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6 - Humans!

The humans had crossed over to another realm. They did not know what was happening. Where in the world could they possibly be? Who are these beautiful beings with wings on their back pointing weapons at them? The group remains calm and have no choice but to surrender. One of the males keep a strong attention towards one of the fairies. Her beauty bedazzles him.

“Hi, I’m Adonis. Why are you wearing such a skimpy dress? Are you a fairy?” one of the males says.

“Silence!” she replies putting him in some type of handcuffs. “You are so beautiful,” he says.

They are all handcuffed and taken away. As they walk with the fairies, the humans begin to see their surroundings. The group marvels at the magnificent forest and its creatures. Some small land rodents with big eyes, stare at the humans. It is as though they themselves know that they are human, but are not terrified of them or running away. Curiosity builds up among them as the rodents continue to glance at the passing humans.

“Madam, can you please tell us where we are and where are we going? Are you going to kill us?” one of the girl says.

For a while, she gets no response. One of the fairies turns to her and speaks.

“We do not kill in Fairylandia. Bloodshed of the innocent is not allowed,” she responds.

“Can you please tell us where are we?” the girls asks.

“Fairylandia, you are in the fairy realm,” she replies.

“My lady, can you please tell me your name? I have never seen such a more beautiful women in my entire life. I must know your name,” Adonis says.

“Thank you for your wonderful comments, but flattery will get you nowhere at this time. You are a prisoner and I will advise you to remain quiet,” she responds.

The group consists of seven people. Four of them are male and the other three are female.

After some time of walking through the forest, they come to a stop as a creature measuring about three feet in height greets them. It looks like a big, dark ball hovering over a pair of boots. It has big white eyes and has a hat that hangs to the side. The humans look surprised to see this creature. You cannot tell if it is staring at you or planning something else. The winged women speak in fairy to it.

“Kuri-krio, kuri-krio, kuri kuri!” the being says.

It tosses its hat into the air. Magically, it creates a portal big enough for them to all go through. The fairies bow to the small being showing thanks as they are instructed to go into the portal. Once they enter, the portal closes. Like magic, a star twinkles above the creature and its hat magically returns to it.

The group of humans and fairies appear inside a large throne room. There in front of them sits the King, Queen, and their daughters in chairs made of gold. As the fairies bow, the humans also do the same as to fit in and not cause trouble.

“Your majesties, we caught these humans wandering around our forest. They did not present any harm, we wanted to clear this with you first before we proceeded to do anything else,” one of the fairies says.

The King speaks in Chinese, as does the Queen. The human do not understand their language.

“Humans, we have not encountered your kind in more than 1,000 years. How did you find our portal to the fairy realm and what is your business here?” one of the fairies translate for the King.

The group stays quiet but slowly one of them stands up and bows to the royal family.

“My name is Calix, and we do not know how we got here. We were playing a game of tag and we were chasing after one another. One moment we are running in the forest, the next moment, we did not know what had happened. I am being honest with you, sir,” he says.

The Fairy King stares at him with a deep look into his eyes.

“And what about the others?" he asks as the fairy translates.

“We were all together,” a girl responds, “My name is Evnika. What he is saying is true. I swear,” she says.

“Iria, Kaede, Fyria, Minta, did they have any weapons on them?” the Queen says as the fairy, Fyria, translate for them.

“They did not my Queen,” she responds.

“We mean you no harm, we would gladly go back if you wanted us to, but please, do not kill us?” another girl says as she standing up.

The King instantly looks deep into her eyes. It is almost as if he hacks her mind and searches her thoughts. He can see her life from when she was first born to present day. The King sees her enjoying a time with her friends playing tag and wondering into the portal. He stares towards everyone else searching their minds. He now knows for sure that they are all telling the truth.

He surprises them by speaking in their own language.

“Humans, I was able to learn your language within seconds. We have a mind technique that allows us to see into your thoughts as well as learn everything that you know. I have searched your minds and can see your truth. As Iria told you before, we do not shed the blood of the innocent. While you have done no harm, you must return to your own realm before sundown,” the King says.

“If we have done no harm, can we at least stay for a while? This is a very interesting place. I would like to get to know this place better,” Adonis says.

“Your request is denied,” the King says.

The Queen stares to the King and begins talking to him. “These humans do not come to harm us. I can sense their curiousness to learn more about our home and us. Please reconsider your decision my love. We can have our elite squad escort them throughout certain parts of Fairylandia. If they do cause harm, the fairies can handle it. I am sure they will behave themselves. They are only children,” the Queen says.

They were actually young adults, early 20′s. However, when comparing ages to years in fairy, they are still just children.

“Even children can have tantrums and their moments. We cannot let that slip by,” the King says.

“We will not let it happen. My elite fairies will watch their every move. Please allow them to stay. It will soften their hearts as they are filled with worry. We do not want them to think that as King and Queen, we are monsters or bad rulers,” she says.

The King thinks about what she has said for a moment.

“Very well, I will allow them to visit. You may stay but only until sundown, after that, please return to your realm and go in peace,” the King says directing his words to the human group.

They all bow towards the royal family as the fairies make their weapons disappear. The humans are no longer a harm.

“Adonis, why did you make such a request? You could get us into more trouble,” his friend asks him.

“I don’t feel like doing anything bad and possibly can’t. I actually feel good and want to tour this place. Look at all around us. We don’t have any of the stuff here back home,” Adonis says.

“Well, what harm can it actually do to tour this place? We do have until sundown, and I believe they are being nice to us. Otherwise, we could have had it worse?” one of the girls says.

“Poiema, stop worrying, we will be fine,” Adonis says.

“You may tour Fairylandia, but you shall be accompanied by the elite squad. If you fail to follow the rules, I give them full authority to escort you out of Fairylandia by any means necessary. Do you understand that humans?” the King says.

Each of the humans respond in yes and bow towards him. The King raises his hand as to dismiss them. The elite squad remove the handcuffs from them. Instantly, they disappear as the human team wonder where they went. The guards escort them out of the throne room area. While exiting, the team realizes that they are inside a huge castle.

Once outside, they see that they are very high in the sky. Looking outward, the team is unable to see the ground. Apparently, the castle is floating above the clouds. They marvel at its magnificence and begin to question how this is even possible? The architectural structure to make a castle this high into the sky is marvelous.

“Did you see the Queen? Wow, she is beautiful! I hope to have a girlfriend like that one day,” one of the males say.

“Juris, you think any women in a nice outfit is hot,” his friend comments.

“Minos, that is not true. That one particular lady just happens to be irresistibly beautiful and sexy,” they talk among themselves.

“These boys are just head over heels over someone who doesn’t even care what they think about her,” a girl comments.

“You are right, Evnika. They are clueless when it comes to women,” Agita says.

For a while, the group discusses what should they check out first. Adonis asks the fairy he is interested in, where would be the best place to start. The fairy’s name is Minta.

Minta suggests that as their heading back to the forest, she will inform them of their surroundings. The team agrees on off they go. Upon arriving to the stairs, the humans see that they lead downward but all you can see are clouds and sky. It scares them a bit, but the fairies suggest another alternative. They enter through a door nearby. It leads them into a long white hallway with many doors on both sides.

Minta leads them through another door, which was only a couple of doors down to their left. Upon entering, they are instantly transferred to the bottom of the stairs. How this happened and they magically appear down at the bottom flabbergasts the group.

The fairies know all too well that it is instant teleportation with accuracy and precision. Minta explains this to the humans, but they only understand to certain degree.

They make their way to a town nearby and the humans are excited to walk among the fairies. The fairies look human, act human, talk human, and each speak a different foreign language. Juris asks the fairies how many languages are spoken in Fairylandia because he cannot make out all the languages that are spoken. A fairy by the name of Kaede answers his question.

“There are 36 languages in total. The most popular ones are Fairy, Elven, Pixie, Chinese, and Japanese. English is not rare, but not widely spoken in certain parts of the realm.” He wants to know why.

“Everyone learns the first three languages I stated to you. From childhood to adult. The other languages are taught to us. You can continue to advance in foreign languages if you choose to. I chose English because it interest me. I never believed I would be speaking English to humans.”

Juris questions if humans and fairies have made contact before. He is surprised to know that they have. That was over one thousand years ago.

What had happened was that the previous King and Queen who reigned then decided to end the Fairy and Human alliance. They were stricter than the current rulers were. What changed? After the previous rulers reigned for one thousand years, it is time to let the next generation rule Fairylandia. Since they did not have children, the royal throne was up for an election. King Li Jie and Queen Windy received nominations for the throne.

They won the elections and this is how they earned their royal titles. The young Princesses cannot ascend to the position of Queen until the current royal members have completed their term or decide to stop ruling. Each daughter will have her time to be Queen eventually.

The town is filled with fairies, pixies, elves, and other creatures who either walk, fly, and even use clouds to travel. There are kids playing in the streets. Other are performing plays entertaining a crowd. Some do martial arts demonstrations. Others are promoting a type of fruit unknown to them. It seems very busy. There are no vehicles of any sort. The beings of this town either use magic to lift heavy items or just carry it themselves. The women of the group also start noticing some male fairies and happen to catch their attention. Both the male and female fairies possess a sort of cuteness and beauty to them.

The women stop to talk to them and are happy that they show interest in them. Adonis continues to talk to Minta trying to charm his way to her. Minta fairy knows his intentions and does not fall for it.

“Minta. That is an awesome name. How did your parents come about your name?” Adonis asks.

“Thank you. To tell you the truth, I have never asked them why,” she responds.

“Minta, you are very beautiful. I would like to get to know you some more,” he says.

“Even if that was possible, I don’t think you will be able to since you have to return to your home,” Minta says.

“What would I have to do to stay?” he asks.

“I do not know the answer to your question,” she replies.

After spending some time in the small city, talking with everyone, the fairies decide it is time to go. They make their way to the end of the city before it converts to an open road and forest. Another Kuri-Krio talks to the fairies.

Soon, he launches his hat into the air opening a portal. The group steps in and disappear. The hat lands back on the Kuri-Krio as it makes its way somewhere else. The group appear near the area of where they first started. The fairies speak some enchanting words again in fairy as another portal opens up.

“It was nice talking to you all,” Iria says.

“Peace be with you,” Fyria says. Right before the group steps into the portal, Adonis feels like he needs to do something to make a lasting impact.

Quickly, he takes Minta by her hand pulling her towards him and gives her a kiss directly on her lips.

Everyone is surprised by this. Minta’s wings flap rapidly. When a fairy does this it is a sign of curiosity or enjoyment.

“You are the most beautiful fairy I have seen, and I like you,” he says. Minta is speechless for a while blushing red from her cheeks.

“Do you know what my age is?” she says.

“If you are going to say you are older than me, I don’t care. I like you, Minta,” he says. He can feel her heartbeat racing in her chest. She is in shock and does not know how to respond. This is her first kiss ever from a human being. What to do? How to react? That moment, she did feel an attraction towards him.

“I don’t want to leave. I want to get to know you more. Come with me, visit me, or let me come back here,” Adonis says.

His friends are surprised by his actions too.

Time later, what begun as secret meetings during the night, turned into constant crossing to and from the realms. The male humans fell in love with the fairy women. Thus, the fairy males fell in love with the human women. Soon, the humans would end up spending more time with their fairy lovers in Fairylandia. All was fine, until they were caught and brought back to the King and Queen. While discussing issues, it became known that Minta and Iria from the fairies were expecting a child, as was Agita and Poiema. The fairies responsible all assumed full responsibility.

This came to a shock and surprise to hear about half-breed children soon to be born. The King was furious about this, but Queen Windy always spoke with wisdom to his heart. The King ordered that if the children are to be born, they are to remain in Fairylandia.

However, the women talk to the Queen and insisted that they be able to come and go because since they do have family in the human realm, their families would worry about them.

The King did not want to grant them access, as Queen Windy impressed upon him that they would be escorted with guards to ensure the safety and survival of the babies and their parents. In addition, this would prevent others from coming into Fairylandia. Due to wars in the human realm, the humans could not afford to stay behind and risk being captured, killed or taken as a prisoner.

When word of this reached the King and Queen, they decided to assist in allowing the humans to cross over and stay for a designated time until the war ceased. During this time, many of the humans and fairies fell in love with each other as each married their person of choice.

Once again, more half-breed babies were being born. Some would be born with wings as others inherited magical abilities.

For a while, things seemed to be calm and the humans were enjoying the peace within Fairylandia. They began to understand the ways of the fairies and their ways of life and peace. There was always more than enough resources for everyone. Food, water, housing, along many more things as well.

Once the war was over on the human side, some did not wish to return to their realm. Others did because either they missed home or they wanted to see the outcome of the war and move forward. Some families were allowed to go back and forth. Others simply chose to remain in Fairylandia. The Queen ordered that all humans who have chosen to stay might stay so long as they do not commit any evil, crimes, or betray the kingdom.

They must also live by the rules of Fairylandia. Anybody who disobeys will be banished and never again be allowed to return.

There came a time when some humans were tired of living under Fairylandia’s rules. They believed that Fairylandia had excessive resources and that should be shared with the humans in the human realm. Some humans began writing books about Fairylandia and the various beings that they saw and their personal experiences. Since these books were only partially popular in the human realm, many people believed the books about the fairies were written to amuse and scare people.

Some did it for profit while others actually told the truth. Not many people chose to accept their stories due to their vivid descriptions and high detail of information. It just seemed too good to be true.

Slowly, resources such as food and magic spheres were reported stolen. Those people would not be caught for a while because they operated quietly with their hidden groups. However, the fairies became well aware of what was happening because of various people catching on and reporting these incidents right away. Some fairies were being kidnapped, while others used in horrible ways. It was a horrible experience for some.

Where some saw profit, they completely disregarded the fairy’s feelings and emotions. The fairies were rescued after some time and the people responsible were brought forth to the King and Queen along with the entire Fairylandia backing them up.

Due to this group of people, it was ordered that these humans be banished forever. The bad humans expressed retaliation towards them. How could a civilization so advanced and so powerful not want to share with the humans in hopes to save the world and make it a better place? This awoke something within the humans. It could have been the greed within them. They did not realize the evil that was creeping in.

Some humans actually sided with the bad humans.

“Profit for personal gain is not saving the world,” the King stressed.

“If Fairylandia and its inhabitants discovered how to make and live in a perfect society, the human could as well. Even if it takes them a hundred or a thousand years.”

A small group of humans had forgotten why they were allowed to be in Fairylandia. The King reminded all humans that had it not been for their assistance, their race and families could have been exterminated. You do not betray a realm that has provided for you and never once charge you for anything. The humans agreed to the terms long before. Some were double-minded and did not know what to believe. Other humans sided with the fairies and defended Fairylandia. All half-breed humans chose to side with the fairies.

When the evil humans were exiled, some were furious and believed they did not receive a proper trial. In Fairylandia, the King and Queen have supreme authority over all and do not need a trial by people to rule anything. The humans who committed the crimes were captured, tried, and had their memories erased completely of anything related to Fairylandia. It was as if they never visited to begin with. They were dropped off back in their realms and left alone to start a new life.

That was the price they had to pay for since Fairylandia does not kill. The fairies kept this to themselves and did not speak about it to any humans or half-breeds for fear of more retaliation. Unfortunately, it did happen.

For a while, the humans were upset that even their own kind were siding with the fairies. You could tell which humans were greedy and which were wanted to live a good life. It was all in their eyes. This was just the beginning of a war that broke out between the humans and the fairies. It had to be stopped...

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