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Chapter 4

“Where are we?” Logan asked as he sat looking around the wide expanse of nothing but sand.
“I’m guessing in a desert somewhere,” Arianna snapped at him.
Logan glared at her, “Real funny. What do we do now?”
“Oh, now you listen to me,” Arianna laughed harshly, “Because what was the one thing I told you to do before we walked into that house? Do nothing.”
“He was about to attack you,” Logan reminded her.
Arianna let out an annoyed sigh, “I can handle myself. Why do you think I was pushing him so hard? For fun?”
Logan stared at her, “You were goading him?”
“Of course I was,” Arianna told him, “I’m a Peacekeeper and I have rules to follow. I couldn’t do a complete check unless he attacked me.”
“Why were you letting him attack you with something? You could have been killed,” Logan reminded her.
“I’m a green sorceress,” Arianna said, “I can defend myself against objects that have been in a nearly magic free zone for years.”
Arianna ignored him, “I wish I knew a little more about Earth geography.”
“Would that do us any good?”
Arianna sighed, “Probably not.”
Logan pulled himself off the ground and dusted the sand off his legs, “So do you have any plans to get us out of here?”
“No,” she snapped, “I...” Arianna trailed off as she saw red material sticking out of the sand where Logan had been sitting, “What’s this?” She pulled it out of the sand and grinned, “Yes.”
“It’s a curtain,” Logan noted before realising, “It’s the one I grabbed in Holston’s house. Is that a good thing?”
“Yes,” Arianna grinned, “We have a way back.”
Logan looked at her confused, “Dare I even ask how?”
A sly smile covered her face, “Ever heard of a flying carpet?”
Logan stared at her, “You’re kidding me?”
“It’s a simple spell,” Arianna told him, “I can make the fabric motile and using the rift under the shop I can send us the right way.”
“You’re assuming we’re on Earth,” Logan noted.
Arianna laughed as she set the curtain flat on the sand, or as flat as she could get it.
“There was no way enough power in that thing, even if it was on my world to move us to another world,” she told him, “We’re somewhere on Earth.”

Logan watched Arianna in amazement as she murmured a few words softly while her hand reached out across the fabric. A soft glow covered the curtain before it slowly lifted and sat hovering a few feet off the ground.
“Wow,” Logan murmured, a grin spreading across his face, “That is so cool.”
Arianna grinned back, “Okay, we need to make sure we don’t overbalance this thing. It’s not a carpet so the fabric isn’t as stable so be careful.”
Logan nodded; slowly he crawled into the centre of the curtain sitting cross-legged. Arianna moved and sat across from him in a similar way.
“Are you ready?” she asked with a slight smile.
Logan nodded, “This isn’t going to be really cold is it?”
“No, I’ll put a shield around us that will protect us from the elements as well as hide us from anyone who may see us,” she told him, an amused smile crossing her face.
“Then let’s take off,” Logan grinned.
Arianna took a deep breath, pressing the tips of her fingers against one another in front of her she let out a soft breath as she raised her arms in an arc above her head. Logan watched the air around him shimmer, surprised as he could see a bubble surround them.
“Hold on,” Arianna told him, “Let’s go home.”
Logan wobbled slightly as the curtain started to lift further from the ground and into the clear blue sky.

Arianna looked up from checking the curtain below them to look at Logan; he had a slight hopeful look on his annoyingly handsome face. He was good-looking which Arianna hated because it made disliking him harder. Dark hair that seemed to sit perfectly even in the aftermath of recent events with dark brown eyes that at the moment were focussed completely on her. Arianna knew she wasn’t the prettiest of people, her hair was curly that didn’t sit anywhere near normal and her eyes were a strange green colour.
“Is there something you want to know?” she asked keeping on her best annoying footing.
“Tell me more about your magic,” Logan said.
Arianna smiled, “It’s not ‘my’ magic but sure I’ll explain. What do you want to know?”
“Everything,” Logan told her, “Firstly though, why do you keep referring to yourself as green?”
Arianna chuckled, “Okay, there are three different kinds of magic. Blue or water magic is healing – which is how you can walk again. Red or fire magic needs something to work through like...”
“An accelerant?” Logan suggested.
“Precisely,” Arianna nodded, “Finally the magic I practice is called green or earth magic.”
“What are the differences?”
Arianna bit her lip thoughtfully, “Blue sorcerers can heal though don’t annoy one of them as they could easily break your bones.”
“Red sorcerers use potions, or a magic item to do their magic,” Arianna continued, “Davin is a red sorcerer. And from what I remember a very talented one.”
“And you’re green,” Logan said.
“Yes, my magic is internalised and I can draw energy from my surroundings to perform spells,” she told him.
Logan nodded as he processed this. Arianna simply sat waiting for his next round of questions.
“So why is this stuff happening now?” Logan moved to his next topic.
Arianna shrugged.
“Come on,” he cried annoyed, “You can’t just give me a part of the story.”
“Fine. But this is under protest I’m telling you this,” Arianna smiled, “If anyone asks.”
“Just get on with it.”

Logan watched Arianna smile slightly at him in amusement, she tucked a stray curl behind her hair thankfully before he reached out and did so himself. As annoying as she was and she could really push his buttons Logan thought she was easily one of the prettiest women he’d ever met. Not classically beautiful but there was something about her that made her very attractive.
“Several weeks ago the three stones that are the centre of our culture were stolen,” Arianna told him, “During this robbery a lot of the Peacekeepers were injured. I was the only member of the specialist team not in the accident.”
“Where were you?”
“Fetching and carrying,” she grimaced, “Logan, I don’t know what I’m doing here. Until the robbery I was just an apprentice. I helped plan missions and did research and did what the full sorcerers wanted done.”
Logan frowned and decided to change topics.
“You keep talking about magic leaking in,” he said, “Is that bad?”
Arianna smiled again, her green eyes crinkling with amusement, “Years ago, long before either of us were born magic existed freely in this world. Unfortunately a new religion came in and those who were able to do magic were soon being hunted and killed as being evil. Until the most powerful sorcerer we have ever known decided to do something about it.”
Logan tilted his head waiting for her to continue.
“You’ll know the name because even here his legend still lives,” Arianna said almost breathlessly, “Merlin.”
“You’re telling me that you don’t believe that Merlin could have done this while you’re sitting on a flying carpet...curtain,” Arianna laughed at him.
“Okay,” Logan said, “Merlin.”
“Anyway,” she rolled her eyes at him, “He gathered all the leaders of the magical communities, including the Elves and Fairies explaining to them that he was going to move all magical beings to a world where they could flourish.”
“I’m guessing they did,” Logan said encouraging her to continue.
Arianna nodded, “They did. Unfortunately he was caught in some kind of backlash and was never seen or heard from ever again.”

Arianna turned from Logan to check on the curtain a little more, she was worried the material wouldn’t hold up to a complete flight but it seemed to doing okay for now.
“What are these stones about?”
At Logan’s latest question she turned back to him. She knew Godwin would go crazy that she was telling him so much but in all honesty she wanted to share with someone, someone who wasn’t basically more knowledgeable than she was in this subject.
“The three stones represent each branch of our magic,” Arianna explained, “Blue, red and green. Each holds power on its own and together are very powerful. They also are centralised with our beliefs, I suppose that’s the best way to explain it. Whenever a child is born they are taken to the room where the three stones are held, whichever stone glows in the child’s presence signifies which branch of magic that child will be able to do.”
“So, their told that is what they have to do?”
“No, it’s what kind of magic they hold,” she explained, “When I was presented the green stone glowed. This means I can’t do blue magic, even if I trained for a thousand years I’d never manage even the basics because I don’t have the ability.”
“So whoever holds these stones hold a lot of power,” Logan mused.
Arianna nodded, “There is also a rift between our worlds which Davin protects, it is the only way from there to here. Or it should be.”
“You think there’s another entrance?”
“They didn’t come through Davin’s bookshop,” Arianna reminded him, “So where did they come from?”

“Then you’re sure that Holston is involved?” Godwin asked.
“Completely,” Arianna nodded, “He used a transporter on me.”
“I find it odd that you didn’t stop it,” Godwin frowned at her.
Arianna smiled, “I thought it would be better if he felt he’d bested me. It gives me an advantage in the future not to mention the fact that he’ll underestimate me.”
Arianna could see Davin grimacing at her lie but they’d both decided that telling the council they’d involved civilians in this was not a good idea.
“Davin, you said you’ve found the area that was used to infiltrate earth?”
Davin nodded, “It’s under a bar not that far from here called the Labyrinth. The owner is a friend of mine and has agreed to keep the door locked until I can get back to her. Arianna placed a block on her so that she won’t question.”
“Good,” Godwin mused, “You’re making progress. I was hoping we could send you an experienced member of your team by now Arianna but I’ve been told that won’t be possible for now.”
Arianna dropped her eyes for a few seconds before she nodded, “Have we lost anyone else?”
“No,” Godwin replied, “They are all making good progress.”
“Do you have any other possible leads from your side?” Davin quickly interrupted.
Godwin shook his head, “I have been thinking however. Orlas Fortuna has been living on earth for several years now. He may have come across something.”
“Send us the details and we’ll go see him,” Arianna said as positively as possible.

“You’d think I was some kind of child the way he talks to me,” Arianna muttered as she leaned back in the passenger seat of Davin’s car.
“To him you are still a child,” Davin placated, “He watched you crawl around your mother’s office remember.”
“That was years ago,” she snapped, “I’m not a child and I have been proving that from the moment I joined the Peacekeepers.”
“Try and calm down for meeting Orlas,” Davin told her, “He’s one of those annoying people who will spend the entire conversation trying to make you smile if you’re in this mood. So save it till we get back to the shop.”
Arianna grimaced but said nothing watching the streets fly by. Finally they reached the house of the former council member and they slid out the car.
As they walked towards the front door it swung open and a man stood in front of them, Davin decided he looked like Santa Claus without the red suit and in more need of the diet regime.
“Davin,” Orlas spread his arms out welcoming, “And I cannot believe that you are little Arianna Skylar. So grown up. Come in my friends, it’s always good to see people from home.”
They followed Orlas inside, Arianna noting how many possible magical items were sitting around the room.
Orlas motioned them to sit on the couch and took the seat across from them.
“So,” he said, “What can I do for you two?”
“Godwin sent us,” Arianna took control of the conversation, “He hoped you may be able to help us in investigating who could have stolen the stones either here or back home?”
Orlas leaned back in his chair and looked at them thoughtfully, “I’m afraid I don’t know if my answer will be any help but the only name I can come up with Gregor Artun.”
Arianna frowned thoughtfully as she saw Davin’s eyes widen in shock at the name, “Why do I know that name?”
“You don’t,” Davin snapped quickly.
“But I do,” she whispered, “It’s so familiar.”
“Arianna,” Davin started.
“She should know the truth, Davin,” Orlas said darkly, “I thought she had to if she was working freely with you but apparently the memory block was used.”
Arianna stood and stepped away from where the two men were sitting, “Davin, what does he mean? Why do I know that name and why is he saying I have a memory block?”
“Please don’t ask me this,” Davin whispered.
Orlas stood blocking her view of Davin, “Arianna, you should really think about this more. Gregor Artun, the name is so familiar to you for a reason and why would Davin hide this from you?”
Arianna started to shake as memories flooded her mind, her mother’s voice saying that they wouldn’t be long, Davin bringing the news that her mother was dead and the name of the man they were blaming for her death.
“Why would you do that?” Arianna demanded of him, “Why would you deliberately block my memory?”
Davin moved to her frowning as she pulled away from him, “Arianna, your mother’s death scarred you and I know she didn’t want you to be forever damaged by it. I placed the block so you wouldn’t become curious and look too deep into what happened. I was doing what I thought was best for you.”
“You were doing what was best for you,” Arianna snapped at him, “You were her partner, Davin. Did you not want me to know what you did that led to her death?”
“Arianna,” Davin whispered but she turned and ran.
Davin turned on Orlas, “Why did you do that? You know how different she is, you know what might happen.”
“And that is precisely why she needs to be able to discover that,” Orlas told him, “Davin, whoever took the stones is powerful. We need someone just as powerful and we both know she might be as powerful.”
Davin sighed, “That’s what I’m worried about.”

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