The Last Huntress

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You're (H)armless


Two entire days of a wolf staring at me and a bloody mess I’ve been keeping up with all to care for the slayer that my boss wanted safe and sound. Gods, I hate being a babysitter. I rolled out my shoulders and made up a water basin to clean up the mess all over the new stump of an arm and her face before she woke up.

I’ve been keeping an eye on her vitals with a small device I had created a long time ago. It measures heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. Since the air had gotten so bad in the last twenty years it was more vitally important that her levels stay within a good range otherwise she could be poisoned before she even wakes up. The device was as small as a wristwatch but it did so many things than just tell me what time it currently was.

I pulled the slayer from her resting position in the middle of the cavern by the fire and brought her over to the small bed I made up for her. I got used to ignoring the growls from her wolf by the wall and instead gave her sass right back when she did anything. She seemed to be getting used to me.

“I’m just taking her over here so I can clean her up. I thought she would be awake by now but since she isn’t, a sponge bath is the only option.” I have been getting used to the conversations with the wolf. I think she was even starting to like me. But I’ve been wrong before.

Her grumble was noted but I pulled the slayer over to the bed anyway. After making sure he head was securely on the rolled blanket I started to wring out the washcloth and run it over her blood covered face and limbs. Her deep red cloak had been taken off shortly after rolling her into the cavern two days ago. It would need to be washed really bad, it was caked with blood and mud.

“So, wolf, how long have you been with the slayer?” I asked her as I saw her and the giant paws crawl their way over to where I had moved her master.

She’s protective, more so than I’ve seen in a very long time. Her sky blue eyes stared up at me as the fire warmed us from behind her. It was peaceful for a moment but that moment was lost when I heard the slayer take in a harsh breath suddenly.

I grabbed her wrist and checked the stats on the face of the dial and made sure everything was okay. Once the lines and gauges even back out I took in a breath of relief. The last thing I needed was her dying on me.

“Now, where were we? Yes, how long have you been with the slayer?” I asked the wolf who had no way of actually answering me and I knew that. She huffed and scooted a little closer until her muzzle rested gently on the slayer’s still leg. She closed her eyes gently and fell back asleep. They must have been together for a long time for her to be this protective of her. Which makes the age of the wolf just as interesting.

“Would you like to hear a story, wolf?” I asked the sleeping wolf as I dragged the wet cloth over the slayer’s skin getting the dried blood off her. I noticed her hair was a lot shorter than the surveillance photos and video I’ve watched of her and now that I think about it there were chunks of hair around her campsite when I saved her. She must have done everything in her power to get out of their hold. She’s braver than the docket told me.

I pulled her newer short hair onto my lap just before she had another attack. Her chest rose quickly and fell in spurts as she coughed and spurted until her breathing evened out and her eyes opened just under my curious and worried gaze. Her eyes widened and when she tried to get out of my lap and hold I held her down even harder.

“You don’t want to do that, slayer!” I spoke over her hard grunts and when she swung her arms towards me she stopped as her right arm came into view.

“W-what...” Her voice was rough from no use for the last two days. Her confusion wasn’t misplaced but I didn’t want to go through this part of it. The explanation of why she was here, where her arm went, and who the hell I am.

“It’s best that you don’t speak just yet. My name is Hera, and I know who you are. Your wolf and I have been keeping you company but there were complications with your rescue.” I was going to do the arm thing now I guess, that was until she tried to push herself off my lap to sit up completely.

“I did not ask for...a rescue.” Oh goodie, she found her voice. She shoved herself up against the wall next to me with the one working arm. That single movement made her break out into a quick sweat and caused the monitor on her left wrist to go off.

“It was not my idea, nor did you have a say in it. But you’re welcome, I guess. Now, about your arm.” I threw the damp cloth to the floor of the cavern and stood up to go to my side of the cave.

She sat there against the wall for a moment and caught her breath. I could tell she shouldn’t have moved so quickly but why ask me? The person that helped her from death’s door? I rolled my eyes at her trying to get away from me.

“How did you know where I was?” She started before I could get to the arm thing.

“It’s complicated, but I work for a higher power,” I swear I heard her choke on her own breath over there. “Higher power, yeah right, and the world isn’t being run by vampires.” She rolled her eyes and laid her head against the wall of the cavern. Howl slowly walked her way over to her master and nudged her cheek with the black and wet part of her nose. I saw the slayer relax into the nudge of the wolf and slowly begin to relax. Now was the time.

“Your arm was torn off by a vampire, he and the others were sent by Ba’al to bring you to the castle. I saved your life but I had to take off the elbow joint as it was getting a bit infected. Good news is that the gel I put on the end of the stump has kept your arm from getting even worse and you’ve nearly made a full recovery.” I waved to the half of an arm to her right side. She lazily looked down at the stump and didn’t say a word.

“You’re making a dumb move keeping me here. I know you have to be working for him, for Ba’al, because I know all the humans left alive and you sure as hell haven’t been around. So, how would you like me to kill you? Bare hands? Or with the dagger that’s killed so many of your people?” She acted as if I was a vampire that I worked for the self-appointed king of the lands. What a self-righteous d-bag.

I stood up, shaking my head and crossed over to where she sat against the wall of the cavern.

“You’re being a child, you don’t have to trust me because I sure as hell don’t trust you, but I was left in your charge and I do my job. Every. Time. I don’t fail, and I’m not going to start with you.” I crossed my arms and stood over her and the wolf who let out a gentle growl, a warning growl, but she was still on her master’s side.

“You are the one that should be scared, I could tear you apart with my bare hands if I wanted.” She spoke through a ragged breath and as more sweat broke out she stood to her wobbling feet. Does she not realize she’s still sick?

“Yeah, I’m shaking in my boots. If you haven’t noticed you’re a little more (h)armless than you’ve been in the past.” I winked at her and took in the shocked face she gave me. The little joke I had waiting in the back of my head had been itching to get out and I think it worked. She was brought down a few notches and when I went to sit back down in front of the fire and left her alone with her thoughts and her new armless situation.

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