The Last Huntress

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Killing Family Means Nothing

The dome shined bright at night. The rods of silver and lights and UV lights to keep the beasts away. I could see it from the trees I was currently throwing a body into. If I kept them in a relatively close pile, the cleaning crew wouldn’t have to do much and if they waited until the sun rose they would only need to scavenge the clothing since their skin and bones would whither in the sunlight.

Howl walked over a few bodies that laid dead on the ground. She sniffed and searched for anything we could use. Some days, we would find maps of the compound, but only pieces. They were never allowed to have more than a sector or two on them at any time. It was just in case a human found them they wouldn’t be able to have an entire map. What the vampires don’t know, is that I’ve been collecting them for years now and nearly have a full-fledged map on the wall of my home.

Howl took her turn and did her search and came up empty-handed. This wasn’t abnormal, we didn’t find something every time we went out on a hunt. The sound of her paws crunching a few bones as she jumped off the pile of bodies echoed around the empty woods. We needed to get back, the crew would be waking soon and I needed proper sleep, but that wouldn’t happen until I killed Comfrey.

“Let’s get back, we’ve done enough for the night. We have things to finish back home.” I called to Howl who jumped back to the ground from the bodies and trotted up to my hand. She pushed her nose into the palm of my hand, telling me she was ready. I didn’t need a ride this time since the dome was just on the other side of the stretch of trees in our way.

We kept a slow pace as the trees passed by one or two at a time. I kept a soft step since the sun wasn’t completely up. I could get by with tramping through the trees and singing a song to Howl as I’ve done before but that was only when I wanted things to find me. With us being this close to the dome I didn’t want to shed much blood near it. We’ve walked and ran a lot in the last day and a half and with us both running on a few hours of sleep at the most, I just wanted to get behind the silver dome.

Once we broke through the last of the trees Howl took off and sprinted to the first entrance of the dome. I lagged behind but when the red light by the entrance lit up suddenly, I knew things were about to get a lot worse before I would be able to take a moment and get some sleep.

“Howl, be on guard.” The light only meant one thing. Danger. What that danger was, is only determined by opening the door and finding out. But there was a catch. If this light is on, it was very difficult to get the door to open. But if they saw it was me, maybe they would make an exception, with a check, of course.

We stood at the entrance and the red light didn’t turn itself off yet. I wanted to keep an eye on it and hope that it would but that’s counterproductive. Instead, I pushed the button and waited for someone to come on the screen. I waited and waited but no one came on the screen. My hand reached out for the emergency latch that I’ve never had the need to use until now. Because if no one is coming to the tower to let people in then it was worse than I could think of right now.

“We need to get inside, the sun might be up but if there is an emergency inside then we need to get in and help them. You know what the red light means.” She snorted, in response, and set her eyes back on the door. There was a hidden key inside one of the silver rods that only opened this door. Even if a vampire knew where the key was, they couldn’t get to it with all the silver. Popping the tiny door, I reached in for the key, pulling it out and walking my fingers along the other silver rod looking for the hidden keyhole.

I’ve never had to use this way of entering the dome before but I knew it would work. The key slid into the slot easy enough, with Howl right next to me I knew she would be on high alert.

“Get ready,” I whispered to her. She trained her eyes on the door opening slowly and just as it had enough room for her and me to slip through I trained my ears on what was happening before we entered fully. The door closed behind me and I made sure it was sealed tighter than a caulked lined bathtub. We stood still and listened to what was happening around us. The normal alarm wasn’t going off so that means it came from underground.

When the alarm is turned on down there, there is no sound just a light alarm, which means it was a breakout. Which means it couldn’t be anyone else but Comfrey. The silence was deafening but as we left the door and walked closer and closer to the first line of trees under the dome, I knew something was seriously wrong.

Howl kept low and walked slowly with me as we entered the first line of the trees, it would only be a few minutes until we hit the center. The closer we got to the center the louder things became. I could hear the whimpers and cries of our people. They weren’t shouting or yelling for help and then it hit me. The strong stench of blood.

I froze, this happened because I had to go back to my former home. This happened because I wasn’t here to protect them. The center opened up and our eyes set on a large gathering of our people. They were in a half circle opened up to the entrance we just made. Eyes filled with tears fell on us as we stood outside of the trees. Howl stood tall and on guard but the site before me made my fists curl in on themselves and my heart race.

He stood there, in front of the entire population of humans, covered in blood and pacing like a wild animal.

“Well, it’s so good of you to join us, Slayer!” Comfrey’s voice shouted to the highest tops of the dome above us. The few hundred or so of people in front of him flinched at his voice. I could see the men and women of my army taking the front line and showing no fear. They were smart not to do anything rash, with a wild junkie standing the way of them and their freedom, the junkie nearly always wins.

I could see the remains of Joshua, and a few others I couldn’t place at the moment, sprayed along the grass. Comfrey’s little show.

“Comfrey, I see you got out of your cage. Tell me, how many have you killed?” I asked him as I let my feet carry me slowly towards him.

“Not enough, but their blood, oh my, their blood. Redley, you’ve got to come over to this side, it’s amazing. I’ve never felt more alive!” He shouted as he raised his bloodied hands and arms to the sky above us. “It’s too bad you won’t get further than this, your end will come by my hand,” I spoke through the rage that filled my body. Howl didn’t run at him, she knew not to do anything until I gave a signal. The only issue with her attacking him is if his blood got in her mouth, she would get sick. A normal vampire, nothing would happen, but a junkie? They were tainted completely.

He was crazed and wild and the closer I got the more I could see the damage he did. My eyes fell on a body that looked like the remains of Cherry and I tried not to think about the last time I saw her. There were other bodies and other friends of mine laying on the ground but I pushed that back. The second his arms lowered to his sides again I looked him in the eye and saw the demon behind them. The bloodlust. The animal.

“I should have killed you sooner. What would your father think of you now? Turning to their side?” I asked as we began to circle each other. The dagger held tightly in my hand, almost painfully, it was begging to be in his chest.

“Who cares what that waste of a man would want. Our mother would be proud of me, she would look at you and think she wasted so much time training you! You look at their world and see monsters, I look at it and see progress!” He shouted and I hated to admit it but he sounded just like her.

Without warning or another word, I shoved into his body hard and knocked him to the ground. Junkies were never very balanced. Strong, yes, but clumsy.

He looked up with a horrible grin on his face and blood staining his throat and chest. He had cuts and gashes from my people fighting back. I shoved my boot onto his chest and pushed him further into the grass below him. His wicked grin only grew wider and my anger nearly blew up all over him but I kept my cool so I could end this the right way.

I leaned down so that my face was the last thing he would ever see. His face was only inches away from mine, so close that I could see his tainted eyes. The blood that pumped into the tiny veins making them seem bloodshot and wild.

“I know it means nothing to you to kill your family, but what about the ones in sector three?” His whispers wouldn’t be heard by anyone around us but they scared me to my core.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I stated just before pushing my dagger into his heart. The blade bit through the soft flesh and into his heart. It didn’t sizzle the same way but I could feel his life draining away.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, with my end I bring down your future.” His last words would haunt me until the end of time but I would get through that knowing it was taken care of. The second his eyes went blank I pulled the dagger out and stood up and over his still body. The stench of blood was still in the air and when I looked at the people around the scene only one thing was on my mind.

The children in sector three, and his haunting last words; with my end, I bring down your future.

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