The Last Huntress

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Secrets Don't Stay Hidden

“It’s only been about a day, right? No blood cravings but your gums should have given you away at the tower check. You wouldn’t be able to stand in the sunlight on the porch either. But you’ll fully change soon and before you do I will kill you.” Howl was standing behind me ready for whatever I needed but I wanted this kill to myself.

“Is that any way to treat a man you’ve known since birth, a man you’ve considered to be your brother? A man that your mother trusted with her deepest darkest secrets?” I could hear the change in tone when he mentioned my mother again. I couldn’t ignore the fact that he and my mother were close and I buried that jealousy years ago.

“You stopped being my brother that night you tried to kill me.” I walked backward until I felt the stand where I kept my clothes that were drying and knew my dagger would be near them. He noticed this and made no move to stop me. He wanted this fight.

“You’re still on that? I was trying to stop you from going into a den of vampires that wanted your head. You think you’ve gotten away with killing all the men and women all these years but they’ve been keeping a tab on you. You’re enemy number one, little Red.” Anger boiled within me and the moment I had my dagger in my hand it began to settle.

“Cheap shot calling me by her nickname. You know the rules as well as I do, you have to be killed we can’t have another for their army.” He knew what he walked into, did he think he would come in here and kill me? Or even worse, turn me? How dumb did he think I was?

“I knew what I signed on for when I agreed for them to start the turning process. Your mother was right, we will lose, it’s inevitable so why not just give up now?” He shrugged his shoulders as if he was talking about giving up the last piece of bread at dinner time. This was our humanity, our lives, and he just wanted us to give up.

“I won’t fall for his tricks, not again, I want to know something before I kill you for good.” I knew I had exactly three days before he would be completely turned and out for blood. Just another monster, I had to keep telling myself that.

“Is it about that night of your first solo hunt? Because that’s tedious.” He complained and pushed off of the wood wall he was standing against before. His strides were long as he walked up to my stiff stance against him on the other side of the room. “It’s about the knife you stuck in my chest when you tried to stop me from going to see him the first time and the arrow that was lodged in Howl’s side as well. You wanted us to die, you didn’t care if we went to the castle or not.” I pushed back at him I wanted to know his reasoning behind everything before I stabbed him in the heart.

“While I kept your mother’s secrets I made sure you didn’t go to Ba’al before you were ready.” That made me take a step back. What did he mean by before I was ready?

“What the hell does that make me now? I’m the same person then as I am at this moment. What makes the twenty-nine-year-old before you any different than the sixteen-year-old? Hm?” He came closer and closer to the dagger and me, he even went as far as pushing the tip of the dagger against his chest daring me to push it further.

“You are a much different person than you used to be. Stronger, smarter, faster...The perfect person to sit by his side. He was training your mother, you know. A lot of the move we learned as kids came from his arsenal.” I didn’t show the shocked expression I wanted to I didn’t want him to get to me.

It explained a lot, the swiftness of my moves and how hard my mother would push me as a child. She wanted me to be better than anyone else. I thought it was about being better than the beasts but maybe it was because she wanted me to be just like them.

I shook the thoughts out of my head. That couldn’t be true, all my life that I knew my mother she told me how horrible those things were. They burned my father alive, along with ten other people. They burned down our second home and killed at least twenty. All they do is kill.

But so do I.

“I can see the gears turning more and more in your head. You know I’m right, you know your mother was playing for that side the entire time. It’s only a matter of time until you follow me to the castle and meet your true fate.” The dagger in my hand was shaking. It had never done that before. I was nervous, and I didn’t like the feeling of not being in control. I forced myself to wake up, to snap out of whatever trance he thought he was putting me under. I stared into his eyes that were turning slightly red as we spoke. He was nearing his second day, the sun would begin to affect him after this. And so would silver.

I dropped the dagger and I could see in his eyes that he knew I would. He thought he had me around his little finger.

In a blur of fists and feet, I punched him straight in the throat and twisted to high kick the red button by the front door sounding the alarm telling everyone there was a vampire among us.

“They’ll kill you on sight if you make it out of here. I don’t plan on you getting that far.” I stepped back and picked up my dagger. He was still bent over in a coughing fit when I took the chance to shove his body against the wall and bringing the dagger up quickly into his ribcage.

“Silver doesn’t harm me yet, you still have a full day before it does. You can only jump start the inevitable.” He struggled to get the words out as I pushed the dagger in deeper and deeper. I knew the silver wouldn’t do anything but that didn’t mean I couldn’t kill him. The alarm was blaring and hurting my head but I kept pushing the blade deeper and deeper.

I could hear his heart slowing down and the howl’s of my best friend behind me trying to get people to our home before it was just us and a dead member of our race at my feet.

“You’ve come along way, Red. Killing the last real family member you have. How does it feel?” He asked me between gasps for air and as his hand reached for my arm I could feel the trembling coming from him.

“How does it feel to kill you? It does not. It doesn’t make me feel a damn thing.” One more hard jab and I knew I had gone through his heart completely.

“No, not how it feels to kill me...How does it feel to turn me?” His gasps and weak words hit hard for me. I should have seen this plan coming from a mile away. He wanted me to kill him. Even if he was freshly turned, if he’s killed then he becomes something we refer to as a blood junkie. Not completely a vampire but not at all human.

When the door slammed open I could hear the steps of at least three men behind me. I pulled the dagger out of his chest and let him fall to the floor. Comfrey was dead. But not for long.


“Don’t call me that!” I scream out. Usually, I didn’t care about the title but not right now. I was going to be called a slayer right now. Not with the blood of my former brother on my hands.

“Take him underground. He’ll be changing soon. There is a blanket next to my bed, use it so he doesn’t burn on the way down.” I tossed my dagger to the floor and headed for the bathroom. Howl followed behind me she would be the only one I allowed in this room at the moment. I gave no more commands as I pumped the tub with water for the second time today. I needed to wash away all the information I just got and the blood of Comfrey off my hands.

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