Fairy of Euphoria- Coffee love

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Ah! For the love of coffee... I wish upon the fairy of Eutopia to find you and make you fall in love with her magical beans, just like she did to me. Hey little one, Have you ever heard of a coffee fairy who could steal you to her fairy realm called Eutopia? If not, then let's hear the mother of our Princess Reina tell about the rarely heard legend and the mystery behind it.......

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Princess Reina Chrystian, a spirited young lady of the kingdom of Exousia in her 20’s, loved and hated equally by the common folks. Yet, the world inside of her was quite revolving in the opposite direction. She lived a sedentary life in castle built with the walls of solitude, the strongest fortress that allows no one to breach its quarters. She spends most of her time wallowing in the huge library halls with numerous books perfectly organized to her preferences. Often, she forgets her meal as she gets herself lost in those pages.

Her sister Princess Fiona Chrystian, who loves to play is rather adventures and has a very difficult time coaxing her big sister, out of her senses into doing something else for a change.

Whenever Fiona searches for her, she always ⁿqg and for those who hate it, it’s a curse.

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