind.

The fairies each shared their advice towards the young girls and motivated them to become stronger to become masters of their desired element. After some time, Princess Wyndia and Sakura felt a strong urge to join the Guardian Fairies, but not because of their magic abilities. They fell in love with the awesome, cute, and short, fairy dresses that they wore as a uniform.

The dresses were glittery and colorful. For every element, their dress represented a color. Fire was a bright red or orange, water was blue or light blue, earth was also blue and sometimes light brown. Those are some examples for the colors of dresses. Of course, you can build your own colors to mix-and-match.

In Sakura’s eyes, she adored the girl’s physiques and wondered what she would look like at that age. She thought about her mother’s wonderful physique. The girls worked out and so did her mother.

This is how they produced those awesome results. Perhaps she would also be that wow, and beautiful. In the meantime, she did not worry too much about it. Sakura had something to look forward to.

Days passed as the group would spend time with each other daily to practice, play games, and do many things together. There would be days where the Princess sisters would go their own way and leave Sakura alone. It is not that they did not want her company, but sometimes hanging out too much together didn’t make you miss that person.

They each gave themselves their own space and time. In Fairylandia, you have forever to see or be with someone. Sakura would return to practice martial arts with her father, Ryo.

She was already a black-belt by her age. Minako believed it was time for Sakura to also practice Bajiquan. The young fairy loved both styles, but preferred Shito-Ryu karate. She would wake up early to practice kata with her father. Ryo would always advise her on how to become a better fighter, and a better person. Sakura was wise to listen and ask the right questions on applying the techniques and how to effectively use them.

Later that year, there was a martial-arts tournament held for the young teens of Fairylandia. The young teens and kids were divided into age categories.

This competition was held in Fairy Park. There was a platform that was well suited as a fighting rink. It was a very large circular block of iron that stood five feet off the ground. The rules were simple, knock your opponent out of the rink, knock them out and render them unable to fight, and submit them into a submission. Those were the only ways you could win. Though some fairies possessed abilities to help them build up more strength or deliver more powerful attacks, they were not allowed to use them in this event.

This competition was based solely on skill and strength without the assistance of magic. If you were caught or suspected of using magic, you would be disqualified. In 1,000 years, no one has ever cheated. It was considered a huge dishonor to your masters and everyone else as well. If you ask why, it is because this is a traditional martial arts competition. There is another tournament for the ones who want to prove themselves worthy and using magic is allowed.

However, it was not set to take place for another three months.

Sakura trained long and hard as she sparred with both her father and mother on separate occasions. She felt very confident and ready to win the tournament. She would even spar with Princess Wyndia and both girls would learn well from each other. The young princess also entered the tournament. The day came when it was time to compete. There was a total of one hundred young kids representing each age division. The tournament would last three days.

During this time, all Fairylandia came together to witness these young fairies display their talents. Fairies, pixies, elves, and all other creatures that could walk and talk, would come to compete in and see this event. No one would boo the person who lost or criticize them for being knocked out. They would get an applause and were admired for their courage to participate and compete. The girls would fight against the boys and both would go all out.

The fighters could wear any outfit they wanted. From the traditional gi to a simple fairy dress or any garment that would cover your genitals. No one did anything too fancy or flashy. You could do that at the other tournament meant for the young-adult fairies whom were older in age and were more mature. That tournament was in three weeks.

Sakura would practice with her gi at times, but she liked to feel free and be able to move freely without feeling restricted. She chose a special fairy dress for this occasion. The slits by the sides were a bit more open as this allowed her to deliver her kicks with ease and move about freely. Princess Wyndia would wear something similar too and for the same reasons. Other fairies stuck to their traditional fighter’s clothes as everyone was happy with what they chose. When the King and Queen flew down from the sky and sat upon their designated throne areas. Everyone became quiet.

The King would give some words of encouragement as well as describe why the tournament was held yearly and he would talk about martial arts. He always stated that martial arts were never for destroying lives, but rather to defend and protect. Martial arts are taught all throughout Fairylandia to keep everyone safe should such dangers become present. This way, everyone is aware and knows how to defend themselves and others.

All Fairylandia residents must never fight each other during arguments. If you do have a problem, settle it at the tournament, and after that, forgive each other and let it go. There is never a need to hold onto a grudge. Once he would give order for the tournament to begin, the competition commenced.

The spectators would sit around the park as it would get full. The seats were made from bottom up in layers of rows as this would extend outwardly giving everyone enough space to sit, relax, and be able to move about. Refreshments and food were provided. No one littered or made a mess, and if one was made, they would clean it up. Sometimes, food would fall to the floor when the crowd was cheering as the birds and other small land creatures would sneak up and eat whatever fell. The younger kid fairies would like to feed the animals and the parents gladly allowed them, just not all of their food. The kiddos still had to eat to be healthy.

The young Princess sisters were acting cheerleaders giving support to their eldest sister and Sakura. Thanks to their hard training, both Princess Wyndia and Sakura would easily defeat their opponents in their age division categories. Little by little, they would make their way up the ladder. The boys would underestimate both girls because they believed they were not much of a challenge. They were unaware that any Princess of Fairylandia receives daily Kung Fu training. Sakura also received daily karate lessons from her father and her mother. What a surprise for these boys?

The young male opponents would lose easily. Some of the boys were also distracted due to them instantly taking a liking towards Princess Wyndia and Sakura. In their minds, they have never seen such cute fairy girls before.

While the girls did consider some of the boys cute, these fairies did not allow any distractions to come between them. They were here to win. Nowhere in their training did it say talk to a boy and develop feelings for him. During one of Sakura’s fights, there was a boy so bedazzled by her, that he didn’t even attack her. He just stood in a fighting position admiring her beauty. Sakura wasted no time attacking him.

She managed to push him off the edge as the boy fell and was in love. When he arose, he did not even know what had happened. Realizing he lost, he didn’t even feel bad losing. It made a good laugh for some, but they showed respect either way.

Now, the girls would also encounter other fairy girls or elves who were just as good if not better, but you trained hard for a purpose.

The girls seemed a bit more of a competition than the boys this year. In some of the girls’ mind, to beat a princess in a fighting tournament would bring a great deal of honor to their family. Not that they did not need it, but it would be a monumental moment in time that would not be so easily forgotten. Some girls taught their training was enough to knock down the young princess. Princess Wyndia was faster, smarter, better, and she hit harder than the other girls did when her opponents wanted to get rough. Princess Wyndia would finish a fight within one to two minutes.

She was not here to be cocky or to get the crowds attention. Princess Wyndia was representing the royal family, and this was a big deal to her. Being the firstborn daughter to compete in this tournament meant more than just honor. If she wins this division, she would make her sisters proud and look up to her more. Not only that, but she would be able to teach martial arts to the next generation, and to have a future Queen who won a tournament at such a young age, would make a great impression to her people.

She also wanted to continue a winning streak to show that a girl could win the tournament, and not just the boys. Just like her mother did many years back. Queen Windy won 33 tournaments and was an undefeated champion. Her first win was at the same age as her daughter Wyndia. This was her motivation.

Sakura made it to the finals and had to compete against a boy. While she was attracted to him, she remained focused on her intent to win. The boy fought in a different style of karate, but Sakura knew this style and all of its flaws as well as its key points. The boy had a smirk on his face stating that this was just another easy girl that he was going to beat.

They bow to each other getting ready and to his surprise, when the referee announced the match to start, the boy gets hit to his face with a straight punch by Sakura. That split second, she took advantage of while he was distracted. The young fairy takes continues to lands many other shots to his body while he is stunned. He tries to counter, but she is just too fast for him.

He tries to kick her, but she has already blocked and countered attack him with a melee of punches and kicks. He begins to get frustrated because he cannot land a hit to Sakura. The boy delivers a kick to her stomach to try and push her away but is instantly countered by Sakura. She holds his leg near her stomach while stopping it and uses a sweep technique towards his leg.

He falls to the floor as she delivers a punch to his stomach and releases him.

She stands in place in her fighting position as the boy gets up and regains himself. He attempts another set of punches, but she easily blocks them. He even tried a combination of kicks as Sakura dodges them, but she attacks him straight on angering him even more. Sakura can see that he is frustrated and decides to end this once and for all. The boy attempts an ax kick down to her face. She sees a big opportunity here. Sakura blocks with an age-uke rising block.

Instantly, she pushes him away delivering an instep haisoku-geri kick, followed by a hiki ashi snap kick with her other leg. He wants to punch her hard again but gets trapped into a block. Sakura delivers a punch towards his face causing him to be pushed back and stunned once again. Finally, she lands a strong kick towards his chest which causes him to be thrown off the edge. Sakura is declared the winner.

“You call that karate? You didn’t even touch me,” she says as a victory quote.

Returning to the center of the rink, Sakura bows towards everyone. She performs two punches to the air followed by a spinning roundhouse kick and stands in a pose.

“Kore wa Shito-Ryu karate desu!”

The crowd cheers for her as they applaud.

The referee awards her the match. She is also declared champion of her age division.

Later, the Princess also has her final match. Princess Wyndia uses a fighting style called, Fairy Wing Xa. Primarily used for closed quarter combat, it involves fast movements and focuses primarily on attacking. There are two stances for this, and she uses the first stance which is not using her wings for attacking. Her wings are kept low on her back and do not interrupt her position. Her opponent is a girl who is a bit taller than her, but the Princess shows zero signs of distress. She prefers a good challenge.

They bow to each other and the referee calls the match to start. Instantly, the young princess leaps into action delivering her attacks rapidly, faking out her opponent and not given her enough time to react or counter. The girl is having difficulty keeping up as she tries to attack but can’t intercept her punches.

Princess Wyndia blocks and counters attacks, after counter attack, after counter attack. The girl is soon knocked out by a powerful punch to her face. Her opponent falls to her knees then is about to hit the floor when suddenly, the Princess stops her from hitting the ground.

The referee awards the match to Princess Wyndia as she is declared the tournament champion for her division. While holding onto the girl with one hand, she hovers her hand over her face and says some incantations in the language of fairy. Sparkling pink glitter comes out and surrounds the girl as the glitter soon disappears.

Quickly, she opens her eyes and realizes what has happened. She slowly stands up and realizes she has lost the match. She bows towards Princess Wyndia and offers her thanks for allowing her to fight with her and for saving her from falling. The girl is grateful as the Princess fairy tells her to rise and as she does, Princess Wyndia lifts her hand to victory.

She shares the moment with her and tells her that she fought well to make it far in the tournament, and to continue training. Everyone applauds and cheers for them and are amazed that the young Princess has shown empathy and honor.

Afterwards at the awards ceremony, Princess Wyndia and Sakura along with several other young champions are awarded a medal made of a beautiful and rare gem. It shined brightly when light would reflect upon it. The girls congratulated each other when they won along with the rest of the group. They made more friends that day and people who didn’t knew them were able to finally meet them.

There was also a celebration after this event. Food and refreshments were also served as music played attracting everyone to come together to celebrate in the feast. It felt like everyone was a champion. Everyone ate and was merry until the night was soon to pass. By this time, the fairy girls had gone to their homes and were being admired by their parents. They were proud of their children. Now, it is time to go to sleep.

After that night, something happened in the morning hours, in the Forest of Fairies. A blue portal opens as several humans. They looked to be in their early 20′s or so.

“Wow! Where are we?” a human male says. “I don’t know, but who runs into a forest and ends up in another forest,” a human girl says.

They continue walking for a while as they see the beautiful forest with its exotic creatures roaming around.

“Did we die? What is this place? This was never here before in our town,” another human male questions.

Soon, a group of ten fairies land from the sky surrounding the group. They speak in fairy and are unable to get their message clear to the human group. The males are amazed at these exotic fairy-women and find them beyond beautiful. They fairies each hold spears with glowing orbs that are being pointed to them.

“Hello beautiful!” one of the males say direction his attention to the fairy in front of him.

He is soon hit by one of the girls on his shoulder.

“I think we are in trouble,” another female says.

“Put your hands over your heads and come with us,” one of the fairy women say.

They are surprised to hear her speak in their native tongue.

“Alright, you speak English, cool!” another male says before being interrupted.

“You will not speak from this moment on. If you fail to follow the rules, we will use force against you,” the fairy says.

The fairies do some magic with their hands as the portal closes and take the group hostage.

What will happen now?

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