The Last Huntress

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Hera the Great


I watched from the trees, the bloody mess was nearly done and once my thumb pressed the red button they would scatter in every direction leaving me alone with the victim. She was bleeding out and if I didn’t get the gel on her arm soon, she would die.

I pulled the small remote out of my pocket and pressed the red button with my thumb, suddenly all the vampires began to shout and scream for the sound to stop. I couldn’t hear it, it was too high of a pitch, but it was great for clearing sections of vampires at a time.

Once the last of them had cleared away, I jumped down from the treetops and landed gracefully in the grass. I stood up straight as a rod the moment a low - menacing growl echoed around the trees I stood in the center of. I hadn’t noticed the wolf before, only the vampires.

I slowly turned, making sure as to not make a sudden move. My eyes set on a large - very large - wolf with a grey and white coat. She was gorgeous but the blood dripping from her large mouth and the growl coming from her chest told me to be careful.

“I’m not here to hurt her but if you don’t let me help, she will die. Do you want that?” I knew the animal in front of me didn’t speak as a human would but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t understand me, at least I hoped she could understand me. Her eyes set on mine and while she slowly lowered down to the grass and set her body over the victim’s unconscious body. This must be her companion I’ve heard so much about.

“Please, let me help her,” I begged, I never beg, but I would beg this wolf to let me save its companion.

The wolf slowly removed itself from her body and the second she was cleared I moved into action. I pulled the gel substance out of my bag and unscrewed the lid quickly. Seeing the stub of an arm she was left with made me cringe, the gel would help. I lifted the rest of her arm up and onto my lap. She was still out cold and while I shined a bright white light down on her arm. The light showed more than her bloody stump, it showed an infection trying to get into the rest of her arm.

With my sharp vision, I could just barely see the start of the infection, if I could take off another inch or two, or maybe the entire elbow, I could save the rest of her arm. I needed something sharp, usually, I would have my knife set with me but I ran out of the cavern so quickly I didn’t get the chance to put them in my bag. Something shiny caught my attention in the leftover part of her hand that was ripped off her arm. It was a dagger. A silver one at that.

I reached out for it and took no more time in deciding what I was going to do. Raising the dagger to a few inches above her infected elbow I didn’t miss the low growl from the wolf only a few feet across from me. I stopped and let her finish her threat, the second she lowered her head back down I stabbed the dagger into her skin and began cutting the infected area off her arm.

It took a little longer than I thought but I was able to get a clean cut with the dagger. Using the gel from the jar in my bag I slathered on a layer to the stub of her arm. It would seal the vessels and veins and keep her from bleeding out while I took her to the caverns. I wrapped up the rest of my things and stuck them in my bag quickly, we didn’t have a lot of time on our hands.

When I suddenly stood up the wolf jumped up with me. I knew it was going to be a little more complicated with her being passed out but the wolf? I didn’t know if she would let me take her master or not, she wasn’t going to have much of a choice.

“Now wolf, I know you are her protector or whatever, but I have to take her with me. You can come to, but if you stop me from wrapping this rope around her body to pull her behind me then we’re going to have some problems. Are you going to let me take her?” I asked the wolf who stood along with me she didn’t jump at me when I began to wrap her in the tough cloth I brought with me. It was like a second skin but strong enough to pull a boulder behind me if I needed to.

The wolf watched my every move and when I pulled the fabric over my shoulders and lifted her off the ground she hurried over to her body and stood by the slouched form as I readied us for the walk to the caverns.

“Okay, if I need help you better pitch in, otherwise we’re ready to go.” I kept talking to her as if she was a real person and for some reason, I could tell if she was responding or not. I would dive into the details of that later but right now I had a body to drag back home.


The journey wouldn’t take much longer once I saw the side of the cliffs in the distance. I couldn’t ignore the whimpers and whines from the wolf as we walked mile by mile. I wanted to feel for her, I really did, but this was a time of war and death, she needed to get over her master getting hurt. If I didn’t have my orders, I wouldn’t be near this part of the battlegrounds. I hated this area but I had to listen to the people pulling the strings.

“Only a few more miles, I’m not sure how you’re going to get up there but you will have to deal with that. I have to pull this one up the side of the cliff, I’m not bringing you up the same way.” She huffed and growled and I took that as she would find her way up on her own.

Maybe an hour or so later I was staring up at the cliff that I would have to climb with a full-grown woman on my back. Taking in a huge breath and pulling her up to where she was nearly standing on her own two feet, I tightened the tough cloth around my chest and secured it around my waist. Letting her go I made sure she would stay put before digging my hands into the spots on the side of the cliff that would lead us to the cavern.

I pulled our bodied against the cliff one hand hole and foot spot at a time. I could hear the yipping and howling of the wolf below, I told her before she would have to figure out a way up. I shook my head and continued to climb my way up the cliff’s side.

The wind began to pick up and soon my hair that I didn’t tie back in time would be blowing everywhere. At least the cavern was just a few spots away...I pulled our bodies up to the edge of the cavern and rolled her onto the platform first. I unstrapped her completely from my back and laid on the dirt floor of the cavern and took in a few deep breaths. I looked over at the woman I was told to save and she was still out cold.

I sat up quickly when I heard a scraping sound and then when a few rocks fell to the ground below us. When I looked at the mouth of the cavern I saw that damn wolf.

“Congrats, you made it. I’m Hera the great, and you?” I laid out my hand for a shake as if she was a human. I knew she wouldn’t do anything with it but I needed a laugh. Chuckling at my own joke like the lame-o I am, I laid back on the ground and looked up at the cavern’s ceiling. What was I supposed to do with the slayer? And what did they want with her?

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