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9 - Advance

Princess Wyndia, age 14; Sakura, age 15

The girls arrived through a portal as Princess Wyndia is astounded by what she sees. She never imagined such a place even existed. It looks like a very futuristic area that is managed by computers, screens, and various other devices unknown to her at the time. It is a bit cold, but she can deal with it. They all can as well. Even if they are wearing a short pixie dress. Soon, the girls are both greeted by another fairy.

“Greetings, Princess Wyndia. My name is Rina. I live in the same village as Sakura does,” she says taking a bow towards the princess.

“Rise my dear. Sakura has mentioned you a couple of times before,” the princess says.

“We have been friends for quite a long time now. Though, she prefers to hang out with you most of the time, and every now and then, we will spend time together,” Rina says.

“My Princess, she is the one who found this place. We first initially saw it in a book on her mother’s book shelf. We read the book and it talked about this place being inside Fairylandia. Upon further inspection of this area, we learned about the various training programs that are installed. I have also learned a variety of other things,” Sakura says smiling.

“Is that so, like what?” the Princess asks.

“Think of something, make it anything you want,” Sakura replies.

The princess thinks to herself for a moment. Rina stares into Wyndia’s eyes and remains neutral for a while. After a couple of seconds, Rina smiles.

“You are thinking about eating that strawberry dessert you had last time. Well, when you leave here that is to say,” Rina says.

Princess Wyndia instantly is surprised by this and wants to know how was it possible for her to know her thoughts.

“Teach me this mind reading technique?” the princess says.

“You are our Princess, and I will do as you say. Since we are here, let us step into the time void where time will go slower but processing information is faster there. Come!” Rina says.

The two girls head into a room as Sakura presses some buttons on the computer nearby. The door closes from top to bottom as glows with a colorful green light around it. While inside, a huge light glows around them and covers them completely. Seconds later, they are all in the center of the room, but everything around them is white.

“Are we trapped?” the Princess asks.

“No, we are inside a training room. I programmed it to where it can helps us learn things faster and time won’t go as fast,” Sakura says.

“Princess Wyndia, can you stare into my eyes please. I will pass you this technique and unlock your mind,” Rina says.

“Unlock my mind...” the fairy Princess wonders for a bit. She does as she is told.

Within seconds, she can feel something inside of her mind. Now she knows what Rina was referring to. Instantly, she adapts to the new information that was downloaded to her brain. She understand everything that would have taken months to learn in seconds. Her brain receives the information and distributes it to her entire network of nerves and cells.

Princess Wyndia smiles happily knowing that now she can put the mind reading technique to use. She stares towards Sakura and asks her to think of something.

“Why would you want me to know what color panties you are wearing, Sakura?” the Princess asks with a funny look on her face. Rina bursts into laughter hearing this.

“I did not know what else to think about. You did not give me time to think,” Sakura responds.

“Okay, try again Sakura. Think of something else,” the Princess says.

Sakura closes her eyes and thinks deep. She smiles happy knowing that this one thought brought her much happiness. Opening her eyes, she stares towards her best friend. Princess Wyndia can peer into Sakura’s mind. It is though she is an open book and can read most of her thoughts, at least for now. There are things she is learning that she never knew Sakura felt a certain way about.

However, she comes to the specific thought that her best friend was thinking in her mind.

“A shooting star that passed, drawing in the sky, how are you able to control your dreams? Yǒuyìsi,” Princess Wyndia says.

Sakura smiles congratulating her friend.

“You are right Princess. I was thinking about my dream. I one day decided to free my mind as the instructors are always saying, and it happened to be in a dream,” Sakura replies.

“It is my turn, Princess Wyndia. Now, we are going to make things challenging for you. Look into my eyes again,” Rina says.

What seemed like hours were actually several minutes that had gone by. The Princess, Sakura, and Rina learned some very powerful mind-reading techniques. Rina states that most fairy adults, parents or the older generation, know about this place. They have mastered the mind-reading technique without the need of training in this secluded area.

Though any fairy is welcome to come here and train, so long as they do not plan to do evil deeds.

The girls continue practicing creating random things from their thoughts and making them come to life. They take turns also creating projectiles and launching them at each other and learning how to block, counter, and avoid getting hit.

“Rina, Sakura, it is a bit cold in here. Is there any way to make it warmer in here?” Princess Wyndia asks.

“We would have to step out. I did not set it to auto-adjust for temperature. Gomenasai,” Sakura says.

“After we are done, can we go to the hot springs and relax a bit?” the Princess asks. “I have been wanting to go there for a long while now.”

“That I didn’t read from your mind. How were you able to hide that?” Rina asks.

“I will tell you later. Now, what is next for training?” the Princess says.

“Instant teleportation from one place to another,” Rina answers. “It is part of the programming that Sakura set.”

"Honto ni? I actually was just pressing random buttons,” Sakura says giggling.

A screen appears in front of them with some text written in fairy language along with some other strange fonts. The girls read it and understand something that has been in their minds for a while now. As they accept this new transmission feed of information, the girls each stare at each other with a smile on their faces. Instantly, the girls look away and soon vanish from where they are at.

What was on the screen looked like an equation for how to bend time, distance, light, and oneself. A way of travel by becoming light and just like Rina said, appearing and reappearing at will. The fairy girls were like young children learning how to walk. They were happy chasing each other at very fast speeds and learning this new ability.

Within time, the girls max out on their energy and stop.

“Wow, that was fantastic!” Sakura says.

“I actually liked that you made a random choice, Sakura,” Rina says. “Wow, and do you feel it in your brain that this new information has become a part of you?”

“I do, I feel happy!” the Princess answers.

“Watashi mo, ureshi desu!” Sakura says.( I feel happy too!)

“Now I feel tired,” Rina says breathing air heavily.

“Do not worry, I will heal us,” Princess Wyndia says.

The fairy Princess waves her hand as magical bubbly green orbs surround the girls and instantly, they recover their stamina and energy. Rina has not learned this technique yet, as she asks the Princess kindly if she can teach it to her.

It is unusual for a fairy of her age to not fully know how to heal your team or family. This healing technique is meant for healing wounds, vitality, stamina, energy, and strength. It also works on headaches and migraines, but there is no such thing in Fairylandia.

Even if a fairy becomes frustrated or angered by something or someone, they will never feel any head pain. It is in their genes to counter those negative emotions. It can however, heal a human’s headache or migraine as well.

“Now ladies, shall we continue?” Princess Wyndia asks.

The girls all nod stating yes. Slowly, the girls stand smiling at each other again and soon begin to fade away from sigh as they disappear from sight.

It felt like such a long time. The girls had been playing games, checking out other programs, and finally were tired. Princess Wyndia did not heal them this time as she said that too much healing can make their bodies become adjusted to the need of magic when they have the power to recharge automatically and recover their stats. With some rest, eating, showering, or meditation, one could easily recover their energy. This is something her mother taught her.

Healing once or three times is okay, you just cannot become too reliant on healing by magic. Your body will also come not to accept it.

Your body has its own recovery features and you must allow it to get adjusted to your way of living, working, sleeping, and anything else.

The fairy girls were sweaty as they decided to end the program and leave. Only two hours had gone by, but it felt like they had spent most of the day indoors. When the girls enter the portal to leave, they decided to appear at the hot springs.

Upon arriving, the girls step into the ladies only area and begin to undress. They grab a nearby towel and head into the hot springs exiting the dressing room.

“Sakura, have you been working out?” Rina asks.

“What makes you say that?” Sakura counters her question.

“Well, your body seems more toned and your butt looks like it has gotten bigger,” Rina says.

“Oh, ha-ha! Yes, Princess Wyndia and I decided to start working out,” Sakura replies.

The Princess suddenly smacks her best friend’s butt very hard. “Move aside butt-girl, yes it looks lovely, now let’s go!”

“Awww...let me workout with you two next time. ,” Rina says.

“Of course!” the other two fairies respond.

The girls place their towels aside as they join the other fairy ladies already in the spa area. This happens to be an outdoor place. Since it is a lady’s only area, they can relax. Nobody would be peaking or attempt anything stupid here. Fairylandia is strict on those customs. The males always show respect to the women. Even when they are in the unisex hot springs. No one impolitely stares or makes sudden advances. Everyone respects everyone. This is what is meant by true peace and respect in Fairylandia.

The girls find a comfortable place and are surprised to find their mothers are here as well. The fairies bow towards Queen Windy and their mother’s too. The mothers are surprised to find them here, but are not worried about what they were doing. They ask them to join them as they were talking about the future of Fairylandia.

Sakura states that Fairylandia should have more flying competitions with obstacle courses during the festivals. Rina says that she would love to see a gala-style ball with music. Princess Wyndia says they should visit the other cities and have a festival to allow the pixies, elves, and other Fairyland citizens to have fun in their home towns rather than just making it were it always mostly is.

Queen Windy agrees with them as she likes their ideas. This way the Kingdom of Fairylandia is always happy and everyone can participate without having to travel far. This would bring happiness to some cities who barely get to see some events happen or won’t appear because the travel is very far. The Queen gives the young girls a shock when she puts them in charge of their desired events for the next festival. This means that they get to call the shots for a day, and all expenses will be covered by the Royal Funding.

The girls say their thanks as Rina suggest that Sakura and Princess Wyndia sing a song for an opening ceremony.

The Queen loves the idea and says to pick a song and begin practicing it because they will have one month to prepare for their event. The girls were not upset at Rina but were surprised at her suggestion. Sakura took it as a challenge and motivates Princess Wyndia to sing with her.

“Imagine, the main attraction for the opening ceremony. We dress up in cute dresses, maybe apply some make up, and sing a very beautiful peaceful song. Imagine all the attention we may get from the boys,” Sakura whispers to her friends as she begins to blush.

“Someone wants a boyfriend. It is a high possibility that it can happen. You are very beautiful, Sakura. You better only pick one guy if that does happen,” Rina says.

“I would not want to cause trouble. But what if they pick me?” Sakura responds.

“Princess Wyndia, what if they decide to go after you?” Sakura asks.

“I have no time for a boyfriend. Well, I might...I would just have to stop hanging out with you girls. Aside all my other Princess work I have to do, I may find some time,” she says.

“Does your mother, I mean, the Queen, allow you to have a boyfriend?” Rina asks.

“Yes. We usually are courted by someone of royalty. However, times have change, and we are allowed to court whomever we wish,” Princess Wyndia responds.

“Well, let us see how it turns out? I wonder if we really will meet someone,” Rina says.

The girls smile happy as they continue to enjoy their time by the hot springs. They talk about other things related to their event and what else could they do to make sure they deliver a great performance. Now, they must practice for the upcoming festival.

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