If I Stay

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She thought, "so bricks are just.... domesticated stones?" A lock of chestnut brown hair tickled her cheeks as she strolled through the peaceful town. She was wearing her normal attire, black leather boots, black jeans, black t-shirt, and a black cape to hide it all. She was wearing a black bandanna over her mouth and nose. But her favorite part of her outfit was the pants. Hidden all over her pants were a total of thirty daggers. Then there were two more in her boots but those were never used. She walked until her eyes spotted the sign she was looking for. A sliver of black smoke to the northwestern direction. She sprinted towards it. She gained speed and to the people strolling through the streets, she looked like a person running at just about one thousand miles per hour. And to some of the people, she was just a strong breeze of wind. But soon they all forgot about it and their life was normal and boring just like before. Some tried to grasp onto the memory but for some reason, the memory wouldn’t come back to them. She started to get closer to the black smoke.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

Twenty years ago, she was an orphan. Her parents died on 9/11/2011. She never really knew what happened that day. All she knew was that every time she told someone, they would say, “Oh, I’m so sorry sweetie” or “Oh” or some variation of the exact same thing.

She was a beautiful baby. Everyone thought she was beautiful until the day that someone blamed her for something she didn’t do. She was a normal girl and life was beautiful. She had a boyfriend and she was popular. She was walking toward her beautiful destiny of being a model and earning millions of dollars every month. But none of that worked out. First, her adopted parents divorced and ended up dropping her off at a different school. Second, she got a serious case of the most painful of them all-forehead acne. Third, her best friend committed suicide and her other friend blamed it on her. Her best friend committed suicide and the knife ha. They called her Esme afterwards because that was the nickname that she hated. But during that time, she was a criminal. Everywhere, there were police lurking and looking for her. She was on the news. “Teenage girl kills her friend because she was overly jealous” Her other friend made up a story and that story just somehow became her story.

The story was that a teenage girl named Jesme Williams that was overly addicted to Instagram and Snapchat, had a boyfriend named Jeremy Young. Her best friend Jess snatched her boyfriend. She was really mad and killed her. That’s the story in short but of course the actual article was about two thousand words long.


I felt like the whole world turned against me in one night. Every phone call I made, made me feel worse. I was that punching bag that everyone threw their anger at me because Jess’ death was ALL MY FAULT. One night was all it took to erase all my past friendships and turn on me. I threw my phone in a trash can, hoping that the police would have a hard time following the trash truck. I grabbed my car keys and jumped into my trusty gray car. Eventually I reached the place I wanted to reach, the casino. I grabbed one of the bandannas lying around in the back trunk and tied it around my face. I speed walked into the casino and went to the second room on the right. Like always, Joey was in it. I told him, “I’m finally accepting the job offer that you have been trying to make me take for three years” He grins that creepy grin of his and walks out of the door. We walk to his car and he says, “Get in”

Ten hours later, it is dawn and we reach the gate. The gate to a place that can be considered hell. After all they’re alike on many different levels. We reached the small crevice in the mountain. I climbed through and the first thing that happened was a painful flash struck my eye. To say the light was blinding was an understatement. I felt like my eyes were being drenched in acid. Eventually, what seemed like an eternity later, my eyes slowly adjusted but they adjusted right when I took a step, a step right into thin air. I plummeted off of the cliff instead of taking the bridge that I was supposed to take.

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