The Last Huntress

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Destroy Me (part two)

Five days...I’m nearly certain it’s been about five days down here. My full arm bound to the wall in two places. One metal cuff around my elbow restricting it to the wall behind my back. The other was constricting my left wrist to the same wall. But I shouldn’t leave out the half arm I have bound on the other side. They didn’t trust me enough to let the gimp arm loose. Can’t say I blame them, after taking out nearly half of them before being tackled down and so physically bound that I couldn’t breathe without permission.

There’s no natural or artificial light down here, wherever here is. It’s underground for sure, the walls seemed too thick for above ground walls. But what would I know? The girl that flew too close to the sun, the girl that thought she could bring down an entire kingdom by herself.

How stupid have I been?

I tugged at the cuffs and saw that I had been very stupid. I was just a child being told stories of bad guys that I believed I could stop. A stupid child that believed her grandmother when she said the big bad wolf was never the problem, it’s always the people that tell you the wolf is bad.

I should elaborate better,

My grandmother had this story, she always started by saying the bad guy was never the real bad guy. I didn’t completely know what that meant as a kid but as I’ve grown I’ve come to find pieces of it popping up in my life.

Growing up in a much bigger human city than I ever did, she had more stories from further reaches and I had what trickled down from my mother’s mouth growing up. There was this story about a young girl who would visit her aging grandmother in a blood red cloak. She would bring her food because it was getting to where the grandmother couldn’t get around very well; she was nearing her end, as my grandmother put it.

The young girl would bring the food and company once a week even though the woods around the grandmother was filled with dangerous wolves and hunters.

When she spoke about the child walking alone I always secretly wanted one of the hunters to find her and teach her a lesson but my grandmother told me that wasn’t the point of the story, or whatever.

But she visited her grandmother until one day she found her dead in bed. The little girl was distraught and ran back outside only to see the house surrounded by wolves. Now, what the girl didn’t know is that her grandmother used to feed the wolves. She kept a few pounds of meat in her freezer and threw them out when she could. And the wolves that surrounded the house thought the young girl did something to the old woman. She was covered in her scent and they could smell the death from the front yard.

They believed she was the bad person, but something quite amazing happened when the girl stopped crying. She walked toward the wolves that were low to the ground, about to pounce, she held her hand out to each one of them even the ones that towered over her tiny body. She let each of them scent her by rubbing their fur against her face and the sides of her blood red cloak.

After that, she became their protector, their leader. In turn, they kept her safe from any danger the forest and beasts around them brought. The young girl lived in the small house and eventually met other humans looking for shelter. She had her own family that grew with the wolves but not even she could protect all of them. The beasts came for each one, knowing they were in the way between them and the free humans. The young girl, now all grown up, fought tooth and nail to keep her family safe. She died in the same house her grandmother did.

It’s not a great story, not even a heartwarming one with a happy ending. But it taught me to keep going. It taught me the ones that look the most vicious are usually the ones that will protect you and the ones that smile and say they can give you the world will tear your heart straight out of your chest. Death will eventually come for us all, but I’ll start a little early today.

From the starvation and sleep deprivation my stomach was clenching in pain but after the second day, I adjusted to it. The thought of Howl being torn apart or killed was keeping me going. I needed to find her, she was in this basement with me but I couldn’t see through the dark well enough. But I had something they didn’t know about.

Human will can get you further than anyone thinks. In my case after seeing one of my only friends turned into the enemy when I thought I had left them with enough protection that they wouldn’t have to do anything to get by. But I was wrong, Donovan’s throat being slashed told me that. I don’t blame him of course, not after the first day of me blaming him would I keep doing so. He didn’t choose this path, we’ve spent night after night talking about situations just like this.

He was forced and Ba’al will pay for that among other things. The dismantling of the dome is number two on my list followed by Comfrey’s turning and the death of the ones he slashed down in the dome that day.

My thoughts were dropped when I heard the door open far off to the left of my pinned body. I closed my eyes and acted near death while I could smell the vampire walking towards me. I don’t know what it is about their scent but it is distinct from anything else.

The sound of the bars that were in front of my pinned body was rolled back and the stink of the vampire came closer and closer until there was the rim of a glass cup to my lips. I opened my eyes a crack only to see Donovan looking up at me.

“They didn’t want to give you water but I nearly begged the master for it. Please drink.” He begged for the second time today and I didn’t want to hear it. I thought I wasn’t mad at him but hearing the term ‘master’ pass his lips made me want to stab him.

“Where’s Howl?” My scratchy voice gave my weakness away but I didn’t care about that. I wanted information. “They won’t tell me but I know she’s alive. She’s being kept in a cell like you and is bound pretty similarly but I only saw her for a second before she was moved. They have big plans, ones involving you and being thrown in the middle of his army and not coming back out. He’s pretty much given up on turning you, he just wants you out of the way.”

His words didn’t surprise me but I didn’t want to hear anything else.

“Just give me a single drink from that water and leave me alone. I can take care of myself.” I dropped my head again so I didn’t have to see his new grey eyes staring back at me. He had been turned properly and it had to have been nearly a week ago. I couldn’t do anything to help or save him.

He pushed the rim of the glass to my lips when I turned back to his face. I didn’t meet his eyes but I took a small drink of the water, that tasted just fine and then turned away again.

“I’m sorry Red, I tried so hard to keep them out but there are just too many. And the threat of his queen waking soon is overhead. I’ve heard she is more vicious than he is. She’s the real villain here and I am terrified of what’s to come.” His parting words as he left me behind as I had to do to him only a week ago.

I went back to hanging my head low and keeping my eyes closed as I replayed memories and days with my grandmother in my head. That was until an unsettling feeling dropped into my stomach.

It was unlike anything I’ve felt before. Was it the tiny drink of water? It had to be, I haven’t had anything else in five days. It wasn’t even refreshing enough to think about but now my stomach was turning and my muscles were beginning to constrict too hard. My heart raced and when I looked straight at the bars just in front of me I thought I could almost see the rust collecting on the edges of the straight parts that part the round bars.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed out when a fire began to burn in my stomach. What did that man do to me? This couldn’t be Donovan, it had to be Ba’al, he did something to the water. It was a tiny sip, nothing that potent could be in me in such a small sip.

“Wait...Even the tiniest drop...” I spoke about the word my mother taught me, only a tiny drop was needed when turning a new vampire. The person had to be nearly drained of their blood though, what would one small drop, if that’s what this was, do to me if I wasn’t drained of my blood first?

They were going to turn me after all. Donovan was wrong, they didn’t want to kill me in the middle of a crowd of trained soldiers, they were going to turn me but I wasn’t going to let it get that far. What they didn’t know is that giving me anything that could help my strength was a bad idea.

I gave into the fire burning in my stomach and through my veins. I began to pull on the cuffs that kept me on the wall. I could feel the new strength building in my muscles and when the sharp pain of broken metal cut me slightly when I freed my arm I nearly jumped for joy. I slipped my right half arm out of the other cuff and planted my feet straight on the ground.

If they were going to throw me to the beasts in hopes I get drained dry, then I would give them a show they would never forget. I was going to take his whole army down with me. But first, the bars.

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