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Chapter 15

Laurie sat with Davin watching as he flipped through book after book trying to find a way to contact Arianna.
Godwin had called again and demanded that she be recalled now but no matter what they couldn’t get a message through to the Keep.
“What do you think?” Laurie asked, “Should we give up now or keep trying and failing several more times.”
Davin chuckled, “I think I just have to tell him it’s not happening.”
Laurie laughed at his wry look, “To change the subject, have you get any idea what Holston wants?”
Davin shrugged, “What I really want to know is who he’s working for but so far there’s nothing.”
“So we just have to wait for them to get back,” Laurie sighed, “Still.”

Logan finally reached the red and green stones sitting on the table at the end of the room. With a deep breath he reached out and gingerly picked up the red stone first, when nothing happened he slipped it into his bag. Feeling better at this he picked up the green stone. Suddenly images flashed through his mind, several women and men, torches, fire, dragons and unicorns then there was another woman standing looking grim. She looked like Arianna but her hair was lighter and shorter, finally the image changed and he was watching Arianna surrounded by energy fighting for her life.
Gasping he let go of the stone again and stared at it.
“Logan?” Jeannie’s worried voice came from behind him, “Logan, are you alright?”
“I think so,” he managed to say, “Give me a minute.”
“We might not have that,” she reminded him, “Get the stone and get back here.”
Logan slipped off his jacket and used that to lift the stone then place it into his bag with the other one, running back to Jeannie she pulled him further out of the room.
“Now, wish us back.”
“I wish we were back at the spot we came here,” Logan said getting a roll of the eyes from Jeannie at the awkward wording of the wish before she cast the spell.
As they reappeared at their way back to Arianna, Jeannie grimaced to find they were surrounded by wolves.
“We have a problem,” Logan murmured.
He gave a yelp as one of the wolves leaped towards them but it suddenly yelped as a green glow surrounded them and knocked the wolf to the ground again.
“Come on,” Jeannie yelled, she pulled him to the circle on the ground and closed her eyes as the light surrounded them once more.
When they opened their eyes they were standing in the stables once more but Arianna wasn’t there. Instead another woman stood there with a smile on her face.
The woman stepped forward and greeted Jeannie, “Hello sister.”

“Jasmine,” Jeannie greeted the other woman with a dark glare, “What are you doing here?”
“I know you are in no way stupid enough not to know why I’m here,” Jasmine replied, “You know exactly what I want.”
“Want to know what I want?” Jeannie shot back at her.
Jasmine moved to Logan, “Give me the bag.”
“I don’t think so,” Logan replied.
Jasmine’s dark eyes flashed with anger, “You are nothing, you have no magic so have no say in what you do here. Give me the bag.”
“Take it from me,” Logan snarled, he wasn’t being stupid because the stones were talking to him. They were promising that no one else could take the bag he was carrying without his permission.
Jasmine stepped forward but as she grabbed the bag the green glow that had happened with the wolves started again and she was thrown back.
Jeannie grabbed Logan, “Wish us anywhere?”
“I wish we were in the library,” Logan whispered in her ear, receiving a proud look at his intelligence of whispering their destination.
Jeannie quickly cast her spell and the large library reappeared in front of them. They both sighed in relief before they had the one thought at the same time. What about Arianna.

Arianna stood taking several long slow breaths, everything she’d ever believed about her family was completely wrong and it was taking her a few minutes to process it all.
“I know what this must be like for you,” Ilea said softly.
“My entire family history is completely different from what I believe,” Arianna retorted, “My father is a dragon and I’m now the focal point of a psychopath who I’ve worked for since I was eighteen. So I’m not sure you can get what this is like for me.”
“Arianna, you can’t let your emotions get the better of you,” Ilea told her, “The more you allow your anger to rule you the more dangerous you become to yourself and your friends.”
“I’m working on keeping calm,” she replied, “But I think I’m worrying about the people I’ve got involved in this. Logan and Laurie shouldn’t be involved in this but they are and I could get them killed.”
“Arianna, the people involved are who are meant to be,” Ilea told her, “If you look deeper into their pasts, into their families then you will find that they are meant to be part of this.”
Arianna sighed, pushing her hand through her hair.
“I understand that you’re afraid,” Ilea said softly, “But you need to trust in you.”
Arianna shook her head, “Ilea, I’ve never trusted in me. I’ve never felt like I was good enough to even be in the Peacekeepers never mind being the focal point of this battle.”
“That’s Godwin’s influence,” Ilea reminded her, “He needs you to doubt your own abilities because the more you do, the more he can manipulate you into giving him what he wants.”
Arianna nodded, “I have to leave now, right?”
Ilea nodded also, “You can feel that, can’t you?”
“Your powers come from both sides of your family;” Ilea reminded her, “What you need to do is focus on that. Once you return to Earth you need to find a way to contact your father. He can be reached but it will be difficult. Also look into your friends families, that will help you as well.”
“Will I see you again?” Arianna asked softly.”
Ilea smiled, “Of course you will, in fact once you defeat Godwin both mine and Merlin’s banishment will end.”
Arianna reached out and embraced her great-grandmother. Closing her eyes Arianna cast the spell to return to her friends. She grimaced as she realised that they were no longer in the stables as they should be.
“Where did you two go?” she thought searching for Jeannie’s magical signature confused that they were in the library.
“I’ll see you soon,” Arianna promised Ilea before she cast her spell to return to her friends.
As they world shifted Arianna saw Jeannie and Logan appear before her both looking relieved that she was there.
“Hi guys,” Arianna grinned, “Did you miss me?”
Logan laughed and grabbed her in a tight embrace, “Just a bit.”
“So, did you find what you needed?” Jeannie asked with a smile.
Arianna nodded, “Definitely. Tell me you got the stones.”
“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Logan asked with a pretend annoyed pout.
Arianna sighed in relief, “Yes. Now we can get back to Davin and stop this in its tracks. Jeannie, you’re coming with us aren’t you?”
The genie nodded, “I’m here to help you until this is over. Besides I can’t wait to see what Earth is like these days.”
“Okay,” Arianna stepped back from Logan, “I have one more thing I need to get from the librarian.”
“And that is?” the Librarian appeared from nowhere making the three of them jump.
Arianna turned, “I want everything on Golden Dragons. And it’s to go.”
“I do not...”
“Make an exception,” Arianna ordered.
The librarian nodded, “Only for those who can wield the power is an exception made.”
A bag appeared in her hand which she handed to Arianna, “I want them back.”
“I promise.”

Arianna sighed in relief as the familiar surroundings of Davin’s bookshop appeared before them.
“Finally,” Davin said appearing before them with a huge smile on his face.
Arianna moved and hugged him tightly, “I know a lot more about my family, Davin. We’ll talk later once we get settled.”
Davin nodded, his eyes quickly moved and found Jeannie standing watching Logan and Laurie who were hugging as well.
“Our new friend is?” Davin asked.
“This is Jeannie,” Arianna introduced, “She’s a genie.”
“Seriously?” Laurie asked.
Jeannie rolled her eyes, “Get out all the jokes. Trust me I’ve heard every single one.”
“Jeannie has been sent to help us,” Arianna explained, “She’s doing well so far.”
Jeannie gave her a grateful nod but didn’t say anything. Arianna held out her hand to Logan who handed her his bag.
“And we have the stones.”
Davin grinned, “Arianna, you have no idea how relieved I am. Godwin can stop annoying us about you being in the Keep.”
“He’s been calling a lot?” Arianna asked darkly.
“He wanted me to call you back,” Davin explained, “Wasn’t too happy when I said that I couldn’t contact you.”
Arianna shrugged, “What a pity. When he calls back I’ll talk to him.”
Patting Davin’s shoulder she headed to the table in the back of the shop and took a seat waiting for the others to join her.
“It’s time to learn what I have,” she told them, “And then we have to make some decisions.”

Laurie, Logan, Davin and Jeannie all took a seat at the table where Arianna was waiting for them. Laurie could see the difference in the young woman sitting there, before they’d left for the Wizard’s Keep Arianna seemed unsure of herself, of her abilities as well as what she needed to do but now, now she was a thousand times more confident and focussed and Laurie felt more confident in working with her.
“Let’s start with the fact we have the stones,” Arianna told them, “This is what I was originally sent here to do. Pity it was just a smoke-screen to hide the fact that someone is trying to steal the power of my family.”
“Seriously?” Laurie asked, shaking her head at the use of the word again, “Sorry. What exactly do you mean?”
Arianna sighed, “Davin, how long have you known Godwin?”
Davin shrugged, “Only since he joined the council.”
“Well apparently his family are quite long and distinctive,” she replied, “I’ve been told that his great grandfather, with a few extra greats knew Merlin and they didn’t get along.”
The small group sat in amazement as they listened to Arianna explain her family history to them and her connection to Merlin. As she finished she looked up at them and saw they were all staring at her in amazement.
“I know how hard this is to believe,” she said, “Trust me I just spent the day talking to people I never knew existed. I met my grandfather and my great, great add a few more great grandmother and uncle today. Plus I found out about my father.”
Davin winced, “Arianna, I...”
“I understand why you never told me,” she replied, “I completely understand but now I need to find out about the legacy it has given me.”
“Can we ask?” Logan said softly.
Arianna winced as she looked at him, Laurie knew that something had happened between them in the time they were in the Wizard’s keep and could see how worried the other woman was about revealing this secret to him.
“My father, Grey is a Golden Dragon,” she told them to three stunned faces and one sympathetic one.
“Well that explains the books from the library,” Jeannie noted recovering first, “Half dragon, no one has ever believed there could be one. No wonder they want to keep you down.”
“I’m guessing that this makes you even more powerful than you thought earlier,” Laurie said.
Davin nodded, “Arianna actually comes from two very powerful family lines. If she learns how to access the power and believe me she will then I can promise you no one will stand a chance.”

“Are you okay?” Laurie asked as she joined Logan sitting upstairs in the books she’d spent hours hunting through recently.
“Fine,” Logan let out a long sigh, “Did you ever imagine last month we’d be surrounded by magic?”
“I never imagined last month you’d be walking never mind running around different worlds,” Laurie teased, “Or falling for someone at all.”
Logan grimaced at her.
“Oh come on,” Laurie chuckled at him, “You are the worlds worst for playing the field.”
Logan shrugged again, “Guess I was just looking for something different.”
“I’d say in Arianna you’ve definitely found that,” Laurie reminded him, “Descendant of Merlin’s sister and a half-dragon. Boy can you pick em.”
“I love you, Laurie,” Logan snapped, “But lay off her.”
Laurie drew back slightly shocked, “I’m not getting at her, Logan. I like Arianna, I do but I just don’t want to watch you fall for someone who is going to possibly break your heart.”
“Isn’t that my choice?” Logan snapped.
Laurie nodded, she rested her hand on his shoulder, “I’m sorry. I hope this works out for you because having known most of your girlfriends over the years Arianna is by far the best ever.”
“Do you want me to start talking about some of your boyfriends?” Laurie laughed and smiled as he hugged her quickly, “We should probably go see if we can help in some way.”

“Are you trying to find him?” Davin asked as he watched Arianna go over the books she’d been given.
“I need to,” Arianna sighed, “Davin, my father was forced to go into hiding by the council. My mother died to protect him and I can’t let that go.”
“Arianna, your father went into hiding to protect you,” Davin reminded her, “Do you really think this is a good idea.”
Arianna nodded, “I don’t need him to protect me anymore,” she reminded him, “I am more aware of my own abilities than I have ever been and I’d rather work with him at my side.”
Davin grimaced, “I want you to be completely sure about this.”
Arianna looked up at him with teary eyes, “I have lived since my mother died thinking I was alone in this world, I want to find my father and I want to learn more about my family.”

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