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Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

The classrooms lied from the outside. They were much bigger on the inside than the outside and it boggled me to Oblivion. Seriously, it was ridiculous. J found my reaction of surprise sufficient enough and lead us to a seats just around the middle of the class.

Her logic was people in the back are always kept an eye on, while people in the front just don’t care enough so the teacher has them there so that they have no choice but to pay attention. People in the middle either talk too much, not at all or are just there to get through the class and that we were there to enjoy it.

I couldn’t really argue with any of that so I followed along with her as people started pouring into the room. Everyone seemed to know exactly where they wanted to sit but no one seemed nervous or out of place. I guessed that was just me as I start tapping my fingers rapidly against the table me and J sat down.

It was a large, open room, covered in tables and twirly chairs, not to mention bean bags and chairs that hung down like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Wide windows lined the one side of the wall and let sunlight pour in, sparkling off metal and making the ink upon students skin sparkle.

A few people stared at me, confused faces and some people seemed absolutely pissed at me and I was confused as to why. What did I do? They didn’t even know me!

I kept tapping my fingers against the desk, legs sore still and tempted to start biting my nails but J gave me a quick squeeze around the shoulders and I felt a calmness wash over me and the weight of pressure subsided from my chest.

Thank you, J!

I pulled out the book Mark had given me, rippling the corners of the pages as people started talking. I kept thinking they were talking about me but I didn’t dwell on it too much.

Dwelling on things never allows one to move on. And moving on is life.

I pulled out some paper that I shoved in my bag and wrote down a question for J. I didn’t want people eavesdropping on what I had wanted to tell and ask her.

I quickly scribbled down my thoughts, asking her if people knew about the fire. If they knew that we were involved. About me and Griffin and if that would be an issue because of Red’s influence.

She read over, her brow furrowing and grabbed my pencil, hastily darkening what I wrote into a dark, lead-covered blob and replied before someone could look over.

Her handwriting wasn’t really that bad, I had to be honest when I saw it. But what I read made me anxious again and the knot in my stomach tighten.

J had written that yes, some people most likely did agree with Red and people most likely knew about the fire but not who was involved. When students get into trouble like we did, it’s not allowed to be spread because it could hurt the student or students involved.

I took the paper and pencil from her and my hands were shaking. At least they most likely didn’t know I was involved. A slightly comforting thought, to be honest. Hey, it was better than nothing!

People were starting to murmur, wondering where Auggie was. Except they just called him Mr Warren. Which slightly boggled me but I was used to him always being slightly late. He was bound to of been distracted by something, like always.

Then door opened quietly and in came Auggie, his bowtie crooked lie normal and glass almost falling off of his face. He set down a book he was carrying with him and scanned the room, counting the amount of people in the room as a part of his hair flopped about with each nod of his head. He paused when he saw me but soon smiled widely and whistled so loudly that my ears ached.

Everyone groaned from the loud noise, one kid complaining. That caught Auggie’s attention and he slowly made his way over to her and she seemed a bid snidely. I looked at her and her eyes caught mine and I could tell what she was about to do.

“Miss Herrbull, care to elaborate on why your complaint was needed?” Auggie prodded and I could see a small smirk forming on his lips.

The girl’s eye didn’t leave his but she only looked at him with that snideness.

“Good. Anything else you have to complain about before we proceed to start covering Redcliffe?” He paused waiting for her to reply but she didn’t, taking a quick glance at me and he stormed right into the lesson.

He didn’t have us get to know one another. That was never how Auggie was anyways. He figured if people wanted to get to know one another they could do it on their own terms, without the force of someone that’s almost a stranger.

But Redcliffe was interesting. One of the few ravines located in this world that makes the border between the plains and the dessert. One of the major towns is set inside and most of it’s light is provide by the rubies and red quartz that line the entire damn thing, and apparently its beautiful in the night. The only reason the rubies and such provide light is because of the creatures that live there and the amount of magic that rolls about the area. It’s like drugs to the stones and gems.

It also was apparently, home to Red. He was named after the place. Auggie didn’t say much after that, even after three students prodded and poked. He was good at keeping secrets, that everyone in my family knew.

But I got curious and raised my hand. Auggie was shocked for a second but didn’t ignore my one sweat palm raised in the air as the aching my muscles began to get worse.

“Yes, Nayleth?” He said, smiling slightly. A few other people in the class were surprised at him calling me by my first name. He always called people Miss or Mr if they were younger unless he liked the person or was family.

“Why is Red… why is he doing this? And how come people aren’t doing much to stop him?” I asked, looking at my uncle without moving my eyes. I started tapping my fingers against the desk again and I could hear a few kids such in breaths, a few pulses rise. I could hear J’s almost silent whisper clear.

Don’t push him.” She whispered but I could tell she already knew that I was aware of that. Just a soft reminder to herself, mostly.

Auggie looked at me for a second, obviously knowing there was more to those two questions than what he could say in front of the class. But everyone was holding their breath.

It seemed the war was kept large in people’s minds but apparently, not much was told about Red. I don’t think that was very helpful but I guess it kept things calmer than what they could’ve been.

And it was obvious that everyone was curious. And of course people were aware that Auggie knew what was going on. He was close to Mark , from what I could tell and most everyone else seemed to of noticed that as well.

“He’s… upset. Either because of his upbringing or because of how me and Mark treated him when he first arrived at one of the meetings for how to manage the schools different lands.

“We didn’t listen to him but for good reason. He wanted to send most Full-Metas to a more harsher area, like to the hottest, stingiest part of the dessert since they had more power, more magic in their blood. But we obviously didn’t allow that.

“And he got upset. Blamed us, only half of the people there with full forms mind you, blamed the people with so-called full forms and said how we were ruining things. Quintis Mane had to use five different sleep spells on him until he…” But he stopped, getting lost in thought. A red haired girl slammed one of her books on the floor and screed Auggie, grabbing him out of the daze. All eyes were on him.

"People are too scared about what he'll do. He already has Ripper." He whispered, playing around with his tie. People went silent at the name of Ripper and I felt myself get a bit more unnerved than before.

He looked around, biting his cheek and went to his desk while mumbling things to himself. Opening drawers and closing them at lightning speed, he pulled out a deck of tarot card, identical to Mark’s.

He held them up in triumph but only left confused and absolutely excited faces on everyone here. Auggie looked around with a grin of confidence and slight giddiness.

“Been a bit since I’ve done this but I think we should go back to when Redcliffe was being built, don’t you? Mark doesn’t want me doing this too often but I’ve quite missed my cards.

’“Now, nothing is needed, as I’m sure you all know from rumors. Just bring yourself with and you should be fine. I’ll make sure Mark knows what were doing before any of you get to him.” Auggie stated, looking at everyone who just looked back with wide, exuberated eyes.

I looked a J with a massively confused face. She looked at me and I could see her realized just how much I was put in the dark about things. Her brows furrowed.

“Your uncle is known for taking his class back in time to teach, Nayleth. He doesn’t do it much anymore because of Mark worrying with the protective value of the cards not working.

“Most students here grew up with stories of the teachers from siblings and met them years before to help figure out forms. No one’s too surprised with things when it comes to the teachers.” She said, looking at me with those sad eyes, those eyes that say a person is sorry and that they wished they could of fixed things before they got wrong. Those pity eyes.

I hate those eyes.

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