The Last Huntress

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My Night Not So Alone

Never in my twenty-nine years of living on this desolate planet, we call Earth, had I felt so utterly alone. The second I left the dome I thought all I would need it Howl by my side and my dagger in my pocket but I was sorely wrong. The deadening silence of the trees haunted me. They whispered to themselves in the breeze telling me I screwed up royally and lost everything.

The fire flickered in front of my dead eyes and Howl scooted her soft body towards my crossed legs. She laid her muzzle on my folded leg and looked up at me with her sky blue eyes that seem oceans darker in the night’s light.

“I know, I know, it’s all my fault. Had I not been daydreaming about our old life, we would have been home to kill Comfrey then Cherry and the others wouldn’t be dead.” I choked a bit on my words as they came out like sobs of tears. “The babies would still be alive, and Rician. Everything is my fault.” I let the dame break and the tears flow down my face like a waterfall. She snuggled closer to me as if to tell me she was here and that I wasn’t completely alone. But it only helped a little bit.

The fire wasn’t dying out anytime soon and sleep was trying to find me. My eyes were growing heavy from the tears not seconds ago and for a moment I thought I would be able to fall asleep.

But the attraction of the fire must have been too good to pass up because I heard the tell-tale signs of someone creeping up on our little campsite.

I knew it wasn’t Donovan, he knew how to survive and trying to find me at night miles away from the dome, would be suicide. It was one of them. I didn’t move I just listened to their slightly soft steps as they walked over the leaves and tree roots. I counted two, maybe three, walking towards me and just before they broke through the trees to the area where we were resting I could hear their near silent conversation.

“Two to the left and I’ll take the right,” I guess the rumor I was told when I was a kid was wrong, they can’t communicate with just their minds. It would have been the only cool thing about them had it been true.

Even with their plan out in the open I still didn’t get up or move to protect myself. Three vampires? Easy enough for me to take by myself maybe even with a little help from Howl who’s head was still laying on my lap calmly. I rubbed the pad of my thumb over her nose just before the first of the footsteps broke through to our area.

“I’ll be damned, the Slayer, out here all alone. Won’t the master be proud when we bring her corpse to him...” The first of three spoke up and I tried to not let my skin crawl at the sound of their voice. “But the Master has always said to bring her back alive! We can’t kill her.” A second one spoke up and I nearly laughed in their faces, they kill me? What a laughable concept.

I waited for the third guy to show his face or at least his voice and when their footsteps caught up with the others I knew it was time to clear the camp away. I could have put the fire out hours ago and hunkered down for the night but where’s the fun in that?

I slowly stood up while Howl shifted her weight back to her hind legs instead of my lap. She watched each one of the vampires with a slow stare. One false move and she would have their throats before they could cry out.

Two of them were about my height but the other was much taller than me, the one that hadn’t spoken just yet. The firelight brought out the pale almost greying skin color as they closed in on us. They surrounded the other side of the fire while I took the other. Howl, even sitting on her hind legs her head still met the middle of my upper arm. By herself, she was a brute force, but us together? Unstoppable.

“The three of you better leave before I scatter your bodies along the tree lines for your ‘master’ to pick up.” It would be the only thing I say to them before my dagger found its home. Pushing my hand into my coat pocket I felt the smooth silver of the blade’s handle. I wrapped my hand around the hilt of the dagger and waited for one of them to make a move. I could see the anticipation in each of their dead eyes and for a second there was something more, but I wasn’t going to wait around forever to find out.

The first of the three made the next move by physically jumping towards me as if that gave him a better chance. My dagger came out swiftly from my pocket and met his heart as my left hand met his shoulder and pulled him closer to the hilt of the dagger.

The sweet sound of the sizzle was overpowered by the shouts and grunts of the other vampires leaping into action. One down, two to go. Howl got the jump on the third that hadn’t said much while I dropped the first dead to the ground. I had my eye on the second that was now backing up from the fire, smart move, but it wouldn’t stop either of us. I could hear Howl tear into the throat and chest of the man she took down.

Soon her deep growl resonated around the fire as she crept closer and closer to the last vampire alongside me. The look on the beast’s face was nearly priceless. The fear and trembling could be seen in the dark and I couldn’t get enough of it.

“I told the three of you, you would be better off just leaving. But does anyone listen to me? No. Now you’re going to die alongside them too.” We stalked towards the beast as he backed up slower and slower. My dagger itched in my bloodied palm waiting to be shoved into his heart.

I was so set on the thing in front of me that I didn’t hear the ambush coming from all sides of us until it was too late.

There had to be more than twenty of them running out of the trees towards me and the fearful vampire in front of us. The most I’ve ever taken on was twelve with Howl alongside me but this many? I was in for the fight of my life. It fueled my hate and my anger with everything that’s happened in the last twenty-four hours. The fact that they chose this night over any other made it worse. It’s like they knew what happened to us and have been tracking me. Maybe I shouldn’t put that past them...

I didn’t have much time to think about what was happening before the vampires from the trees leaped out for us. Their vicious hands grabbed for Howl and me but we fought back. It wasn’t until at least a dozen had piled onto us that I could no longer move. I fought and fought until I couldn’t move at all and then I still tried to push and pull them with my own body. They had me by the legs and arms, all of them pressed into my skin to hold me down. One in the back had me roughly by the hair, I could feel it trying to pull out of my scalp.

I bent my vision as far to the left as possible only to see Howl being pulverized and tied up. Her teeth snapped at anything they could but they soon tied that shut as well. A hand covered my mouth the second I tried to scream. I knew it wouldn’t bring anyone to help me but it helped with trying to get out of their hands. It worked for a second. I wriggled out of one of their hands and the second I did I grabbed my dagger from the ground underneath me but I didn’t far.

The vampire with my hair in his hand pushed me to the ground. My knees ached as they pushed into the dirt. The other vampires had let go but with the way he basically had me by the scalp, I couldn’t move right. I pulled but more pain exploded behind my eyes. I could see Howl pushing against the restraints and the other vampires. The fire that once warmed my body was now dying down to just flickering flames. If I could get my hands on some of it I could set them on fire...

“Little Slayer, the master will see you now.” His vile breath entered my nose when he leaned down to speak ear level with me. I tried to hold back my barf when an idea entered my mind suddenly. My hand held my dagger and while it was in the dirt, I could just barely bend my elbow and if I was quick enough I would be able to put this plan into action and get out of his hold.

In a matter of quick motions, the vampire that had my hair continued to laugh and talk with the others, while I dug my hand out of the dirt and quickly raised it to the line just under his fist where he held my hair. In one swift movement, I sliced through the bundled hair and through a bit of the vampire’s hand, freeing myself in a matter of second. My hair flew around the area in large clumps while the newer shorter hair fell down to my ears and tickled the back of my neck.

“You’ll pay for that!” The vampire with the bloody hand screamed at me as I threw myself back into battle mode. I watched as Howl took the chance and freed herself from the ropes. She threw a few back towards the fire. The pissed off vampire took my slight distraction when I made sure Howl was okay, to grab my dagger using arm in his hand. I pulled away from him but his grip only tightened.

I screamed in pain when he twisted it violently. I knew their strength was greater than my own but this was intense. Before Howl of I could do anything, the dagger fell from my hand as the vampire snapped my arm back at the elbow. I screamed. Harder than I have ever screamed before. I’m sure I was heard for miles as my arm was broken practically in two. As I continued to scream and nearly blacking out I felt the vampire pull on my broken arm until I no longer had one.

I looked over at the blood covered vampire who had just tore my arm off from the elbow down. He wicked smile was the last thing I saw before I passed out from shock.

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