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Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight - Mark

You’d expect me - the dean, headmaster, whatever you please - of Edendale that I would be much more put together but, that’s where you’re wrong! See, I might look it and seem it but I’m really not.

I guess that comes out in how I speak, or more so, what I speak. I tend to go off on tangents, get nervous at weird times and just be completely oblivious but that’s ok. Ok, it’s not but still.

I stretched my legs out on my desk and spread my wings as well. Two things that feel wonderful once stretched. My desk wasn’t really messy at this point but things always needed cleaning.

Tapping a pencil against my chin, I wondered how Nayleth and her friends were doing. I hoped well. I knew it wasn’t the best decision to send them out with little experience but it would good to get them used to world and what was the worst that could happen?

After all, Auggie trusted Nayleth, even though she was new to the world. And I could trust his judgement, most everyone could. He wasn’t really a guy that you didn’t trust. In fact, most people here did.

I threw my pen at the door right as Auggie walked in and he ducked, catching it with his tail. He curled it around to look at the pen then glare at me with a slight smile.

He tossed the pen back to me and I caught it, be it with some struggle.

“They left a long while ago and should be at the plains by late today.” Auggie stated but paused, afraid to add something to his sentence. He wasn’t able to tell me when they left, but told me what the four were doing.

“What? Got a cat in your throat?” I teased him and popped a Wizzle into my mouth. It was fizzy and made my mouth feel weird. I liked it. Helped me focus on other things.

Auggie shuffled uncomfortably and started to wrap his wings around him but stopped, corrected his stance into a more confident one and looked me in the eye. “We should have told them they were captured a few days ago. But no, you wanted to give them false hope.”

I didn’t look up at him, just kept staring at the pen. It was a nice pen, sleek steel grey and ink that moved around as if it had no place to contain it. It was a nice pen.

“Mark. Mark! Are you even listening?” Auggie said and pulled me out of my daze.

I just softly nodded my head, he gave me a glare again and continued to talk.

“As I was saying, why not tell them? Especially Griffin? He should have known between the four of them! And what about the fact that we know they’re in Ripper? That’s important too, you know!” He told me and I just looked up at him whimsically.

He got annoyed when I did that and of course I was aware of this but he just didn’t seem laid back most of the time which could be an issue. It had caused many issues in the past and I feel like much could have been fixed if he had stayed calm. But it was mostly my fault, a lot was and I had to live with that.

Auggie walked over to my desk and smacked both of his hands down to get me to look up. I did so but smiled slightly. He got more irritated, as his tail was swishing back and forth with a ferocity.

He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders, a silent way to say that he was waiting for my answer. The moon light that had begun to drift through the window really complimented his bowtie and glasses too.

I stretched and picked up an apple I had laying on my desk. Taking a bite out of it I chewed it, savoring the sweet taste of the red fruit. Swallowing what I had chewed, I finally answered Auggie.

“Because sometimes it better to have that false hope. To know that something will be better, will get better. You know what that hope was like? You remember? I know it’s going to hurt when they aren’t there but still. They need to learn and I know it’s harsh but... “ I stopped talking and let my voice drown off.

A headache was forming again and I rubbed my temples. Always the worst timings, my headaches had. Auggie sighed, knowing there was no trying to convince me otherwise. He walked over a small medicine cabinet I had and handed me some honey mixed with some rose petals from J.

He handed me the spoon of the concoction and I took it gladly, lapping up any that I found still on the metal utensil. My headache slowly began to subside but my mind was made up.

Auggie sat on the floor and put his head in his hands. I knew I was idiot and I didn’t think things through a lot but I knew what I was doing. Sometimes. I mostly just pull a Jack Sparrow. A Captain Jack Sparrow.

“Have the headaches gotten better?” He asked me and poured himself a small spoonful of honey.

“Yes, they have.” I stated and got up. My wings hung against my back like weak chains and my tail had wrapped around my one leg. Isn’t very conventional when a tail does that.

“Good. Now-” He stopped as a Bren appeared out of nowhere, her hair frazzled as the door she walked through closed and disappeared with a loud pop. The honey-less spoon clattered to the floor as the Gatekeeper stood in the middle of the office.

“There’s rumor spreading that three people, two seeming alike to Blitz and Ace, as well as a girl covered in scales has escaped Ripper. Care to explain, either of you?” She said, her voice wavering but the anger in her eyes was enough to melt the ice caps in the other Earth.

My blood ran cold. Ripper. I knew they were there, that much my cards and dreams had told me but no warning as to Nayleth ending up there. My muscles clenched in anger and I jumped over my desk as I tried to avoid spilling anything.

I grabbed Bren by the shoulders and looked her dead in the eyes. “What do you mean, escaped?” I asked her as my voice raised an octave. Auggie pulled me back but he was just as worried as me.

“You know as well as me what the word escape means, Mark. She was captured and escaped after having met Ace and Blitz. It’s as simple as that. You’re lucky her form forced its way through or her escape would have been made much more difficult from what guards are saying.” She told me and was given a quizzical look from Auggie but she brushed it off, replying that she had cornered a guard or two to spill the beans.

“So, it’s my fault?” I softly said and stood frozen. Everything was a jumbled mess but I managed to think rather clearly. “Could we go to Mako? Discuss things with them if their back?” I replied, starting to relax now that I realized they were ok. Or should be ok.

“It’s not a bad idea but we can’t rush things. And Red is on the move toward Umber. We may want to consider starting school a bit early, even if its the weekend for the sake of Nayleth and Griffin.” Gram told me and I pondered for a second. I didn’t want to hinder the students but if Red was on the move then maybe it was worth the risk of angry, caffeinated students.

The apple that sat on my desk had started to brown and I wished that I wasn’t as confused as I felt in that moment. Because confusion wasn’t ever any fun.

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