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8 - Afterwards

As the months passed, everything seemed to return to normal. Various festivals were held to bring peace and help the community forget about the incidents that had happened. Not to forget in a bad way, but just to put it aside and continue to live. The King and Queen hosted an event where they discussed the future of Fairylandia and all its inhabitants. They expressed kindness towards the half-breeds and treated them as equals. No one hated, ridiculed, or even judged them. The half-breeds were to be treated as equals.

Had they been in the human realm, perhaps the humans would not have been as nice. Seeing a half human, half fairy being was not really anything new. They did not have pointy ears but rather possessed and elegant beauty. Some were born with their wings; other half breeds grew their wings after some years.

The humans who bore half-breed children loved them so much. Though the learning curve was a bit different for the young ones, eventually, they would catch up and be able to do magic. Meaning, some half breeds aged the same as a human while others developed faster. How this happened was still in study by the fairies who studied science and child development. The fairies would teach the young half breeds the same skills and knowledge that had been passed on for generations.

Now, somewhere in a different part of the Forest of Fairies, the group of Agata, Evnika, Poeima, Adonis, Calix, Juris, Minos, together with, Iria, Kaede, Fyria, two other male fairies, sit by the shade of the trees and talk among themselves. They are soon greeted by Princess Wyndia and her best friend, Sakura, who land gently on ground while bringing their flapping wings to a stop. Their wings come down and seem to hide behind their backs. The moment they realize it is the Princess, they all try to kneel.

“Be at peace,” the young Princess says speaking English.

“My Princess, ’tis an honor.”

“Princess Wyndia, we are pleased to receive you.”

“You honor us with your presence, young Princess Wyndia.”

Some of the fairies managed to kneel and greet her with kind words.

“Worry not fairies and humans. I will not scold you for not being able to bow. I come unannounced, and while I do thank you for your kind words, I come to ask a small favor,” she says.

“Whatever you wish of us, it shall be done,” Fyria says.

“There are those of you with a baby in your belly. May I feel your bellies? I have experienced this before with my mother, but never with humans,” Princess Wyndia says.

“Of course, yes!” Evnika says.

“Please do,” Minta says.

The young princess walks over and kneels next to each of the expecting mothers. She gently places her hand over their bellies.

“Six months, baby is in great condition. Would you like to know the gender of your baby, Poeima?” Princess Wyndia asks.

“You can do that? How, and by what magic ability are you able to do such an awesome ability?” Poeima responds.

“This ability I have learned through my mother. I am surprised the other fairies have not offered to tell you the gender of your baby,” she answers.

“Well, some of us decided to wait until later, but I would like to know,” Poeima says.

“Baby,” Princess Wyndia gently says calling out to the baby in the womb. Instantly, Poeima feels movement.

“Poeima, you will have a beautiful baby girl. She is developing wonderfully,” the young Princess says.

Sakura also gets to feel the babies react in their mother’s wombs. The girls all smile feeling the joys of happiness.

This is amazing in their eyes. A young fairy, being able to perform an ultrasound without having any equipment and being able to accurately determine the gender of the baby. Nothing like that would ever come close to this ability in the human realm.

Most impressive! It is like the fairy’s eyes having x-ray vision or their eyes becoming the ultrasound itself. Whatever ability it is, it surpasses a normal human’s vision. This ability was developed throughout centuries and for a fairy to be able to do this takes time, but when you are royalty, you have a greater chance to learn more advance techniques faster.

Princess Wyndia and Sakura spend a little more time with the group and express that they were happy to come by and visit. They were eager to feel the kicks and movements from the babies in their mother’s wombs. The fairies wish them a happy, great day and for peace to be with all of them. Later, the two bow towards the group and fly away returning to their homes. The humans never imagined that a young princess would ever be so calm and nice with them.

Especially, since not everyone was able to bow. They were impressed by her humility and peacefulness. She never expressed anger or hate. She accepted them and treated them as equals. Princess Wyndia is very wise for her age. She would say she had a wonderful mother leading the who constantly teaches her what being a princess is all about.

At Sakura’s home...

"Okairinasai, Sakura-chan, are you hungry?” Minako asks.

“Maybe in a while mother, I feel like lying down for a bit,” Sakura answers.

“When you feel like eating, please let me know. I will warm up your food for you,” Minako says.

“Thank you, mother,” Sakura flies away and heads to her room.

Hovering over her bed, she stretches and soon lands gently as she cuddles with a nearby blanket. She lies down as her wings get inside of her body. Within time, she is soon overtaken with sleep. At that moment, she didn’t feel too tired, but something magical happened...she had a dream.

In this dream, she sees herself standing on a very high mountain. The sun has already been set and she can see the stars sparkling high in the sky. Sakura looks down and knows that it is very far down. Smiling happy, she takes a leap of faith and easily throws herself off the mountain. As she falls, she positions herself to fall downward faster extending her arms out. She can feel herself cutting through the wind. Her wings do not come out as she continues to fall.

All she can see is darkness below. She does not panic or stagger but wonders why her wings are not coming out. Sakura descends faster and faster below. Her heart beats rapidly as she panics for a little bit, but soon remembers.

“I am a fairy; a fairy can fly with or without her wings.”

Fairies do a variety of mind training aside magic training. This is to condition your mind and body to accept and react on instinct. Sakura closes her eyes and upon opening them, she can fly upward at will. Soon, her wings come out of her body and she begins to fly higher into the night sky. She is happy knowing that she has just conquered this event. Her heartbeat returns to normal.

As she flies around, she can stare out into space and decides to sit atop a cloud. Fluffing it, Sakura sits and stares into the night sky. For a while, everything is at peace. Soon, the sees a shooting star pass by and knows to make a wish.

“I wish one day to leave Fairylandia and see what else is out there.”

Extending her hand out, she begins to create many colorful shapes and things right out of the thoughts of her mind.

“Dreams are such wonderful things,” she says to herself.

Sakura then gets a new idea. She creates a paint brush and magically makes it appear into her hand. She begins to draw on the sky. Sakura rises and flies from one place to another as she paints, magically changing the colors she uses. Her artworks include more shooting stars, birds, clouds, and butterflies. Magically and instantly, they all come to life as she giggles happily knowing that such things were possible.

Upon awakening from her nap, she wakes with a smile on her face as she is greeted by her mother.

“Sakura dear, you have been resting for almost an hour. Would you like to eat something now?” she asks. “Yes, mother. I would like to,” she says opening her eyes. She gets up to fix her bed as she follows her mother to the kitchen area. Dinner is ready and soon to be served.

The next day, Sakura is sparing with her father as she is going all out. Even though she does not land a hit on him, Sakura still believes she can. Her mother watches them spar with a look of content on her face. She is not upset and knows that her daughter is putting her efforts towards this training.

“One day, my little Sakura, all your training will be use. You are doing wonderful and have learned so much,” Minako thinks to herself.

Ryo is happy that his daughter is advancing. He loves to spend time with his daughter. Sakura is positive that she is improving and shows it. She does not get tired from using her heavy attacks, counters at the right time, and manages to use surprise attacks better than before. Her punching and kicking have also improved.

“That’s my girl!” Ryo expresses.

"Yame! Time is up. Sugoii Sakura-chan,” Minako says.

Ryo and Sakura return to an at-ease stance and bow towards each other.

“Arigato gozaimashita,” they both say.

“Keep training my daughter. You will go far one day,” Ryo says.

“I wish I could train with boys my age, but they are afraid to spar with me because they believe I am too good. Princess Wyndia is the only person who I spar with the most,” Sakura says.

“I will see what I can do about that. It seems some boys are intimidated by you. There is nothing wrong with that. It just means that you have trained more than they have,” Ryo says.

“Osu!” Sakura says with a smile.

“Sakura, take a break. We are going for a walk afterwards. Then, I must go teach my class,” he says.

“Hai!” Sakura replies.

Princess Wyndia, age 14; Sakura, age 15

They are once again a mixed group of boys and girls.

“Fairies, we are going to learn more magic techniques now. Which one of you here believe you can stop any magic attack I may throw at you?” the fairy instructor says.

The fairies all look around towards each other and ponder what is the instructor referring to. Which attack does she mean? Perhaps, it is an easy magic spell that can be dispelled within seconds. Maybe, it is something else.

“Fyria, what do you mean by stopping any magic attack?” one of the fairy teens questions.

“I am so glad you asked. Allow me to demonstrate. I am going to perform a very strong magic attack. Fire-jitsu! Meteor attack!” Fyria shouts lifting her hand into the air as she points towards the fairies.

Soon, large size meteors begin to pour down from the sky while on fire. The fairies all know to get ready and come up with a solution to protect themselves and destroy the incoming projectiles. Some fairies launch magic spheres that explode on impact when hitting the meteors. It only makes matters worse as they are split into more incoming pieces. Other fairies use ice techniques to build a huge barrier wall in front of them, but the meteors can break through it.

Sakura uses her mind-ability to stop the meteors in place. Though she can stop some of them, she struggles with maintaining the weight of the meteors. The other fairies assist her and extend their hands out to help reduce the weight. Where do they put these meteors down?

Princess Wyndia summons a powerful wind technique. She quickly creates a tornado that sucks the meteors up, destroys them converting them to dust, and magically makes everything disappear. No more disaster problem. The fairies all cheer each other on and say thanks for supporting each other.

“Congratulations team, you all did great teamwork there. I am curious to know what made you all work together like that?” Fyria asks.

“I thought about helping Sakura because she seemed to be in a bit of trouble. Holding down such intense meteors may look easy, but even I was able to feel the weight of those things. She is one strong fairy, but we are a team, and we have to help each other out,” one of the male fairies say.

“I also wanted to help, and though my ice-wall didn’t work. I figured, let us try what Sakura is doing and see what happens from there,” another female fairy says.

“Princess Wyndia, how in Fairylandia did you create such a powerful wind force within seconds?” Fyria says in a confused tone.

“I have been practicing on my own and with my mother very far away, so we don’t damage anything. I haven’t been able to create a powerful tornado like the one my mother made. I just imagined myself making it possible, and I created what you saw. I was able to control it and my winds turned those rocks into dust,” she answers.

“I am very impressed. That fire-jitsu that you all stopped was one of my strong attacks. As a fairy of the element of fire, I created that technique a long time ago when I was your age. I have been perfecting it ever since. While I may not use it, at least I have another way of defeating someone or something of large size or a group of individuals. Had those meteors struck you all, it would have caused the entire forest to be in a blaze of heat,” Fyria says.

“You always said to keep practicing and come up with ideas to help us advance,” one of the fairy girls say.

“Yes, I did. Ha-ha, okay. Now, I am going to really go all out on this one. If you can stop a meteor attack, you can all stop this one too. Fire-jitsu! Fire butterfly meteor!” Fyria shouts with a serious look on her face while throwing something into the air.

It travels at a very high speed as it keeps rising. Suddenly, it explodes and creates a very huge butterfly-like image covered in fire. It then turns into another meteor which surpasses the previous in size. This time, it is heading straight for them.

The fairies all are anxious and begin to think about what they are going to do.

“Fairies, fly!” Sakura shouts as they all take flight into the air. “Cast a special protection around us for ice,” one of the girls says.

“Princess, can you give us a push with your wind please? Keep pushing us so that we will have the upward force,” one of the girls says.

“Everyone, focus on pushing that meteor back into space,” Sakura says, “and power up!”

The fairies all focus their energies and do as told. Together they create enough force energy to slowly stop the meteor as the fire grows around them. Due to the ice shields protecting them as a barrier, they do not feel the burning flames at all. It cancels out the fire.

"Mina-san! Push!"she shouts.

The team is slowly pushed back due to the strong down force that this meteor brings. Princess Wyndia is getting very upset that her magic is not working as strong as she wants it too. The other fairies also struggle to maintain their strength. Princess Wyndia shouts in pain as a white light soon surrounds them all, and magically, stops time.

Only the fairies can move. Sakura and Princess Wyndia have done this before by the looks of things. They begin to power up even more rapidly creating an immersion of energy that soon surrounds their entire bodies. Both girls focus all their energy into their hands. It seems that they are on fire.

“Focus all of your strength into your fists and launch this thing back into the sky!” Sakura shouts.

The fairies fly upward as time returns to normal. All the fairies synchronize together attacking the meteor. It does push it back, but only for a while. Sakura decides that she has had enough.

Flying back down to the ground, she powers up one more time and she chants some words that cause her to raise her strength up. At least, she is only one that can feel what is happening inside of her. Sakura crouches down a bit and leaps into the air taking off at an intense fast speed. Princess Wyndia helps her out again by creating a wind gust to boost her in speed. She can read her mind and knows what she wants to do.

Sakura lands a fist punch to the meteor head on. This attack was intense as everyone is stunned to see that Sakura has been successful at pushing the meteor back to space. Instantly, she thinks about something as the other fairies fly up to her location and release magical energy beams from their hands.

These beams travel to the meteor as it pushes it out to space. It is frozen, destroyed, and turned to dust. Soon, it vanishes away becoming nothing. The fairies fly downward back to the ground and stand amazed that such an event was just witnessed.

“In my many years of teaching, I have never seen such an impressive demonstration from such young fairies,” Fyria says.

“Fairies, you have just stopped one of my strongest magical attacks. I don’t know what else to say. I am speechless. This is what being a fairy is all about. Overcoming the impossible, breaking all barriers and limits. Be proud of yourselves. Class dismissed!”

The young fairies praise Princess Wyndia and Sakura but the two fairies give credit to everyone for their teamwork. Without everyone’s assistance, they would not have been successful. Still, their friends consider them very cool and awesome fairies. They want to learn how was Sakura able to use such a powerful attack when she is still young.

The others were not able to do such a strong technique like she did. Sakura expresses that she has been training with her father and she has also found a place to where time does not exist. By training inside this place, she can upgrade her techniques, magic abilities, and meditate also to achieve peace of mind.

Princess Wyndia was not aware of this and asks Sakura to take her to this place so she can also train and become as strong as her. Sakura agrees as the fairies all continue to praise each other for their courage and hard work.

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