Coming out of the shadows

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Kayrén Forest is a 20 year old girl who after killing her sister to save her brother ran into the forest and stayed in the shadows until one day she crosses one of the supreme alphas borderline and gets captured by the supreme alpha only to realize the man is her mate. her soulmate. Her other half... Shit....

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Chapter 1

Kayrén's POV

So, have you ever been to Los Vegas? I have, but technically I'm still here. I started going around the world in the shadows because of one incident a couple of months ago.
I was with my family. My mom my dad and my brother and sister. My sister was five years younger than me and my brother was older by two years. My bottle and sister went wondering into the forest and they got captured. I had transformed into my wolf midnight and I had searched until I found them. The guy who was holding them agenst their will had make me a deal if I killed one of them i the other one will be spared. I chose to save my brother and I still remember her face when I ripped her heart out. But the one thing I will always remember is the look of my brothers face when I killed my mother and father just to save my brother only to see him get killed by the horrible man right in front me, his face drained of color, his body going limp in my arms. I still remember what he had said and that will always, always haunt me.
'' I can't believe I'm related to you. A murderer." He had said on his last dying breath.
That's when I had started living in the shadows.
I'm Kayrén Forest. I'm a 20 year old who has no family because i murdered them, will, except my brother he was by a horrible man who my father likes to call a friend. Let me tell you this; he is no Friend of ours.
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