The Last Huntress

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The Will of the People

I dropped my dagger in the blood covered grass. I didn’t stop to make sure anyone else was okay before running to the elevator that would only take me down to the sub-levels. I had to slam my hand onto the sensor twice before it allowed me to go down. It was probably because of the blood on my hand but that’s not what I needed to focus on right now.

The elevator groaned and rocked slightly, telling me Comfrey did enough damage to it, something else to be mad a dead man for.

The door squeaked open to one of my worst nightmares. The entire sector three lab was destroyed. I didn’t need to see sector two, where Comfrey was held, to know that it was probably destroyed just as bad. I took slow steps as the lights and electric ports sparked wildly. The tables were overturned and glass was covering nearly every inch of the floor. I walked to the far right corner and saw that the hand scanner was busted completely to pieces. His words rang through my head again.

I pushed the slightly ajar door and peeked inside before completely opening the door. The faux green grass was covered in splatters of deep red blood. I froze. I’ve seen blood nearly my entire life. I’ve been coated in the stuff and I’ve shed it throughout the land around me. But this blood...This blood made my stomach turn.

The three babies that held our future in their tiny gasps laid dead on the ground. Their throats were sliced open, a quick needless kill. I bent down and gently closed each of their eyes.

“Calla, Arthur, Harriet...I failed you. You didn’t get to see the bright orange sun on your skin. Or the lovely blue sky with your own eyes. You’ll never get to feel the breeze on your skin or through your hair.” I started crying somewhere in between their names and my little speech. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Looking to my left I could see the hand of Rician but not her body. She probably sacrificed herself to protect them and lost her life along the way. Her newborn son wasn’t too far away from her body. Another sob racked my chest and came tumbling out of my mouth.

I wiped my eyes and realized I had the children’s blood on them still. I gathered myself and stood up. Taking a shaking first step I walked back out to the main sector three lab where I entered. When a sharp noise entered the nearly empty room I stopped and froze dead in my tracks. Listening to the air around me, I tried to figure out who was walking around down here. Then I realized I hadn’t seen Jillian yet.

Just as my thoughts landed on her she appeared from the second secret door to the left of the main one I came through. The door that was home to the fetus growing in the fake womb.

“Redley...That’s you, right?” Her scared voice came from the door that was just barely cracked open. I rushed over, knowing she wouldn’t do anything to me. Her scared eyes set on mine and I could see everything that she was holding back.

“I want to ask what happened but I could hear your wails of pain from here. I couldn’t help them...I had to hide away. He destroyed everything!” She shouted and I grabbed her in my arms. The guilt she held on her shoulders was pressed into me as she grabbed onto my body. I held her tightly knowing she had to listen to the screams of the babies and Rician as they were being killed by Comfrey.

“I am so sorry I wasn’t here to protect everyone. Even with his blood on my hands, it’s not enough. Words can not express how sorry I am.” Her sobs made my body shake and for a second a warm light brought my attention elsewhere.

“The womb...It’s...”

“Still live, yes. She’s a fighter, just like her mother.” Jillian was referring to me but this wouldn’t be my child. She would have to carry on our world when I was dead and gone. I don’t expect to live a long life, not with the way I put myself in danger all the time. This tiny fetus had a lot to carry on their shoulders.

“Take care of her, Jillian, I have work to do up top.” I detached myself from the situation and walked out of the room. There was still a lot to take care of up top and I needed to get on it. The moment I entered the elevator again I heard the groan before it took me up to the main level.

I didn’t bother going to the prisoner’s sector, I knew it would be bad. Sometimes it’s the less you know.

The second I breathed the pumped in oxygen of the main level I heard the shouts and jabber of the people I left behind to see Comfrey’s damage. Soon I was met with angry faces and scared couples clinging to each other.

“What’s going on? The danger was settled, we should all be getting back to our homes and settling down for the night.” I tried to calm the crowd that started to surround me as I walked from the center tree where the elevator was housed.

“We as a body of people have decided something!” I heard a voice shout out from the middle of the crowd. Soon a man I’ve only known as Rician’s husband walked forward. I didn’t want to be the one to tell him what happened with his family down below, but I knew I would have to be.

“What is it you’ve decided?” I asked in a flat tone.

“That you, the Slayer must leave.” My breath caught in my throat and I suddenly forgot how to speak.

“We are tired of constantly being in danger because of you. You let that thing live downstairs. You are responsible for the deaths of four members today!” He shouted, not knowing about the other five deaths downstairs. I still didn’t say a word. I tried to find Donovan in the heated crowd but I didn’t have any luck. Howl could be seen at the edge of the tree line we kept under the dome. She was waiting for me. But I turned back to the angered crowd and tried to believe what they were saying.

“I’ve kept you safe under this dome! It was the will of our ancestors that died at the hand of Ba’al for us to be led by someone like me!” I shouted at them and reminded the people of where we started. I didn’t want this life, not at first, but my mother’s words still rang through my head. I had to be the protector of the people.

“Curse the ancestors!” The crowd shouted. I began to walk myself towards the trees with the crowd still carrying on around me. I tried to block them out. They were under stress and it was natural for people to lash out when under this amount of pain after seeing a junkie going through their friends and family killed before their eyes.

“It’s the will of our people that we want you gone!” Their words hurt but I wouldn’t let them see it. I tried going towards my house but I was blocked. I was getting more frustrated by the second. If they thought they could survive on their own then fine. I would let them die on their own.

I turned to them with a stone face and watched as a few of them backed off, knowing not to push me too far.

“If it is what the people want then fine. I will leave you, but you’ll be screaming for my help before you know it. You’ve only survived this long because of me.” I brushed off my red coat and walked to the trees just before meeting Howl and heading for the main door. I held back everything inside of me that wanted to scream and cry about everything going on but I held everything back.

Just before my hand landed on the door a hand landed on my shoulder.

“Donovan, I thought you were part of the mob trying to push me out of the dome.” I snapped at him and watched him flinch away from me. When I looked down at his hands I noticed my shining dagger in one and a sack of something else in the other.

“I knew what they were going to do, I couldn’t stop them. I also can’t leave them behind. You understand, right?” He asked and I did. I completely understood and that’s what sucked. Howl pushed her nose into the palm of my hand before I took what Donovan was trying to give me.

“Thank you, and I understand. There’s just one thing.” I took the bag of random things from him and the dagger. Before stashing it in my coat and looking him in the eyes again.

“I need you to go to down the elevator and enter sector three. The scan pad is broken so you won’t need a key. Speak with Jillian and tell her I sent you. Update her on the situation and ask her about the door. She’ll know what you mean.” I never noticed how when he’s confused her eyebrows would touch in the middle almost adorably. I shook the thought from my head and grabbed him in a sudden hug.

“I’ll miss you, Don. Don’t forget about me.” I whispered in his ear. This could very well be the last time I see him.

“Don’t talk that way, they’ll calm down and want you back.” He spoke back to me while squeezing me in a tighter hug. “No, it’s better this way, they’re right. I bring nothing but death and danger to them.” I pulled out of the hug and turned to Howl.

“You ready?” I asked her and received a nose snort in response telling me she heard what I was saying. I pushed on the slightly broken door and checked to make sure the area around the door was clear. Being daylight it should be. I turned for one last look at Donovan and my former home before turning back to the outside world.

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