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Chapter 13

Logan coughed as Jeannie passed him another musty book, they’d been going through several sections but Jeannie seemed to know where she was going so he was simply following on.
He was worried about Arianna, she seemed to finding out about family secrets today that were hitting her hard and he wasn’t sure how she would be able to take any more shocks.
“Arianna is stronger than you’re giving her credit for,” Jeannie said without turning to him, “She’s trained to be a Peacekeeper for a long time and trust me when I tell you that they don’t exactly let emotions get in the way.”
Logan grimaced at her, “Arianna isn’t unemotional.”
“Not around you,” Jeannie smirked at him, “But you’ve also seen her in action and she can hide them pretty well.”
“Why doesn’t she trust you?” Logan demanded, “And it isn’t just the fact you’re a genie.”
“I refused to do as I was told,” Jeannie smiled, “I was the only genie ever accepted because of my additional abilities and I knew that they would watch me closely. I refused to follow an order that I completely disagreed with so I was banished.”
Logan nodded slightly as he understood.
“Okay, I think I know one more book that should be helpful to us,” Jeannie changed the topic, “Then we can go back and check on Arianna.”
Logan nodded and continued to follow on behind.

“Why am I carrying these?” Logan demanded as he was just able to see over the stack of books that were in his arms.
“Because,” was the only answer he received as Jeannie led him back to where they’d left Arianna.
As they turned the corner Logan saw her sitting at the same desk she’d been at when he’d left her but now she was staring blankly in front of her while the desk was still as empty as it had been when he left.
“Ari?” he called making her look up at him, “You okay?”
Arianna nodded as she stood, she flicked her hand and the books flew out of his hand landing on the desk in front of her. Logan stared; she was different from the hour before when he’d left her. The confidence was powerful and it was very attractive on her.
“What happened?” he asked moving to her side.
“I found out who I really am,” she explained smiling at him, “I don’t know everything yet because there isn’t time but I learned enough. Jeannie,” she turned to the other woman, “Please accept my apologies for mistrusting you.”
“You had your reasons,” Jeannie shrugged.
“No, I had the council’s reasons,” Arianna replied, “And as usual they’re wrong.”
Jeannie beamed at her, “Thank you. So we should get to business.”
Arianna nodded at her, “Definitely.”

“Let me see,” Arianna waved her hand flipping through the pages of the books in front of her, “I’m not finding anything I feel is right.”
“How can you tell?” Logan asked as he watched three books at once just sitting open with their pages going back and forward.
“I can feel the power and the energy from the spell as I pass it,” Arianna explained, “I’ll know when I find what we need.”
“What about your family?” Logan asked, “What did you find out?”
Arianna smiled, “That my family are stranger than I ever knew. And that man we met in the tower was my grandfather.”
“Wow,” Logan murmured.
Arianna nodded, “I need to go back and listen to what he wanted to tell me.”
“And you trust Jeannie now too?”
“My mother told me I can,” Arianna explained, “And I know it was my mother before you ask.”
Logan nodded, “Okay then.”
Arianna reached out and touched his arm so that he was looking directly into her eyes, “Logan, I need to know that you trust me. I need to know that you will do what I tell you to when I tell you to do it. No matter what’s happening.”
“Logan, I’m the one with the power,” she reminded him, “I’m the one that they’re going to come after but they’ll use you to get to me. So you have to promise me that you’ll follow my orders.”
Logan grimaced and Arianna gripped his arms tightly, “Promise me you’ll follow my orders.”
Finally he sighed, “I promise.”
She let out a long sigh and dropped her head against his chest feeling his arms wrap around her.
“I don’t want anything to happen to you,” Logan whispered, “I’m scared that something’s going to happen to you before I can persuade you to stay with me.”
Arianna smiled at him, pushing herself up to gently kiss him. Logan pulled her close deepening the kiss as she slid her arms around his neck. Arianna finally broke away from him and let out a soft sigh.
“I think we need to focus on the problem at hand and if we survive we can talk about after,” Arianna told him.
Logan smiled at her, “Deal.”

“How is it going?”
Jeannie jumped in surprise turning on the man who had appeared from nowhere, “Merlin, don’t do that.”
“Is she okay?” he asked, “Or should we be worried?”
“She’s just learned about what happened when you split the worlds,” Jeannie frowned at him, “Give her time.”
“We don’t have time,” Merlin reminded her.
“Arianna is more confident in her own abilities,” Jeannie told him,” But you’ve got to give her some time to understand what she’s going to have flooding her mind.”
He grimaced.
“What are you doing here anyway?” Jeannie demanded, “I thought you were stuck.”
“The library is one of those places I can get to without being detected,” Merlin explained, “I wanted to check on you.”
“You could always go and actually talk to the girl,” Jeannie suggested.
“Have you run in to your sister yet?” Merlin ignored her suggestion, “Have you told them to watch out for her?”
“No,” Jeannie sighed, “She’s just decided she can trust me, Merlin. How could I warn her about my sister when she didn’t think I was on her side to begin with? I’ll tell them once we’re ready to leave for the next stop in this insane asylum.”
“I want to meet her,” Merlin said, “But you’ve got to remember that I might not be able to help her when the worst happens. I can’t give her false hope.”
“You’d be very proud of her,” Jeannie told him, “She’s more like you than I thought she’d be. And before you ask it is a good thing.”
“Take care of her,” Merlin told the genie before he gently kissed her cheek.

“My instinct tells me that we should head to the stable to try and to do the locating spell,” Arianna said, “There should be enough room there.”
“According to this then we need to follow the yellow markers,” Jeannie murmured as she read over the book Arianna found, “But then again who knows if this is right.”
“I’d prefer to find this my own way,” Arianna said, “Let’s face it; this place will play jokes on us.”
“Then lead on,” Jeannie said with a grand wave towards the door.
Arianna actually smiled amused as she started out with Logan at her side, as Jeannie was about to leave the Librarian appeared once more and caught Jeannie’s arm.
“The Rising Star and her faithful friend,” the librarian told her, “You need to watch him. He will run into fire for her so you need to protect him.”
Jeannie looked at her confused, “What do you know?”
The librarian shrugged and disappeared leaving Jeannie frustrated but she turned and caught up with the other two.

Arianna stopped suddenly as they started along a darkened corridor.
“Ari, what’s wrong?” Logan asked as he walked into her back.
Arianna shook her head, “I don’t know. There’s something though, something about this part of the Keep I don’t like.”
“Do you want to go another way?” Jeannie asked.
Arianna grimaced as she thought, “I want to but I don’t think that would be a good idea. Another way could take us hours and I want to get back to Davin and Laurie as soon as possible.”
“Then let’s get through it as fast as we can,” Logan suggested.
Arianna nodded and slipped her hand into his for a moment, “Let’s go.”
Nervously they started walking forward along the darkened corridor, Arianna gripped Logan’s hand before reaching out and pulling Jeannie to her other side.
“We stick together,” she told them as they moved further.
“I was kind of hoping that light would come on as we moved further along,” Logan murmured.
“Me too,” Arianna sighed, “I don’t think doing a spell would be a good idea at the moment.”
“Because I’ve a bad feeling about this part of the Keep,” she replied, “There’s something bad and I don’t want it coming to us.”
“That’s a good point,” Logan replied, “We should have brought some torches.”
The two women frowned at him and Logan winced, “Sorry.”
They continued on but Arianna paused them as the corridor started getting too dark to see properly.
“We have to use magic to light our way,” Arianna said, “We can’t just walk into the unknown.”
“Haven’t we been doing that pretty much this entire time,” Logan said, instantly wishing he hadn’t surprised as Arianna looked at him with a stunned look on her face, “What?”
“That’s the point,” she said, “A leap of faith. We have to walk forward.”
“How did you figure that out?” Jeannie asked.
“Because this whole place seems to be a test for us,” she replied, “So, we go with it just now.”
Logan and Jeannie shared a worried look but they both nodded after a second and waited for Arianna to give them the word to go.
Together the three of them walked forward into the dark.

Joseph smiled as his granddaughter arrived in the room he was waiting in with her two companions.
“Nice trick,” Arianna said as she looked around the room, “I’m assuming you had a back-up plan if I’d decided to head back?”
Joseph smiled but didn’t reply instead he stood and started making some tea. Arianna took a seat in one of the three waiting for them watching as Jeannie and Logan sat on either side of her waiting.
“How was your talk with your mother?” Joseph asked.
“What?” Logan asked.
“I’m not even going to ask how you know that,” Arianna ignored Logan answering her grandfather instead, “But it was fine. I understand more now than I did though I do have a dozen questions she hasn’t answered yet.”
“I cannot answer any of your questions,” he replied, “I can only give you the information I’m allowed to give you.”
He handed them all a cup of tea and placed some milk, sugar and biscuits on the small table in front of them before he took his own seat again.
“You now know about Merlin’s sister now,” Joseph said, “Your power comes from her through your mother and your grandmother, now those who are after that power have employed others to capture you. I believe you’ve already encountered one.”
“Holston,” Arianna confirmed, “That would be where I discovered my abilities were not what we thought.”
“Now that you’re here then the ones hired can’t find you so they are going to resort to other tricks,” Joseph explained, “Aren’t they Jeannie?”
Arianna and Logan turned to the genie questioningly.
“My sister has been released,” Jeannie said with a sigh, “I was going to tell you but considering everything else that’s happening I decided I should deal with her myself.”
“The last time you two met it was too even a battle,” Joseph reminded her.
“It doesn’t matter,” Arianna interrupted, “Jeannie, we’ll deal with her. That’s why we’re on the same team.”
Jeannie smiled nodding gratefully at the other woman before Arianna turned back to her grandfather.
“So, the book,” she said, “I’m assuming you still want to give me it.”
Joseph nodded and reached down to a small table beside him, the book appearing from nowhere which he passed over to his granddaughter.
“This is our family history,” he explained, “Once you reach the stable and do your locating spell, you will need to use this to speak to your great grandmother.”
“Why are all my dead relatives hanging out in the keep?” Arianna demanded.
Joseph chuckled, “I never said she was dead.”
Arianna stared at him, “That’s worrying considering how old she would be now.”
“When you leave here then you will be at the stable,” Joseph ignored her sarcastic remark, “Once you perform the spell you must send Jeannie and Logan to them, then use the book. Trust me, Arianna. You must win or two worlds will become ravaged by this man.”
“Who is this man?” Arianna asked, “Does he have a name?”
“His name is Godwin.”

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