The Last Huntress

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One of Us

It was only a hop, skip, and a jump away from sector three to sector two where we held any prisoners worth keeping around.

That’s where Comfrey would be.

The door slid open at my handprint again just like before. This sector allowed for a few other scientists and researchers to work in it and even if they weren’t allowed in sector three, they still worked hard for their people.

From the dome that protects us all the way down to the food pills, we used in case of emergencies. Those were coming more and more month after month. They even created our clothing. They made it possible to weave solar cell fibers into the yarn and string used for our everyday clothing. The sun charged the woven fibers along with movement. We used this energy to power just about everything the other solar panels didn’t

We couldn’t have normal ones on top of the dome, they kept getting destroyed by the beasts. But everything that was made of fabric had that woven into them for this purpose. Along with the pedal pushers, they were what powered our twenty acres of land and the homes we built on it.

It was one of the many things their brilliant minds came up with, but right now I didn’t need to speak with them, I needed to speak with Comfrey.

“Miss Slayer, what can we do for you today?” Carson, the head lab tech asked as I entered the room. He wore a smile that only brightened his face, the red hair helped of course.

“I am not someone you need to serve, I’m in your domain, you’re the boss down here,” I told him as I walked around the lab staring at the things they were creating while I killed above ground.

“I forget sometimes...He’s in the fourth cage down if you’re here for him.” He spoke low knowing that I didn’t want to hear his name nor did I want anyone else in the room to hear it. Nodding, I turned towards the row of prisoner cages we kept only for extreme cases.

We haven’t had anyone in here since the last junkie that was turned too soon. She was an old friend of ours and it was painful seeing her go from human to nothing more than a beast. It took a lot in me to kill her that day and once I got the info out of Comfrey I would kill him too.




And four...I stood in front of door number four that was nothing but a wall of a clear unbreakable plastic mixture the scientists created to hold beasts like the one sitting in the corner of the cell. The white walls were painted with brownish red streaks. He’s been playing with his own blood.

“Well, well, well, look who finally showed up. Didn’t think the big bad slayer would come to see little ol’ me...” His voice had dropped at least a full octave since the final part of the turn. When he stood up and walked over to the wall of clear plastic I saw what the turn had done to him. His once lovely face has now been marred and scarred but the virus that pumps through his veins now.

He had a few boils from the turn that will heal over time. He wasn’t a full vampire since I killed him before he fully turned, instead, he’s what we like to call a blood junkie. His entire personality would eventually change and all he’ll want is blood. With the vampires, if they turn completely they act and look just like humans, the biggest differences are their strength, speed, diet, mind-altering talents, and thirst for nothing but power and blood.

“I came for information before your mind is complete mush from the virus.” I pulled my arms behind my back and stood like the soldiers I trained twice a week.

“Like you’re going to get anything out of me. I was here when you killed Jane, the other disaster you created.” His snarl reminded me of our joint friend that I was forced to kill once she turned into a junkie.

“She had killed two of our people and nearly a third before I captured her and put her out of the misery that is the virus in your veins. It was a mercy killing and you were the one that helped with the decision making.” I glared at him I wasn’t going to completely give into what he wanted, me frazzled and making dumb decisions, I was going to get something from him instead.

“What does Ba’al really want? He turned you for a reason and sent you back to us. I also want to know how you got past the checkpoint. We check for everything even pre-turn and as far as stage three. How did you do it?” I stepped closer as he did from the other side and met him full faced at the barrier.

“You know the new trainee at the gate? He was the checker the other day. He knew who I was and decided, against my own wishes, to just let me in without a check. I gave him ample opportunity to check my gumline and teeth but he was sooo willing to just let me in without a single check, all because he knew me before he started training.” His words made me want to punch the wall in front of me but I held back. I would deal with Dane, the new trainee, later.

I closed my eyes for a moment and let the anger roll off my shoulders as I rolled them out from the tension building in them. I need sleep and food but this was more important.

“As for your biggest fan, Ba’al, he wants you as per usual. He believed that turning one of your best friends and closest family members to his side might convince you but I knew it wouldn’t work. You don’t care enough about anyone to turn to his side. Even if your mother was alive I don’t think she could get you to change your mind.” He pressed a bloody finger to the clear barrier between us and drew out a heart in his own blood. He must have cut his new delicate skin when he was put in the prison.

As a junkie, his skin was half the strength of a human’s skin since it didn’t get completely turned by the virus since I stuck a dagger in his heart and stopped everything but his mouth.

“He must be slipping if he thinks turning you would awake anything in me. I’m here for the betterment of the human race. For our survival and for the destruction of the race of beasts that killed the world.” Sometimes I even get a little tired of my rants but I wasn’t going to give in to what he wanted and keeping myself guarded would be the only way and that meant talking his ear off if necessary.

“This is getting old, little red, just give in. It’s been hundreds of years since this started there is no way out. The human race must die.” His tired yellowed eyes blinked lazily at me. He wasn’t just tired of my speeches but he was tired of trying to fight this endless war. I couldn’t blame him, I was tired too.

“It’s not just about living up to what my parents wanted or trying to kill off a dictator that has an endless army. It’s about surviving and keeping the pieces of our race intact. Humans will win this and now that you’re on the other side you’ll see just how much we have up our sleeve.” I backed up a couple of steps from the barrier right as a sudden slap landed on the clear wall making my eyes meet his again. The blood from the palm of his hand that was cracked and smearing all over the wall.

“Give up! There is no point in finishing anything in this war! Become one of us and just let the humans die!” He screamed and backed away from the wall to stare up at the ceiling as if there was something to watch up there. He began to lazily walk in a circle while muttering under his breath. I watched the boy that I grew up with turn into a man I couldn’t stand anymore.

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to live in this painful state much longer. I’ve given the order for your destruction by the end of the day. Nothing special, just a quick injection and then your body will be burned like the rest of them.” I turned on my heels to walk away but his low almost maniacal laughter brought my attention back to him.

“Not going to kill me with your own bloody hands? Coward!” He screamed while whispering ‘one of us’ under his breath as he backed himself into the top left corner of the cell. The sickness was setting in, he wouldn’t be of use to me anymore. Once my brother, now my enemy. He’ll die like the rest of them.

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