The Last Huntress

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Destroy Me (part one)

Every corner of my vision held a vampire with a weapon. And each weapon pointed at a critical part of my anatomy.

They were learning. But like all the other times we’ve fought among the grass and trees, they would lose.

If I turned in any manner I would have the point of a knife or sword in my flesh. I had nowhere to move or run. All I could do is stand and stare at Ba’al who was walking up to the party now with a stupid smirk on his face as if he’s already won.

“I can’t let you just leave, little Red, I have so much to show you.” His wicked smile made me step back slightly but the poke of the knife at my back told me to stop. I couldn’t ignore the fight that was being forced onto me anymore. I needed to get out of here and get back into tiptop shape so I can take them down for good, not just fight my way out of here.

“I don’t want to see anymore. I came because of the incessant letters and now I want to leave. Get out of the way or get killed.” I shrugged carefully as to not upset the sharp points around me. The Ba’al once cocky smirk turned heinous so quickly after I turned down his offer. Something I knew would happen. He wanted his way like a child wanting all the candy before dinner.

“You will stay here, there’s nothing to go back to. Right now my soldiers are dismantling the silver dome you so lovingly built over the years. The humans will be no more.” The fear crept up my spine with every syllable that he uttered. He was playing me into his hand. He wanted me to make a reckless move. Knowing that he wants that made my blood boil even more. I will not play into his hand.

“You think you’ve got me under your thumb. I’m almost certain you’ve thought that for years, but you’re wrong.” Our eyes met and I couldn’t think of anything to say after this moment. He would let me out of this palace and back to the grass and trees around us. I hated being in here, the smell of blood and its coppery high notes. The sound of feet across marble floors and nails dragging across stone archways. Even when my eyes look around the room and over the heads of the vampires surrounding me I could see the overspender of this place.

How greedy he must be to live like a king and treat his people as servants and slaves. Even the soldiers were under his control, no one spoke or thought of their own will.

“How wrong am I, Samuel?” He turned to a vampire that just came through one of the archways and to the gathering not far from it. He held in his hand a silver dome rod. The exact one I’ve used to keep us safe. It was impossible, I was trained and raised on the premise that they can’t touch silver.

“I can see the confusion behind your eyes and it is rightfully there. It’s a little gift from my queen. Once she is ready to meet you, my final play will be set into motion.” He put his hands behind her back and turned away from me. I wanted to tear his head off and kick it like a soccer ball downfield.

“How did you do it?” I seethed through my teeth and tried to get my head wrapped around what he was telling me. Vampires being able to touch silver, it was as if I was finding out I had a long-lost sibling that I never knew about and they were evil or something.

“As I said, it was a gift. My queen has a particular type of blood. This blood gave us the ability to touch something we’ve never been able to touch before. I nearly shed a tear when Samuel brought back the first piece of that dome. Finally, we will have the last of the humans under control. And the Slayer will be on our side for eternity.” There was more than a hint of glee in his tone. He was a madman and I had had enough.

Suddenly I dipped down under the points, faster than they were able to catch. I knocked into their legs and made a simple domino effect with their bodies. Soon the circle of vampires was on the ground in a pile and I was walking backward towards Howl who had two vampires on her sides lept up on her hind legs and piled into the one on her right then left. What great soldiers these people are. Not.

“You will not leave this palace. You will be arrested and processed.” I knew what that meant, I would be turned into a vampire just like them. I heard the stories about humans that had escaped. I tried to help them but they died from starvation shortly after. Their stories have haunted me to this day. I wouldn’t let myself or the others get in the same situation.

They may have taken the last village of humans but they won’t take me.

Feeling around for my dagger, I unsheathed it from my ankle and raised it in my left hand. I couldn’t help but notice they could tell I wasn’t using my right dominant hand. Damn it. More and more of them piled into the room with us, some faces I recognized from the night I lost my arm. Those would die first.

They in waves, five at a time, and I cut them down on my way to the exit. Some took more time to slice into and dodging their teeth was another thing entirely but I did it. I felt faster than I’ve ever had before. I was nearly at the entrance I came through the first time and I wouldn’t distract myself with looking back at Ba’al to see if he was weeping that I was going to get away again. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from getting back to that dome. I needed to save them.

Howl’s voice cried out for me and it was just enough of a distraction to get my head beaten in and my body knocked to the floor beneath me. I let out all the air in my body when I smacked into the floor. I turned to see Howl being taken by the hind legs and dragged by a few vampires away from me. Screaming for her would do nothing. I rolled over to my back and leveraged my lower half before I made my jump to my feet again. Who needs two arms? Not me.

I ran for her and nearly made it until a few vampires grabbed my own legs and dragged me away from her.

“You will see my side, Redley, and if I have to destroy everything you know and love then I will.” My legs were pinned into the hands of my enemy while my left arm was seized and my dagger fell to the ground. The grabbed onto my right shoulder since there wasn’t an arm to tackle and it was like deja vu. It felt like that nigh all over again. Howl’s screams and shouts from the other side of the room made me want to crane my neck to see her but I couldn’t. Instead, my eyes were forced to watch Ba’al’s followers bring out a body with a sack on their head.

The bag was ripped off only to reveal someone I never thought I would see again.

“Donovan, how did he get you?” I strained my voice as his scared expression built my fears back up. If he could get Donovan then he could get everyone else.

“I’m so sorry, Red, I tried to protect them. There were too many, the dome, the humans...They’re all gone.” His voice cracked and he broke down. I could see the tears coming from his eyes from here. My future was permanently gone and I was the only one to blame. Had I not left, had killed Comfrey sooner, had I not been such a selfish person; none of this would have happened.

I struggled against their hold and for a second they didn’t keep enough grip on my right side this time. I was able to break free of their grasp and kick my way out of their hold all together. I ran to Donovan but I wasn’t quick enough. His throat was slit in front of my eyes by Ba’al himself. But something even worse happened. He healed quickly after.

“You see, Little Red, I not only have your humans in my prisons down below, but I have your friend here and we’ve had such a good time together. He’s seen the error of his ways and wanted to join my force. He can do it, why can’t you?” My blood was boiling once again. He took everyone from me. My father, mother, Comfrey and now Donovan.

“You will have me over my dead body.” If those were my last words I was happy with it. Donovan’s eyes never met mine again as the vampire soldiers came back for my shoulders. I was grabbed up as they started taking me out of the room and to a place I knew I wouldn’t like. Howl was bound by the legs like a calf and being dragged alongside me.

“That’s the point dear, your body and death will have such a tango when the virus enters your system. Be a doll and just give up already.” He waved me off and slung his arm over the shoulders of Donovan who finally stood up. Never in my life would I thought witnessing Donovan’s betrayal would hurt so bad. Yet here I was in a pain I would have never thought possible entering my body and mind.

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