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Chapter 7

“This is stupid,” Arianna noted.
Logan turned from watching the two fires outside the pub doors, “What is?”
“We’re chasing our tails,” she sighed, “We need something better than maybe.”
“Then what do you suggest?” Logan said, “Because I have absolutely no idea. This is your world.”
Arianna slid her arm through his and started them walking through the streets once more, “You remember the flying carpet or curtain we used?”
“Kind of hard to forget,” Logan chuckled.
Arianna laughed as well, “It’s a spell similar to that. But instead of travelling across space we move through time.”
At Logan’s confused look she laughed, “Not like that. We stay the same but we should be able to see the shadows of what happened.”
“That’s good,” Logan said before frowning, “Why didn’t you think of it before now?”
Arianna winced, “Well, there is one tiny little problem with this spell.”
“How tiny a problem?”
“It takes a lot of energy to do,” Arianna explained, “And after I use it I could be out for a while.”
“Arianna, are you going to make me ask everything before you just tell me?” Logan demanded annoyed.
“Alright,” she replied, “The power required to do this spell is so much that we usually have at least six sorcerers weaving it.”
“And you’re going to try it yourself?” Logan snapped, “Arianna, that’s insane.”
“What’s insane is that I’ve almost got you and Laurie killed,” she retorted, “And I still have no idea what to do.”
Logan shook his head, “We don’t expect you to. Arianna, you’ve already explained the reasons you were sent here alone. The only thing I really expect from you is not to kill yourself and work with us.”
Arianna gave him an amused look, “Yes, sir.”
Logan didn’t say another word as they continued walking, surprised as Arianna stopped suddenly.
“I have an idea,” she told him, “One that isn’t insane. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in the Peacekeepers offices because my mother worked a lot. One of the guys used to show me things, tricks mostly but one day he showed me this way to trace energies.”
“Why didn’t you think of that before?”
“Because it’s a trick,” Arianna explained, “It’s not really a proper spell so isn’t something used by anyone over the age of five.”
“Then let’s try it,” Logan told her.
Arianna nodded, “I’ll need the blue stone.”
They turned and started back to the shop.

“Why have you summoned me?”
Laurie swallowed as she looked at the beautiful woman who stood before them, anger in her eyes.
“I did not summon you, Your Majesty,” Davin told her quickly, “My call was for your younger sister, Bluebell. We have worked together in the past and I was hoping that she would be able to help me.”
“My sister is on a quest at this moment in time,” the Queen told him, “When I heard your call I decided to see who had the gall to summon one of my people.”
“I assure you there was no disrespect meant,” Davin told her, “Bluebell gave me this spell to call her when I needed her. She and I have been friends for many years.”
“What is your name, Sentry?”
“Ah, yes,” the Queen nodded, “My sister has spoken of you at times, also of your wife. Is this she?”
Davin turned to where Laurie stood watching the entire exchange in astonishment, “No. This is Laurie; she owns the building we are in. My wife passed to the eternal lands many years ago.”
The Queen tilted her head, “My apologies. Now, what were you wanting my sister’s help with?”
“The three stones were stolen recently,” Davin explained, “We have the blue stone but the other two are still missing.”
“How can my people help?” the Queen demanded, “This is something for the humans not the fairies.”
“I know, Ma’am,” Davin said, “But whoever stole the stones created the rift in this room. The rift is bleeding magical energy into this world and that will affect your people as well as mine. The Peacekeeper sent is a powerful sorceress but she is still only learning. I am hoping that perhaps you would be able to guide her.”
The Queen frowned in thought, “The magic in this world is not strong enough to allow my people to survive. The magic from the rift allows me to be here but out with this room is a different matter.”
Davin sighed in annoyance, “I didn’t think of that. Thank you for coming, Your Majesty,” Davin told her, “Please give my warmest regards to your sister as well.”
“Wait,” the Queen called, “I told you that I would not be able to send any of my people to help you but I can give the Peacekeeper a gift that may help her.”
They watched as the Queen held out her hand and a small green leaf appeared. The Fairy offered it to Davin who gently lifted the leaf and looked at it confused.
“It is a leaf from the tree in the centre of my garden,” she explained, “It will provide extra protection for your peacekeeper but only once, so it must be used only at the moment of greatest need.”
Davin smiled and bowed deeply at her, “Thank you, Your Majesty. Your kindness is something I will praise always.”
The Queen chuckled as she touched his shoulder, “I see now why my sister is so fond of you. I wish you well, Davin.”

Laurie sat in the bar throwing back a shot of whiskey after the encounter with the fairy Queen.
“How are you doing?” Davin asked taking the seat across from her.
“A little shaken,” Laurie told him, “How much danger were we actually in down there?”
Davin grimaced slightly, “If she’d taken offence, a lot.”
“Oh,” Laurie murmured as Davin filled her glass again, “I can’t believe how insane my life has suddenly become.”
“You could be Logan,” Davin reminded her.
Laurie nodded before she frowned, “I don’t know if I’m right about this but there is a slight thing I noticed.”
“Arianna and Logan,” Laurie said.
Davin tilted his head waiting for her to continue.
“You know she spent the night with him,” Laurie said, “He insists they slept in separate rooms but...I know Logan and he doesn’t really do being friends with women he’s attracted to.”
“Arianna isn’t staying here,” Davin noted, “She is however very single-minded and I can’t say anything against her choices. I’m not her father.”
“Aren’t you her mentor or something?” Laurie demanded.
Davin looked at her confused, “Why are you so against it? Surely you and Logan are just friends?”
“We are,” Laurie replied, “But I’ve watched him bounce from relationship to relationship and he does get involved too easily. I don’t want him to get too involved with her and get his heart broken when she leaves.”
Davin sighed, “Arianna, from what I know isn’t one for getting involved. Logan is the only person she knew that she could go to last night when memories of her mother’s death resurfaced.”
“If you’re sure,” Laurie said, “Then I’ll hold off on saying something.”

Logan watched in astonishment as Arianna created a web of light around her, the blue gem was sitting in the centre of a circle they’d painstakingly drawn on the floor. Arianna pulled the strands of light into a ball before touching it to the blue gem.
“Find your brothers,” she breathed hopefully as she released the spell.
They watched as the gem glowed before it faded to nothing.
“That was an anti-climax,” Arianna noted disappointed, “We need another plan.”
Logan dropped into a seat, “Well, I’m tapped out.”
Arianna sat beside him, she pulled over the glass of water she’d got herself when they entered the shop and waved her hand over it.
“Davin, tell me you’ve got something.”
Logan looked at her confused until he noticed Davin was looking back at him from the reflection on the water.
“The Fairy Queen gave me something you can use in desperate times but other than that I’ve no idea,” Davin told her.
“There has to be something, guys,” Logan said, “Couldn’t there be something left over from before the worlds split that could help?”
“That’s an idea,” Davin mused, “Arianna, do you remember the story about the gift King Arthur was given by the Elves?”
“Seriously?” Laurie asked, “First Fairies and now Elves?”
“They’re magical beings,” Arianna told her, “There are more.”
Laurie groaned, “Don’t tell me.”
“Anyway,” Davin moved them back to the original subject, “King Arthur was given a pendant which Merlin used to contact the Black Dragon.”
“The pendant could possibly help us call on the one creature that can sense the magical energy the gems give off,” Arianna told them.
“Are you two seriously talking about summoning a Dragon?” Laurie demanded.
Arianna nodded, “Exactly. Don’t worry. Dragons are magnificent, graceful and intelligent beings who should help us.”
“But the fairy said her people couldn’t exist with the levels of magi here,” Laurie said, “Won’t that apply to a dragon as well?”
“Dragons are like green sorcerers,” Davin told them, “They carry their magic within them. They agreed to move realms so that they would not be hunted.”
“All this is a moot point if we can’t find the pendant,” Logan reminded them.
“It’s in the safe,” Davin replied, “Arianna, you know the code. Just please do the summons somewhere other than the shop.”
Arianna grinned at Logan before she dipped her finger into the water breaking the surface and cutting the connection.
“Let’s go,” she told him.

Logan shivered as he and Arianna stood in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. She was going over the instructions quickly in her head before she placed the pendant on the ground in front of them.
“And you’re sure this is safe?” Logan asked.
“For the hundredth time, kind of,” Arianna replied before smiling, “Trust me.”
“Like I have a choice,” he mumbled.
Arianna ignored him and started the incantation to call forth a dragon. As she released the spell Logan felt the hairs on the back of his neck start to prickle. Whatever she was doing was working. He stared as a hole appeared in the ground before them watching in amazement as it grew and grew before a talon appeared.
“My God that’s giant,” he breathed in astonishment before his eyes widened even more at the creature that appeared before them.
Arianna spread her arms in welcome to the creature, “Tor. It’s so good to see you.”
Logan turned to her, “Friend of yours?”
“Tor was one of my tutors,” Arianna grinned at him, “Did I forget to mention that.”
“Yes,” Logan replied annoyed.
“Tor, thank you for coming at my call,” Arianna said, “I’m hoping you’ll be able to help.”
The dragon leaned down until his eyes were level with them, Logan stared in astonishment as he could see the scales of the magnificent creature before him shimmer between gold and green.
“I am unsure what you feel I will be able to do,” Tor noted, his voice reverberated through Logan’s body, “But I shall help in any way I can.”
Arianna smiled at him, “Thank you. First things first can you detect any magical energy?”
Tor raised his head and sniffed the air, “I will need to circle.”
“You mean fly?” Logan demanded, “Arianna, that’s not going to be something we can hide.”
“Amateur,” Tor rolled his eyes.
“Tor will shield himself,” Arianna explained with a fond smile, “No one, not even someone with magical ability will be able to see him unless he wants them to.”
“Cool,” Logan murmured.
Arianna smiled even more, “It is. Tor, we’ll wait here for you.”
Tor dipped his head before spreading his wings making Logan gasp again in amazement as he watched the majestic creature soar into the night sky.
“I’m beginning to enjoy this,” Logan told her.
“Good,” Arianna said, she shivered slightly and Logan slid his arm around her shoulder pulling her close to him. Arianna turned and looked up at him, as their eyes locked Logan leaned in to her.
“Stop,” Arianna placed her hand on his chest stopping him before he could kiss her, “I’m not staying here. I can’t get involved because as much as I want to I know I’m leaving.”
Logan nodded, “I understand, I wish it was different.”
“So do I.”

“Arianna,” Tor returned to her side to find her alone, “Where is your friend?”
“I sent him to the car for the moment,” she replied, “Did you find anything?”
Tor nodded, “There are traces of magic but they are too faint for me to pinpoint.”
Arianna sighed in annoyance, “I need something, Tor. I’m running out of ideas of people to ask for help.”
“You could use a search spell with the blue gem,” Tor suggested.
“Yeah, tried that and it did nothing,” she told him.
Tor let out a long soft growl of thought, “Perhaps it did and you just did not know how to interpret the findings.”
“Then how about you?” Arianna asked, “Could you interpret it?”
Tor nodded, “I can try.”
Arianna folded her arms and stood waiting; Tor growled softly and began to shrink. Finally he was only a few inches tall and flew to rest on Arianna’s shoulder.
“Logan’s going to love this,” she murmured as she headed to where Logan was sitting waiting for her.

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