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Chapter 6

Logan struggled against the two men holding him back as he watched Arianna glare at Holston. He and Laurie had woken up to find the man standing over them explaining that they’d be set free once Arianna was there but Logan knew it was a lie.
“You were always slime, Holston,” Arianna snarled at him, “But this is definitely the most stupid thing you’ve ever done. This is the second time you’ve attacked a Peacekeeper.”
“And how will anyone know?” Holston laughed, “Skylar, you’re not even a real Peacekeeper. You were only elevated because no one else was able to come here, no matter how much you tell yourself different you’re just an apprentice.”
Logan saw anger fill her eyes as she stood straighter, the small prison she was in crackled as she was so close to the edges. Arianna’s fist clenched and Logan wondered what she was going to do.
“Holston, I’m giving you one more chance,” Arianna told him.
He laughed and slid a ring onto his middle finger, “You’re not in charge here, Skylar. You’re going to die you know but considering how much you’re responsible for sending me here I’m going to get a little payback.”
Holston slapped Arianna, the ring crackling with energy and Arianna cried out as pain shot through her.
“Stop it,” Logan yelled.
Arianna dropped to the floor gasping for breath, “Thought you said I was just an apprentice,” she ground out, “And you’re blaming me for you being an idiot.”
Holston grabbed Arianna by her throat lifting her off the ground, “You always had a smart mouth, Skylar. Everyone knew that.”
“You’re going to regret this,” Arianna gasped as he squeezed her throat tighter and tighter, the ring sending shocks through her.
“Let her go,” Logan yelled as he and Davin struggled against the men holding them.
Holston pulled Arianna closer to him and whispered, “They’ll die just after you. And you came all this way to save them.”
Arianna fell to the ground as Holston let her go, Logan watched her willing her to move but she just lay gasping for breath.
“Holston,” Davin called suddenly, “You will never get away with this. The council will come after you.”
“By the time they do it won’t matter,” Holston replied turning to him with a smug smile on his face.
Logan glared at the man who was gloating but his eyes slid past the man to where Arianna was laying seemingly unconscious. As Holston turned to give some orders to his men Logan grabbed Davin’s arm turning his attention to Arianna.
“Something’s happening,” Logan whispered as he could see crackles of energy running across Arianna’s body.
Shock covered Davin’s face, it became more pronounced as Arianna slowly stood and he grabbed Logan and Laurie’s arm, “Get down.”
As they dropped to the floor Logan watched Holston turn to where Arianna was now standing. They all gaped as Arianna stepped out of the prison without any problems.
“How?” Holston gasped as he tried to use the ring again but Arianna moved her hand and the ring flew off his hand.
“You were warned,” Arianna intoned, her normal soft voice had gained an echo somehow.
Davin grabbed Logan’s head and pushed it down as light exploded from Arianna.

The light dimmed finally and Logan looked up to find that they were alone in the room but he didn’t focus on that much as all he saw was Arianna unconscious on the ground.
“Arianna,” he cried, dropping down beside her Logan checked her pulse relieved to find she was alive. Logan turned to Davin waiting to find out what the other man said they should do surprised to see the older man just standing there staring at the empty room.
“Impossible,” Davin murmured, he picked up the ring Holston had been using, “That’s just impossible.”
“Laurie?” Logan called to his friend, “Any ideas?”
Laurie shook her head, “There’s no way we can get her out of here without a car.”
“Davin, what do we do?” Logan yelled, they’d barely met but right now Logan didn’t care, “Arianna needs help.”
Davin snapped out of his reverie and moved to their side. He rested a hand on Arianna’s forehead, “How did you do that?”
Laurie stopped Logan yelling again and turned to the other man, “Davin, do you have your car?”
Davin nodded, “I’ll be back in a few minutes. Stay with her.”
Logan pulled Arianna in to his arms so that her head was resting against his chest and not on the hard floor. Laurie squeezed his shoulder before she followed Davin out the room.
“Don’t worry,” Logan whispered to her, “We’ll get you back to the shop.”

Arianna sat up and looked around the room she’d been sleeping in, this wasn’t right. The door opened and she stared at the woman who walked into the room.
“I’m sorry that I’m leaving you,” Melinda Skylar said sitting on the bed beside Arianna, “I know I said I would never take a mission again but this is very special.”
“Mother,” Arianna gripped the woman’s hand, “Please don’t go.”
“It will only be a few days,” Melinda promised her, “And Andion will be here for you.”
“Please don’t leave me,” Arianna cried, trying to hold onto her, “Please.”
Melinda gently stroked her daughter’s cheek, “I will never leave you, darling,” she gently kissed Arianna’s forehead and somehow managed to detangle herself from her daughter.
As Melinda walked out the door Arianna ran after her, she stopped as she found herself in her mother’s office in the Peacekeepers headquarters.
“I’m so sorry,” Davin said from her side, “I’m sorry, Arianna. We tried everything but they couldn’t save her.”
Arianna backed away from him, “What really happened? What really happened to her? Who is Gregor Atun, what did he do to her?”
Davin gently touched her cheek, “You can never know, Arianna. I can’t ever let you know.”

Arianna was placed gently on her bed by Logan before he covered her with the blankets sitting there. Sure that she was settled he headed back downstairs to where Davin and Laurie were waiting.
“Is she still unconscious?” Laurie asked as he took the seat beside her.
Logan nodded, “What the hell just happened?”
Davin pushed his hand through his thinning hair, “I don’t know. I have no idea how she did that.”
“But what did she do?” Logan demanded.
Davin sighed, “Arianna is a green sorceress. The magic she performed today is a level she should not be able to access. That was black magic.”
“Black as in evil?” Laurie asked.
“No,” Davin shook his head, “Black magic is simply the highest level of magic there is. However there have only ever been a few sorcerers who have been able to do that, and yes most let the power go to their heads but Arianna should never have been able to do what she just did.”
“Arianna told me her magic comes from the world around her,” Logan noted, “The thing that she was trapped in was obviously giving out massive amounts of energy. Couldn’t that have helped?”
Davin shrugged, “It’s very possible.”
“What happened to them?” Laurie asked suddenly.
“Holston?” Davin said, frowning as Laurie nodded, “I don’t know. I know she won’t have killed them, Arianna doesn’t have that in her but other than that I don’t know.”
“So, what now?” Logan asked.
“Now, you two go home,” Davin replied, “This isn’t your fight and we’ve already put you in danger. The council would have a fit if they knew how involved you two have been.”
“No,” Logan replied before Laurie could say anything, “I’m not leaving here until I know Arianna is alright and then I’m staying.”
“Logan...” Laurie and Davin started together but he cut them off.
“They came to my home and abducted us,” Logan reminded them, “Davin, we’re already involved and this is the safest place for us to be. Right?”
Davin grimaced before he nodded, “Right.”

Arianna opened her eyes; she sat up and looked around her room. Something was odd about her world right now. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as both her dream then the memory of what had happened before the blackness returned.
The door opened softly and Logan peered in, he smiled to see she was awake and entered the room completely.
“How do you feel?” he asked moving to her side.
“Confused,” Arianna replied, smiling as he pulled over the chair to sit at her side, “I’m sorry I put you in danger.”
Logan reached out and squeezed her hand, “Don’t be. You had no idea that guy was so crazy.”
“But I should have,” Arianna pushed her free hand through her hair, “I have no idea how I got out of that.”
Logan was about to tell her what Davin said but decided against it. If Davin was right and this was something she shouldn’t be able to do then Logan was sure he might hurt her chances of working on this clearly.
“Davin doesn’t know either,” he told her, “Do you want to come downstairs? Or I could leave you to rest some more.”
“I’m rested,” Arianna told him, “Now I’m mad and it’s time to find those stones as well as who stole them.”

“Okay, we have to work out where these things are,” Arianna paced the store floor, “Davin, we were talking about the story of the birds and the eggs. We have to work out what fire and earth could be.”
Laurie looked at her confused, “I’m completely lost.”
“You’ve had the three stones explained to you?” Arianna asked.
Laurie nodded, “During the drive back.”
“We found the blue stone in a therapist’s house,” Arianna explained, “We just need something to point the way to the other two.”
Logan handed both women mugs, tea for Laurie and coffee for Arianna, “There isn’t anything I can think of for earth but for fire what about the pub with the fire outside the doors?”
“It’s worth a try,” Arianna shrugged turning to Davin, “What do you think?”
“Logan, go with Arianna,” Davin ordered, “Laurie, you and I are going to head back to the rift beneath the Labyrinth.”
“Why?” Logan and Laurie asked in unison.
“You’re going to try and contact one of the others,” Arianna noted, “Aren’t you?”
Davin nodded, “It’s possible magical beings have noticed something. I’ll need the power that the rift is giving off to create the spell.”
Arianna nodded and turned to Logan, “Let’s go.”

“Are you alright?” Logan asked as they walked through the streets of the city.
Arianna nodded, “I will be.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means I’m not sure what’s going on with my past,” she explained, “And that is something I need to work out.”
“If you need to talk,” Logan offered.
Arianna smiled at him, “Thanks. You know you really surprise me, Logan. After our first meeting I thought you’d be desperate to stay away from me.”
Logan shrugged, “The whole magic thing intrigues me. Besides, you came to see me last night remember?”
“You’re the only other person I know on this world beside Davin,” Arianna shot back, “It’s not like I had a lot of choices.”
Logan rolled his eyes, “Thanks.”
“I am sorry for getting you involved in this,” Arianna told him, “I’m sorry Holston was going to kill you because of me.”
Logan stopped walking and turned pulling Arianna with him; she gave a small gasp of confusion as he moved closer to her.
“You have completely changed my world,” Logan told her, “And I like it,” he gently stroked his hand along her cheek, “I’m in this for the duration.”
Arianna smiled at him, “That’s good to know.”

Davin pulled together the ingredients he needed for his potion. It took him a lot longer than it should have to get everything together but then again it had been a long time since he had been expected to do anything like this. Laurie stood watching handing him anything he asked for without saying a word.
He took the cereal bowl from Laurie that he was using to mix the potion before lining up the ingredients in a row in front of him.
“Is this a good idea?” Laurie asked.
Davin shrugged, “Possibly, possibly not but I don’t think we’ve any real choice.”
Laurie nodded and stood back watching as Davin started pouring the ingredients into the bowl, surprised as after a few minutes the mixture started to smoke.
“Is it meant to be doing that?” Laurie asked worriedly.
Davin chuckled, “Yes. Don’t worry; I know what I’m doing.”
Laurie raised her eyebrow but didn’t say a word as Davin started the incantation to summon his friend.
After several moments of nothing a tiny speck of light appeared in front of them, it grew in size and intensity before fading to reveal a woman standing there. She was as tall as Davin with long dark hair and dark eyes, the dress she wore was a beautiful purple with gold detailing. Her almond shaped eyes were narrowed and almost completely black.
“Oh no,” Davin breathed loud enough for only Laurie to hear, “We’re in trouble.”
“Because that’s the Queen of the Fairies and she looks mad.”
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