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Chapter Five

Chapter Five

As we walked back, I heard more sounds. It wasn’t as painful though, since J offered me some more of the paste.

Apparently, forms that me and Griffin had were mostly genetic, but had more prominent passive skills. Like increased hearing and sensitive smell.

Auggie apparently had better taste, which I found odd. Although, J didn’t have a passive like this and neither did Sully. When I asked why, no one answered me. It just made them uncomfortable.

As the sun began to set, less people were walking the dusty, dirt roads marked by roundish, clover hoof prints from the Chalas which were these weird horse-camel things that reminded me of hippocampuses. It was starting to get chilly at this point, and I could hear the rustling of wildlife in the nearby forest. If I focused enough, I could hear odd bleating from the mountains, the sound of a rain from the tropical forests.

Sully was walking beside me again, only a few inches taller. His blueish hair seemed to glow as the sun began to set. His eyes glinted in the light and a slight smile brushed his lips. J was as perky as she ever was, a little grim but she seemed happier after seeing her mother. Griffin’s hair was tousled now, a cut lining his jaw. He seemed tired and he soon ventured on the other side of me. Sully slowly wandered up to J as Griffin inched closer.

“So, um, Nayleth?” Griffin asked, a nervous smile on his face.

I looked at him and grinned. “Yes, Griffin?”

“I, um, I-” But he didn’t get the words out as some bright purple blob was coming toward us at a very high speed. The blob seemed to be breathing frantically, pulse rapid. Auggie stopped us but didn’t seem to be panicked.

Walking up to him, I nudged Auggie’s shoulder. He shrugged them in response and kept walking but soon stopped as I started to hear the weird things breathing and, not to mention, frantic words. What weird purple blob thing speaks? None, that’s what!

The purple thing was soon close enough that I could see pepper colored hair, wire-rimmed glasses and a stubble-covered chin. Oh. The weird purple thing was Mark! That makes a lot more sense…

He stopped, noticing the four of us, his breathing long and loud. His hair was all over the place but his demeanor was worried, frantic. He looked at Auggie as if he had done something completely unforgivable. Mark opened his mouth to protest but then saw me and closed it, relief seeming to wash over him.

Auggie looked at him perplexed but Mark soon began to talk. “Why are you like this? I’ve told you, no one is allowed to go on that Grove bounty! Especially new students!” He exclaimed, waving his hands about as if to put on a show.

A look of understanding passed through Auggie and he chuckled. Chuckled. “Mark, it’s fine. We figured out her passive or two, Griffin well, we don’t know yet. But it’s fine. Really.”

But Mark’s face said it still wasn’t fine as he looked at Griffin and his face went pale.

Griffin’s face went pale in return and he leaned on his cane more.

Marked looked at him with sorrow and curiosity. Then I noticed that he had two decks of tarot cards strapped to a belt like revolvers, a few others on the underside of his forearm like some fantasy assassin. But the ones on his forearm seemed to be easily hidden with sleeves

Griffin started breathing quickly and I could hear his pulse as clear as day, making my insides freak out. Hearing your own blood in your ears was something, but another person’s pulse? That’s not… that’s not ok. It's not natural.

Mark moved toward Griffin, resting a hand on his shoulder in a caring way. Griffin’s eyes looked red, brimmed with tears. He seemed confused, overwhelmed. He nodded his head. Mark was whispering but I could hear him, plain as day.

He said something along the lines of being sorry, that no one knew about it. But then he mentioned something about why Griffin seemed so overwhelmed. Griffin softly explained that Mark’s emotion were too… strong. Too overbearing. This made him surprised but he told him to breathe and try to block out the emotions.

Griffin nodded his head while the other three were confused. “Mark,” I began, his head turning toward me sharply. His eyes sparkled for a moment, and I gasped softly. “Um, uh, think you could explain why he seems so overwhelmed to everyone else?” I asked him and his eyes went wide but he smiled, as if proud of me.

“Of course, Nayleth. Of course. Griffin, um,” He said glancing toward him as he was closing his eyes shut extremely hard. He seemed on the verge of crying and panic. Like the emotions had taken hold. “He has what’s known as empath. But here, it’s a little… different. It’s a rarer skill but to have it is kinda like having a curse. I wonder what having a curse is like though… does it hurt? How annoying is it? What if-” He started ranting but J glared at him and he continued on his merry way.

“Empathy in this world is very important. But Griffin’s seems to have manifested into something a bit more. Griffin, what emotions are you feeling?” Mark asked him as he looked up, tears falling down his cheeks. He laughed then, confused with it all.

He mumbled something along the lines of great happiness, pain and sorrow. The feeling of finally seeing someone after not for a while and the feeling of your insides being torn apart between different choices.

Mark looked at him, his face not changing but he seemed to frown slightly as he fidgeted with one of the cards on his forearms. It was a worn card, yellowing. “Yes, and he can’t block them out, correct?” Griffin shook his head vigorously in response.

We were still walking at this point, almost back to the town but something in my gut was screaming that something was off about Mark. He just seemed… familiar. I cocked my head at him, bitting the side of my cheek.

Mark cleared his throat, Auggie watching him closely. “So, if Griffin cares enough about someone or someone is just a natural open book, he can feel their emotions. But making them stop is what’s difficult. Meditation will help, as well as daily bubble baths. Don’t forget about drawing.” He rambled on, relaxing. Griffin looked at him, smiling gratefully as the man forced himself to relax for Griffin.

I kept walking, perplexed. So, Griffin was basically an Empath. Interesting. I wondered what else he could do? And what J and Sully could do! Now that, that really had me curious. As I pondered my thoughts we soon were walking through the main street of the school, I now realizing I didn’t know the name of the town, muchless the provinces.

Another thing to learn. Great.

I sighed as a wave of tiredness washed over me my eyelids feeling heavy. As I yawned, I noticed that J was humming again. She seemed so blissful.

I’ve known bliss, of course. Even if it was for a few seconds. Be it the sunshine on my face or rain cascading down my cheeks. Just… hard to remember what it was like - that innocent childishness.

A howl erupted through the night and my skin chilled. It sounded so near but none of them were even worried about it. I shook the sound from my worries and thoughts, just trusting Mark and Auggie.

I looked at the two of them, realizing that they both had a similar form. Purple scales that seemed to glitter in the moonlight and sunlight, large wings and powerful tails. But Mark’s wings seemed like they had more muscle, tail slightly shorter and a stump at the end. His horns were cracked down the middle on the inside, a volcanic cavern.

Auggie, on the other hand, had smaller wings that were covered in scars. He didn’t seem to mind that his tail was covered in spikes. His horns were glowing white again, no cracks and a patch of scales that ran down his neck seemed to ripple as he stretched it.

I ran my fingers over a patch of scales that traced my forearm muscles in ink. Hereditary, maybe? Like Diana said? Then I wondered if the color of their scales was a coincidence. But that I mean I was related to Mark but then how? That was the true question as we walked through the halls toward Mark’s office. Apparently, he had somethings to go over with us so Auggie was left in a tattered t-shirt, J sighing as her eyes began to grow bags, Sully shrugging his shoulders and Griffin scoffing.

My back felt like it was on fire but I ignored it, just glad that my ears didn’t feel like someone had shoved a hot coal into them anymore.

As we entered the office Mark plopped onto his chair and grabbed a bottle of bubbles, blowing into the little stick. Soon, bubbles filled the room. Some were shiny, others like sheet metal. It made me smile that this man seemed so whimsical yet serious.

As we all settled down with bubbles floating about I wondered why Mark seemed so familiar. And it hit me. He reminded me of my father. Whimsical yet serious but more antsy and worried. My breath caught in my throat and he looked over at me, cocking his head.

I let the breathe go as he looked at me oddly, smiling shakily. Griffin plopped down beside me but I pushed him off, wanting the whole couch to myself. Honestly, just don’t bother when I want the whole couch because you aren’t getting it back for a long while.

Mark set the bubbles down as Auggie came back from one of the side doors wearing plaid pajamas. Good job, Auggie. Good job. You just became Scrooge.

He sighed, looking from each of us. Looking at J, he smiled. “Did you tell Bren about…?” He asked her and she nodded her head. He smiled brightly but pushed it aside and turned to Griffin who sat up straight, as if ready for anything. “Griffin, your parents have been sighted out in the Mako Plains. They have camp set up but the journey will take a day or two. A few more days of class and then you are free to go meet them.” He told Griffin who looked like he was about to throw up. I could see anger boiling in his eyes.

But he then dismissed the four of them, saying he needed to talk to me in private. I looked at him, perplexed but he didn’t acknowledge my reaction as the four of them left the room. I heard J tell Griffin that it couldn’t be good. Mark never spoke to students alone.

I felt my own blood chill at that as I looked at the man in front of me, throat dry.

He leaned on his desk, grinning. His tattoos were back now, a crown of scales on his forehead, beautiful swirls along his neck muscles. His eyes seemed to glitter mischievously as he saw me shift uncomfortably.

“Don’t mind J, she knows things but you aren’t in trouble.” He told me and nodded toward the door as I heard Griffin yelp then laugh, followed by an irritated stop. Mark’s grin was wide but I sat in confusion.

He tapped his ear. “A few others have sensitive hearing as well. Don’t worry, you get used to it in time but just try to not hear the pulses. It’s way to freaky for me. I wonder if you like gummy bears because I have some. Do want some? I have grape and orange and-” But he stopped, furrowing his brow.

“What I am saying, you most likely don’t like gummy bears. Fizzle Wizzle?” He asked me, holding a bar wrapped in something purple. The font spelled out Fizzle Wizzle in cursive gold. I looked at him, even more confused but took the candy as my stomach grumbled.

I took a bite out of the chocolate candy bar, the texture reminding me of Crunch. But soon, I felt something fizzy against my tongue. Like soda. Ohhh, Fizzle Wizzle. I get it.

As I chewed, Mark was staring out the large, rectangular window that poked out from the building. He seemed lost in thought, completely forgetting that I was in the room but soon turned around as I finished the candy.

“You think the dragonflies are pretty? I think they are…” He said, seemingly trying to pluck up the courage to say something else as little dragons with wings of actual dragonflies buzzed around outside, tails lashing about with bright lights. “Nayleth, I need you to be honest. Did you know you could bloodlet before showing Auggie?”

I looked at him, baffled. Why would I know? “Um, no. I didn’t even know about this world till a few days ago, remember?” I reminded him and the purple and gold wrapper crinkled in my hands.

Mark’s face contorted but soon he seemingly remembered. “Oh, ok.” He muttered as he spread some cards out on his desk and tapped the back of each of them, as if in deep thought.

He didn’t say much as I sat there, watching the dragonflies fly about outside the window. They lashed their tails about which sparked with blue and yellow lights. Some had green scales, others a deep purple. They were funny creatures, really.

“Please, try to get Bren to let you visit your mother. I need to know if… I need to know how she takes to you being here. Is that ok? If you need time that’s fine. And here’s your schedule, as well as Griffin’s. You can tell me if you want to change any classes.” He told me and handed me two slips of paper, both having names in wavering cursive in the top left.

My schedule read that, on Monday’s, I had history of Neo with Auggie , which I assumed was what this land was called. Tuesday’s I had World Painting with Miss. Wren which intrigued me. Painting? Why would that be an entire class for two and half hours? Wednesday was training with Mr. Fowler, Thursday’s something called Seeking, which baffled me. What was it? Friday was a free day, as was Saturday and Sunday which was nice.

I folded up both of the papers, tucking mine away in the back pocket of the jeans I was wearing. Mark smiled at me, his eyes crinkling and teeth sparkling as he ushered me out as quickly as he ushered me in.


When I got back to the room, I could hear J yelling something about not throwing the pillows and Griffin retorting with that he wasn’t going to break anything. I took this as a clue to a pillow fight and I wasn’t’ wrong when I walked in Griffin had thrown a pillow toward Sully who battled it out of the way and immediately smiled at me when I walked in, as did Griffin.

J was roaming about in the kitchen, frying sausage and potatoes as a glass of grape juice sat beside her. She rolled her eyes while pointing to the guys. I smiled at her and wandered on over to see how the food was coming along.

I sat down, noticing that a small speaker was plugged into the wall with an old ipod sitting on top of it. I picked it up and was surprised that no password was required. Scrolling through the music I settled with the shuffle button. Was gonna end up skipping five songs in a row anyways.

I sighed, resting my head on hands. Mark was odd. That was for sure. He seemed completely out with everything yet seemed to know so much that it baffled me. How did someone like that, so obvious yet aware, live like that? It had to be draining.

But why ask me if I knew that I could Bloodlet? From what I could gather about these Callings, it was when we actually gained our powers. But why would I be able to use them sooner? It didn’t make sense.

J put a plate of sausages in front of me with a glass of orange juice and I took a bite out of one, juicy and tender. Slightly crunchy with a hit of spices.

And why ask about my mother? Then again, it seemed like lot of people knew about my father for some reason. I would have to ask J about that, as she seems to know a good chunk about what I have questions about.

Taking a swig of the orange juice, Griffin sat beside me and took one of the sausages. The cane was beside him but his foot seemed better already as he was resting it firmly on the floor with little tenderness. Or he was just stubborn. Either way, it seemed better.

As he munched on the sausages, I was tapping my foot to COPYCAT by Billie Eilish playing on the small ipod. Her music wasn’t bad, her voice mesmerizing but I don’t really follow her. Just listen to what comes on, really.

We still had… hmm, three days left of this Halloween break. How would we pass those days? I really wanted to check out the jungle. Something about it seemed intriguing. Griffin was eating another sausage and stopped chewing.

He turned to me, then back to J and around to Sully. He furrowed his brow, seemingly confused as to why he couldn’t get the words to go.

“Listen, either you get the words out or we find another way because I’m not about to sit here for fifteen minutes while you struggle to find a few syllables.” I told him as I finished off the orange juice.

J looked at me, smiling grimly and Sully seemed confused. Griffin glared at me, thrumming his fingers against the counter in nervousness.

“Think we could head out early?” He quietly asked. “To my parents?”

We all seemed rather startled by this. I was thinking he would want some time to process that his parents weren’t dead and that they were actually a part of this world. I know I needed some time to realize that, even if it shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did.

My uncle and father were twins. Are twins? I don’t know, anyways, they were twins. Not identical, mind you but it took me a bit to realize that my father most likely had that weird gene somewhere in his DNA. That he was a Metaphorm. That’s the right word, right?

J blinked rapidly for a second at Griffin. She too, must have be surprised by his question. But she smiled at him softly. “Well, it might be difficult but sure! I’d assume you’d want to go now?

“But it’s gonna take a day or two. We may want to tell Auggie, so he knows where we are going but otherwise…” She wandered off into her thoughts as Sully slinked over to the other side of me, trying very slickly to take a sausage.

Griffin nodded softly at her response, slowly getting up with a firm grip on the cane. I ran my fingers over the cool necklace resting against my collarbone. I was nervous now too. Something didn’t feel right about this. I was fine with exploring a bit to get to know the land, although my insides were twisting about.

After J cleaned everything up, she wandered out the door to find Auggie. I got up from the bar stool and plopped down on my bed. It felt nice to lay down after how long of moving about with muscles that were now sore.

I felt a weight press down on the end of the bed and a sigh emerged from the person. Looking up, it was Sully. The blue in his hair had spread again and he seemed upset about something.

He looked at me and smiled but got up when Griffin walked over with the clunking of his cane and sat down in Sully’s spot.

“Tired?” He asked me, gently rubbing the muscles in his arms.

I chuckled, watching Sully sit on the floor and pull out that damned book. “No, I’m wide awake.”

It was Griffin’s turn to chuckle as J came wandering back into the room. She looked at her brother for a second but didn’t question him. J told us that Auggie was ok with us going, we just had to be extra careful since rumors of Red were spreading faster and faster.

Who was Red? This made me more curious but by the sound of things he didn’t see like a good guy. Or gal. Not gonna assume something here, people.

Griffin’s face was clearly lost as J explained that Red was from Under, pronounced Oonder, and was basically pulling a Hitler card. Although, he seemed to be very much like the rest of us. He could blend in.

He had started a so called revolution, which was perfectly fine until he started slaughter people, lying. Stealing and forcing his hands into matters that were not his to be bothered by. Most thought there was more to why he was doing this but no one really ever lived to tell a tale.

Let’s be honest here, none of that sounded ok.

J sighed, suggesting we sleep first. We didn’t argue as almost all of us seemed tired enough to just not care in the first place.

I buried myself under my bed, listening to the breathing of Sully. His was soft, comforting almost. A steady rhythm. As time passed, Griffin’s breathing got more static. Like he was scared but soon calmed down and J’s didn’t change, loud enough to be a snore.

Soon, I fell asleep to rain pattering the windows as my thoughts wandered, frustrated and confused.


We all woke up around noon. Which was fine just that Griffin seemed irritated and worried about the fact that he had slept that late. J was ok with it, as she tended to get up early in the morning anyways. Sully just got up whenever so he really didn’t care.

J quickly made some pancakes and we gobbled them down, not realizing how hungry we were. Orange juice was, once again, the savior to our thirst.

Everyone in the room seemed nervous about this sudden trip we were going to take. From jittery movement to repacking for the third time, it was ever so evident.

As we were packing, Mark had quietly come into the room, there to explain that he trust us. He knew it was odd that they were allowing us to so far away so soon but considered it a learning experience. After all, we had J and Sully with us.

After Mark left, we finished packing and Sully pulled out a worn piece of parchment, attached with lines and hills and everything in between. He look over it, marking a spot and where we were, and said he was ready to go.

As we all scrambled through the halls and soon through a different path that lead toward the mountain, I began to worry.

We shouldn’t be allowed to do this. Especially me and Griffin. I know we have J and Sully but still. It was a dangerous thing. I didn’t know how this world works, how terrifying things could be here yet. If it was anything like the Earth I knew.

I fumbled around with the necklace again. And why did some people seem to read those books that contain basic spells and others didn’t? Why could they even do it in the first place, was the better question.

As we made our way down dirt roads, I could tell that Griffin was unreasonably nervous. Well, not unreasonably but still. It was kinda getting on my nerves but he was going to meet his literal parents.

The scars along Griffin’s skin was something to be worried about though. I knew what they were of course. I think most everyone did that had seen the three dotted on his ankle when he harmed his foot.

Physical abuse causes mental abuse. And that’s that.

Birds as orange as the Lorax flew overhead, skinny as bones with wispy wings. They seemed ancient, in a way. As if they were unaware of everything else going on in the world around them and their chilling feathers.

We were passing a few people on the road, most coming back with bounties to a local town or some on business trip. I had noticed that this world seemed to be in between a medieval and modern type. I wasn’t sure what to think about it yet.

It was still a little chilly out and goosebumps had risen on my skin. The hairs stood up, atent and alerting me that I was cold even though I already felt like a freeze pop. J seemed fine, as did Griffin and Sully. So that was great.

Sully soon explained that Red had hundreds upon thousands of soldiers and spies. Every part of this world had someone being the ears and eyes for him and you couldn’t say too much or else risk most anything being used against you.

He conducted raids on smaller towns but also help speeches and rallies. Sully said he was a confusing person. He seemed violent in his ways yet was also diplomatic. It confused him, worried him he had said.

Red also sent patrols out. Men on horseback that looked like a local farmer or a businessman walking home. These men watched the roads for prying eyes or any town that might be of use.

So far, they hadn’t tried to take Edendale, the name of the so called school. Red wouldn’t touch it with the amount of students that attend. Afterall, he wouldn’t harm children.

It seemed off. I wanted to know why he was doing what he was doing but no one seemed to know. How? Just because you couldn’t get close him doesn’t mean you can’t get information out of him!

I furrowed my brow, confused. Why would he be pillaging towns but still hold diplomatic meetings as well? It didn’t make sense.

We walked for a few more hours and soon we had set up a small tent and started a fire. J had brought that stuff, all of us almost forgetting it until Auggie had stopped us. Thankfully, most students go home but there’s the few that don’t on breaks.

As we ate, the sun began to set. We would make it to the Mako Plains in the afternoon tomorrow if I was correct. It would be neat to meet Ace and Blitz. From how people talk about them, they seem pretty nice.

Sully and me sat on the ground, the grass surprisingly soft. We slowly ate the food that J had packed. Griffin was laying on the ground, half asleep at this point. The fire crackled as its warmth spread around the small circle of four.

I yawned, getting tired. I could feel my skin getting prickly, extremely hot. It was uncomfortable, unbearably so. I wanted to itch my skin but I knew that wouldn’t help.

I heard the snap of twig far behind me and I whipped my head around, even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to see who or what was behind me. The breathing of whatever was far back was ragged but in a tense way.

As I turned around, I made sure to keep my guard up as Griffin sat up and sighed loudly.

“Listen, you got an issue say it. No good is gonna come out of not talking.” J prodded, shoving a marshmallow into her mouth.

“My parents are alive. That’s… that’s mind blowing. I can’t really believe it. But meeting them?” He whispered the last part, staring into the grass. The cane glinted in the firelight beside him, I now realizing the is had a jagged, diamond like pattern made of quartz running down it in thin lines.

“Hey, if it’s any consultation, Blitz and Ace are the best generals we have to help against Red if he ever tries to attack Neo. And they’ve been trying to get you back but the people taking care of you weren’t letting them.” Sully remarked, drawing some more in his book.

Griffin looked at him, baffled. “How do you know this?”

“Our mother is close friends with them. So was Jesse Warren. In fact, I think Jesse, Blitz, Ace, Quintis and even our mother, along with most of the teachers, all shared the same hallway in the school.” He said, making a quickly sketched line into his book, as if it wasn’t some big news.

So, my father most likely was best friends with most of the people I’ll be meeting in this world? Great. Perfect. Just what I needed.

J was watching as we ate, the fire dwindling. She looked up at me and smiled. “You’d think more people would ask who you are. Or if you knew Jesse. If I remember correctly, my mother has a picture of him when they went on a bounty for a Murloc, an aquatic monstrosity. I think you have his hair and eyes.

“We’ve met your mother too. One of the first human and meta relationships in our history. She was an odd woman but I think that how she is now is not at all how anyone thought things would end up.” She finished, staring at the ground with great intensity.

“Well,” I said, startled and scared. My parents were a touchy subject. “My mother was wonderful. A little strict and a little serious at points but she was great. My father?” I almost didn’t say the last part. Talking about it still hurt.

“My father supposedly… died by his own hands. I don’t think that’s true, to say the least. Just, I was the only one to see him before he, he passed. It didn’t feel right then and it doesn’t feel right now.”

J nodded in obvious thought and Sully chimed in with a small smile. Griffin just sat and looked around, oblivious to everything else. The fire was dwindling at this time and I decide I would go get wood to keep it running.

“I’m gonna get some wood. I’ll be back.” I said, looking at Sully who smiled up at me. J nodded a yes and Griffin mumbled an ok.

As I walked through the woods to find some sticks I began to fiddle with the necklace again. I wouldn’t be able to properly shoot, that’s for sure. Maybe I could do something with the daggers, but it still wasn’t at my best bet.

I felt my skin get hot and itchy again and I tried to ignore it as I gathered up some sticks. The forest was beautiful at night, I could definitely attest to that. The trees trunks were now lines with mosses the glowed neon green, barred with mushrooms that sparked with yellow flames.

I saw a few new animals as well. Something that looked like an octopus scattered by me, stopping to stare at me for a second. It’s eyes were large, as black as a sharks. It’s little tentacles wiggled around as if it was actually underwater, with that fluid grace. It had small hooks lining the top of each tentacle and seemed squishy. I liked it.

Another thing I saw was a plant that curled around like licorice, colors of velvet and gold. The flowery part spread out in a rose pattern, the top of it soft while the underside smell of something horrid.

As I wandered around some more, transfixed by the forest, a loud crack of a stick sounded in my ears.

I whipped around, dropping what was in my hands. Two women were in front of me, with soft smiles but eyes that didn’t match the friendly look. I stood frozen, unsure of what to do.

I had walked a little way so I was sure they could hear me talking but if was to scream....

Still. Maybe they needed some help.

The first woman, the very tall one, stepped forward. She offered to carry the sticks on the ground now, saying her name was Trix. The other was just as tall, but was chubbier. Her voice was softer than the others as well. Her name was Dela.

I looked between the two of them, trying to stay calm like Mark and Auggie and Agatha had told me. Stay calm, that was key but my skin got hotter and itchier with each passing moment.

Trix cocked her head as I stood frozen in fear. “Your tattoos, darling. Scales, perhaps? To think you’d be one of the few full meta’s left after our dear Red’s almost exterminated them all… tsk, tsk. Can’t have that, now can we?” She said, smiling as she pulled out a small turquoise dagger.

I backed up, my legs jello. Then Dela pulled out a strand of rope, looking at me while she made sure it was strong.

“But maybe… maybe you’d be fun in Ripper. What’d you say, Trix? But you seem scared too.” Dela said as Trix looked at her is disgust.

“Don’t have empathy for the girl! If she is a full meta, she should at least suffer.” Trix respond as Dela looked at me but I could tell she seemed a little upset with herself.

At this time, it would have been reasonable to run. But no. My flight instinct didn’t kick in then like it normally would. Neither did my fight instinct. I just stood there, frozen in fear. You know what that’s like? It’s like when you drop your phone and you freeze for a second, afraid it’s cracked.

Before I could react, I had rope tightly around my wrist and a cloth gag in my mouth. My ears strained to hear J, Sully or Griffin but all I could hear was the labored breathing of three people sleeping.

Damn it. I couldn’t yell either with the crusty, crude smelling gag in my mouth. I held my tongue back in my mouth, not wanting to taste the cloth either.

I looked toward where I thought our camp was, feeling stupid for not asking someone to come with me. Baffled that none of them offered either. We were idiots and here I was, unable to grab my necklace, which, thankfully had fallen beneath my shirt and was concealed.

As they lead farther into the forest, one of them stopped to tie one of their boots and I took that time to kick them in the head as hard as possible, turning around and running as fast as I could.

Blood rushed through my head, the gag choking me as I tried to breath and my wrist felt raw from the rough rope around them. As I ran, I heard an agitated grunt from behind me and soon a soft electric woosh and I was tackled to the ground and yanked back up.

Trix glared at me as Dela stood beside her. Her legs crackled with electricity and small sparks of lighting would appear. Trix was pissed.

She glared at me, saying how I would be more difficult than expected. She took out a small vile and forced me to drink it, shoving it down my throat as I gagged with her hand shoved into my mouth. It didn’t taste nice.

I spit out what I could of her hand taste and of whatever the drink she made take was. But soon I was starting to get sleepy. She looked at me and smiled. Dela just watched as I soon passed out from, presumably, being drugged.

So yeah, I was in for a fun time.

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