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7 - Go In Peace

The humans were furious when they found out some of their family and relatives had their minds erased of any incidents involving the fairies and Fairylandia. They had a reason to be upset as some express aggravation, but the humans did not have to make a big deal out of this. Especially when their actions were based on anger and not logical judgment.

The King and Queen expressed that certain rules had to be followed and since those rules were broken, those were the consequences of their actions. The Queen even got angry that her rule was questioned. She stood her ground and decided to set the humans straight finally.

“The food that the pixies and other fairies help cultivate the fresh water that our environment produces, these all belong to Fairylandia. As my husband, your King stated before, we have not asked you for a penny in return. Yet, you seek to take advantage of us and feel you have a right to just take whatever you want and leave? You underestimate us and ridicule us for your wrongdoings and actions. You are the ones who caused this strife. I am sure that if you were sent back home returned to your current Kings and Queens, you would keep your mouth shut for if you retaliate, you would die. I am very upset with what most of you have done."

"Therefore, I declare, anyone who does not wish to follow the rules of Fairylandia, and of their King and Queen, to be banished for all eternity, never again to enter our realm. The humans who wish to stay and do good, by all means, you are welcome to stay. As for the others with half-breed children, you may stay in Fairylandia as well. We strongly recommend you stay, but if you choose to leave, it is by your own free will. Humans, you have until sundown to make your decision!”

It was at the town center where she was speaking that one human tried to hurt the Queen. Some humans thought that this fairy Queen was all-talk. Queen Windy without worry and with ease disabled the human trying to hurt her. As he lay on the ground, the human was upset that a woman was able to beat him.

“Take him!” the Queen states.

The guards immediately escorted him out of the area as the elite fairies and the rest of the guards surround their King and Queen to protect them from any further harm. Their daughters were not present while this was happening, as the rulers knew something like this could happen.

“You do not ever dare harm your Queen! This is exactly what I was talking about,” she says.

“Fairylandia has sufficient enough food and water for everyone. If we are leaving, we should take all we can with us?” one the humans says.

“Yes! Give us magic spheres as well to be able to do our heavy labor!” another human shouts.

“Let us each have a fairy of our choosing!” a human suddenly shouts.

“Absolutely not! Fairies are not items for your amusement. You came here with nothing, and you will leave just as you came,” she says.

The humans were frustrated and enraged by her response. Queen Windy lifts her arm into the air creating a powerful wind vortex that causes the humans to flee the area in fear.

She was not attempting to attack anyone, but the humans were getting rowdy, as they needed to be reminded who they were challenging.

“The Queen has spoken, so let it be written, and let it be done. I agree with my Queen,” the King says.

Time later, some of the humans who wanted to leave packed their things and headed back to the forest to where the portal awaited them to return them to the human realm. Some fairies were so in love with the humans that they kept persuading their human lovers not to flee and to stay. Others did not care and prepared to leave. Some humans did want to stay because they were in love and knew that they would never find someone as beautiful as their fairy counterpart.

The majority of the humans though who did have a lover were persuading them to come live with them to the human world. The fairies did not want to disobey the rules. Some men even went as far as saying that if they do not go with them, it is because the fairy women do not love them. It was a manipulative lie, and while the fairy women would cry, tears would not change the hearts of these human males.

Not one fairy would dare to go to the human realm. It was not due to fear of what would happen, but rather the fear of never being able to come back. Fairylandia had been their life. They had everything they needed here. Why would anyone want to cause harm or just leave? It did not make sense to the fairies. They had never experienced anything like this before. The humans, however, did not see things that way.

Human arrogance was blocking their sense of liberty. Too much human pride to side with fairies and let them rule over you. No, these humans were used to being the ones who ruled and not the other way around. Not once did any of the fairies try to do harm to any humans while they were in Fairylandia. They had forgotten how the fairies received them with peace, love, and care.


“I can’t believe all this happened because of us,” Adonis says.

“I don’t want you to leave, Adonis,” Minta says.

“I am staying with you and our child. I have nothing back home. My family did not even care about me. Stumbling into this world and meeting you was the best thing that has ever happened to me,” he says.

“It is not your fault. You did nothing wrong other than follow your heart. The others after a while became greedy. I do not blame you for anything that has happened between your kind and the fairies,” Minta says.

“I feel bad that there is a big misunderstanding between our races. We never meant for this to happen,” Calix says.

“The King and Queen are right and I fully agree with them. These humans want to take advantage and had it not been for us revealing Fairylandia, none of this would have happened,” Agata says.

“Be at peace, my dear friends, everything that happens always serves a purpose. Fairylandia has been through this before, but things were much different then. The difference now is that we have a kind King and Queen. I have seen them rule together for many centuries now, and not once ever have they ever thought about shedding blood. If your kind, the humans, provoke to start a war, it will be stopped without the need for anyone to die,” Kaede states.

“You are always so positive about things Kaede. How do you remain so calm during these tough times?” Minos asks.

“I have been alive for a thousand and seven hundred years. You learn so much in a lifetime. It is pointless to worry when peace will once again return to Fairylandia,” she says.

“Poeima, how is your pregnancy coming along?” Juris asks.

“Very well, it seems that Agata and I are not that far apart from when we became pregnant. I do have one question for all the girls here. Are you all planning on leaving or staying?” she asks.

“I choose to stay,” Agata says. “Me too,” Evnika replies.

“Even if it means leaving behind your family from your realm?” Iria questions.

The girls stay silent for a while as they ponder the possibilities.

“Iria, is there some way our families could stay here with us instead of leaving them out there by themselves?” Evnika asks.

“There is a possibility, but you would have to speak directly to the King and Queen to get their approval,” Iria replies.

Soon, some humans come by their area as they interrupt them.

“You side with them Agata, Evnika, and Poeima?” the girl questions.

“Yes! I am soon to have my child with my boyfriend,” Poeima answers.

“They are not like us and can never be like us. A human has to be with a human, not some winged creature that resembles a human. I am sure your baby will be born ugly,” the girl says.

“Look around you Magma, do you really see anyone here that is ugly, fat, skinny, no such things exists. These fairies are beautiful. Boy or girl, young or older, everything here is pure beauty. I strongly believe my child will be just as beautiful as anyone of these beautiful fairies. Sad to say, it is a joy you will never understand,” Poeima replies.

“We were friends once yes, but now, we are friends no more. I will not be friends with someone who sides with these...demons,” Magma says.

“Dear human, we are not demons. However, they do exist; we fairies get a lot of bad reputation in your world thanks to them. However, we have nothing to do with them. I will advise you, if you have nothing more to say, please be on your way,” Kaede speaks waving her hand over the girl’s eyes.

The girl wanted to say something else, but now does not remember what exactly.

“Go, make haste. Return to the human realm,” Kaede says.

The girl looks confused, but she soon walks away.

“Kaede, what did you do?” Calix asks.

“Set her mind at ease and made her remember her original course of action. She will bother you all no more,” Kaede replies.

Calix is amazed that Kaede was able to do that with only the movement of her hand. What else happened in order for her to do that?

“Let us go speak to the King and Queen to submit our request in hopes of being able to stay here with our families,” Evnika says.

“I will pray for your request to be accepted. Our King and Queen can be upset, but they are kind,” Fyria states.


Many fairies were sad to see their loved ones go. Not all wanted to stay, but those that did, gave their support for the heartbroken fairies. The young Princess Wyndia was watching all of this happen from a secure location along with Sakura and her sisters. The girls all expressed concern and worry as to what was happening. They liked the humans and found them fascinating, but changed their opinion whenever the bad ones starting causing trouble.

These young fairies just kept watch quietly and observed. Understanding human behavior feels unique to them.

Most humans had already made their exit out of Fairylandia. Others were packing up and just about ready to head out. The King and Queen were with their guards to ensure peace among them. The fairies who were standing by at the portal were waving bye to the humans. Some waved hi in return, while others did not even care. A smile countered that cold action. Soon, a large group of humans comes charging through the portal carrying guns.

Quickly, they form a line as the other humans spread out in fear. They begin to fire their guns towards the fairies while others hold the portal fairies at gunpoint. The King and Queen instantly extend their hands out as the entire bullets stop in place, in mid-air, and not one of the bullets from their handguns, shotguns, and revolvers were able to touch any of the fairies. The bullets were only inches away from their hands.

The humans stood in awe and found it impossible to be able to do such a thing. Some went crazy that instant as their minds could not comprehend how they were able to do such a thing. The fairies guarding the portal soon disarm the bandits and now the King and Queen were very upset. Lowering their arms, the artillery fall to the floor and using their magic cause them to disintegrate. The bullets become nothing more than dust that the wind soon carries away.

The Queen rounds up the large group of rebellious humans. She walks over to them, as they are unable to move. She gets close to the leader staring at him with a neutral look on her face. He sees a beautiful woman hiding her true intentions. Is she going to do something bad to him? Are they all finally going to die because they have cause this fiasco?

No, but what is she going to do? Each of the males and female humans have their own question.

“We were nice to you, and gave you an opportunity to do what was right. We wanted you to go in peace. You have brought dishonor to Fairylandia. For your punishments, each of you will never remember anything about us, this moment, or ever stepping into Fairylandia,” the Queen says.

“You can’t, my family is here, I still want to remember them,” one of the human say.

“Silence! My word is absolute. I have no mercy for those who wish to harm Fairylandia and its citizens, whether human, half-breed or fairy.

“Memory Loss,” she says gently pointing at the humans with two fingers.

Instantly a spark glows from the tip of her fingers. A flashing light glows bright for a couple of seconds and soon the light is gone.

“Go home and start new,” she says.

Instantly, the bad humans close their eyes and begin to walk back into the portal. The humans do not take their guns as they leave in peace. Once they cross over, it is as though they have been standing around for several hours. However, it was only several minutes.

“Where are we? What happened?” one of the humans says.

“I don’t remember,” another human says. They all look around and see many humans walking elsewhere.

“Where are you all going?” one of them asks.

“We are going home,” a woman responds.

“Home, yes, we need to go home,” one of them responds.

The humans had all exited Fairylandia and sadly, the last group had their memories erased as well, but only of their time in Fairylandia. There was nothing left for them to do but start a new life or go back to their old one. Whatever the cause, they would never again remember anything about Fairylandia or their loved ones left behind. A hard price to pay for their greedy behavior.

Back at Fairylandia, the King and Queen declare that humans are no longer allowed to cross over, and if any fairies, half-breed, or anyone breaks the rules, they will be stripped of their power and be banished from Fairylandia forever to remain in the Dark Forest away from the kingdom.

No one dared to disobey the King and Queen anymore. Of course, some families were broken, while others remained. All of the fairies were accounted for, or so they thought. Perhaps one or two managed to get by unnoticed, whatever they case, it was impossible for them to come back. The elite guards were given strict orders to nullify and disarm any returning fairies, should they return to Fairylandia.

To leave Fairylandia was to betray your people, your homeland, your King and Queen, and that was a great dishonor. All that is left is for the humans that stayed in Fairylandia to make peace with themselves and their issues, and continue to live. Their chances of living a better life in the fairy-realm was higher than living in the human-realm.

Peace had returned to Fairylandia...

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