Black Magic

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I have lived for almost a million years with magic in my veins, and a curse in my body. With my sealed, damaged heart, and long ago broken soul. I am not a dream, nor a nightmare. I can be both, either, or neither. Those around me don't understand, nor can I ever explain. For those who don't believe in magic, the glittering eyes of the stars as their twinkle surrounds you. The secrets you find hidden in unlikely places. The beauty of seeing a stoic lake with the glistening reflections of the moon and her stars. For those who don't believe in magic or chose not to look for it will never truly see or find it. You see, you can't tame the spirit of someone who has magic in their veins. Because as long as they keep believing, keep seeing, they are never truly defenseless.

Fantasy / Romance
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I’m Angelina Carissa Fawn. Or at least that’s my name in this century. I’ve lived for thousands of years; within hundreds of different lives.

You see I am forced to live this life in which I can’t die, and if I’m killed than I reincarnate into another, different life. Though when I’m old enough I will realize who I am; I even always look the same.

Let’s just say I can’t understand what Gods hope for me is. As this endless life continues. You see thousands of years ago I was cursed by another witch; though she was completely insane. Her last words to me were her curse.

“If I must have the torcher to die and travel below; then you will have your own to live beyond your years, and you will be forever alone, forgotten.”

At first, no one in my clan thought anything of it. They were just the crazy last words of the old hag. But then the point came were I stopped aging completely and felt the curse awaken under my skin.

First my family, then my friends started dying around me. And I. I was stuck. Forever. I can age until I’m twenty in years. The only if I choose can I slowly age till 30, before I just stop growing old entirely. Whether I chose to or not.

The world has Other creatures in it too, not just humans and witches, it has since the beginning of time. But I am the last true wich. Others who are Potentials have the potential to become witches, Enchantresses, Warriors, or Oracles but I am the only trained pureblood ancient wich.

I know what your thinking. Why not just train others? The Potentials? Because of this power. The power my birth forced me to carry within me. The power even I hold alone. It’s too much. No one should have this much ability.

If I was to ever release it all at once it would kill not only me but everything else in a hundred-mile radius, maybe more. So yes, though I could train them; though most Potentials go crazy or become loners in society.

Because the pureblood Humans call them “freaks,” “weirdos,” or just plain “different.” It’s better this way. And yes that means if I finally die my species technically dies with me. Oh well, trust me. It’s better this way, better than the alternative.

I tend to stay in my little side of our little neighborhood. One because people are still scared of the town own “freak.” Two because my business is in artistry, foretelling, massage therapy, and apothecary. So most of my customers meet at my store for public affairs or my house for more privacy. And third, most importantly, because of the Others. Were-animals, vampires, fey, elves, dragons, trolls, and even more.

Because they think witches are extinct. And if they thought otherwise I would be hunted for my power and used. More than likely for bad than good. Besides humans wouldn’t help. They never really liked us.

Besides, I don’t want anyone hurt because of me. Ever again.

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