AIMNÉISE Place of Pendants 2

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Chapter Thirty Five


We turned to see Mario and Fiora sitting by the stream talking before we headed into the trees. We were leaving the three horses for them, they still had plenty of supplies to see them to their destination. I had no reservations about leaving them, they had enough money to set themselves up in a new business and a new life.

We moved further into the trees so they couldn’t see us and huddled together as Conall said the words to transport us home. Conall had his arm wrapped around my waist and Dougall’s arm wrapped around my shoulders, both of them holding me tight making sure I was going with them. A little over protective maybe, hey I wasn’t complaining.

We landed in the kitchen at the farm scaring Ula so much she dropped the cup she was holding. It smashed against the floor as she screamed, then pounced on me in a bear hug.

“Morgan.” She screamed again kissing my face. Damn I had missed this woman.

Sloane came running in from the back door sounding like a bull with the pounding his boots were doing on the floor. He rushed over pulling me out of Ula’s grasp to lift me, swinging me around in another bear hug. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I was sore from the lashes or let his bear hug stop, it felt bloody good.

“Lass we have missed ye so.” He set me down but kept a hand on my shoulder as if he too was afraid, I would disappear again.

Conall huffed and pulled me away wrapping his arms around me from the back. Yep my possessive husband was back, or actually I was the one that had returned. Ula stood in front of me her hands on the sides of my face as she kissed me on the forehead and cheek.

“Are you alright, love?”

Conall whispered in my ear. “Let Ula take a look at yer welts.

Ula’s eyes went wide her face looking horrified. “What fucking welts?” She grasped my arm and without another word she dragged me out of Conall’s arms and up the stairs to her bedroom.

“Let me see.” She demanded hands on her hips and a look that brooked no argument.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Ok but they are fine, they will heal.” She raised an eyebrow.

I lifted my top to her gasp, tears slipping from her eyes. “Oh love, what did they do to you? Right, off with them clothes, right now.” She went into her bathroom and got a bath started. “I’ll be right back with my herbs.”

When she returned, she poured her concoction into the bath water. I took a deep breath. Oh, how I had missed this scent. I closed my eyes breathing deeply o take every element of it into my lungs. Heather, lavender, and meadowsweet, and others I had no idea what they were, the scent though was heavenly.

She helped me into the bath, to more of her gasps when she saw the rest of the welts, across my stomach, legs and thighs. They stung like the bejesus as they hit the hot water easing my body down real slow still hanging onto her arm.

“Love did Conall kill the bastard that did this?” The fury in her eyes was unmistakable. If I said he didn’t she would want to travel back in time and kill him herself.

“He did, then he cut off his head.” Her face eased becoming somber. “He got what he deserved.” I didn’t want to think of Ronaldo anymore, I was home with my family.

“Go easy love.” She cooed. Once I was seated, I let go of her arm, the welts hurt but it didn’t want to be anywhere else at this moment in time. “Stay in the bath while I make you some tea.”

“Oh, not the bitter one.” I moaned.

“Morgan, it is, but I will put some extra honey in it for you. It will help you heal faster.” I stretched out in the water, this was paradise, painful but still paradise. The scent of the water and the heat overwhelming my aches, pains slowly easing the stinging.

Closing my eyes, my mind flashed with thoughts of Milan, of Leonardo and Solai, then felt my husband’s lips gently touch mine.

“Feel better?” Came his husky voice. Oh, how I had missed the sound of him.

“Much.” I smiled opening my eyes to his beautiful face.

He kissed me again, his lips soft and gentle, he deepened the kiss running his tongue against my teeth wanting entry. I opened for him as he slipped his tongue in dancing with mine.

One hand behind my head and one against the side of my face he dove deeper into my mouth.

“Jesus Conall, could you not wait?” Ula shrieked behind us.

I laughed as Conall lifted his head and turned towards her. “No, I can no wait. I have waited long enough to kiss my wife.” He snapped at her.

Her face softened. “Let her have her bath and tea first love, then she is all yours.”

“Aye.” He grumbled getting to his feet. “When ye have finished with her, she is all mine.”

“Oh, yours, am I?” I said with a giggle.

Conall turned to me with a raised brow. “Aye lass, ye are, body, mind, heart and soul. Mine.” He winked at me and left the bathroom. Shouting down the stairs as he went. “Mine, mine, mine.”

Ula chuckled handing me the cup of nasty tea. “That man certainly loves you.”

“I know. Just like Sloane loves you.”

She smiled. “That he does child, that he does.”

I took a sip of the tea. “Blah, yuck.” Ula laughed.

She sat on the side of the tub while I told her about everything that had happened since I disappeared from the Callanish stones. My loss of memory, my time with Leonardo and Solai, the gypsies and Ronaldo.

I watched my aunts face change from sad to confusion, to tears falling from her eyes, but there was no mistaking her love for me. I’m so happy to be back home. “I missed you so much.”

She moved closer running her hand down my face to cup my chin. “And I have missed you too my love, so very much.”

The bath water was starting to cool down and I had finished drinking her nasty, nasty tea, not being any less drinkable with the extra honey. She pulled something from her pocket and slipped a chocolate into my mouth.

“That better?” She smiled with a raise of her brow.

“Mmmmm.” I nodded with a mouth full of chocolate.

Once I was out of the bath and dried the welts had significantly lessoned to red lines no longer stinging any more, thank goodness. Aunt left to put the kettle on, I laughed to myself where else would she be but making tea.

I dressed in a pair of jeans and a tee that aunt had left on the bed for me, and let’s not forget a pair of knickers, yep definitely missed those.

It’s funny how you can miss certain clothing. I missed my jeans, but more so, my underwear. Making my way downstairs I could hear Conall and Dougall recounting their story, some of which I hadn’t yet heard.

I stood in the doorway with my arms folded, a smile on my face, feeling relaxed from my bath. They weren’t aware I was standing there, Conall describing some clothes that Dougall had been wearing and how he looked like a turkey ready for the pot. It was only then I realised that he was speaking in Gàidhlig and I could understand every word he was saying.

Why the hell I could understand it now was a mystery, but then I had been able to understand Leonardo and Soldi, they would have spoken some form of Italian, I had also understood Rosa and her husband, and they spoke Romanian. I would have to talk with aunt about that. Conall hadn’t questioned me when I had spoken to Mario in his language.

I suddenly became aware that everyone had stopped talking, Conall’s face slowly turned towards me. His look though, changed from amusement from the story he was recounting to one of half lidded hunger and deviousness. Okay.

“What?” I said innocently with a raise of my brow.

Conall said not a word getting up slowly from the chair, coming towards me as if he was stalking his prey. I flicked my eyes to Ula, Dougall and Sloane. Each smiling. Dougall looked a little confused, until he caught on to what was happening, chuckled and shook his head.

I backed up a step as Conall got closer, his hooded eyes were on fire, how I had missed those beautiful blue eyes.

“Conall.” I warned putting my hands up, damn he looked dangerous as if he was stalking his dinner.

“Conall.” I warned again. “Behave yourself.”

Ula laughed. “There’s no escape Morgan, your all his now.” A smile crept up the corners of Conall’s mouth as if he had just been given the keys to the city. There was no escaping him now.

I backed up another step as Conall took another step closer a wicked smile now playing his full lips. Even though my body temperature was rising, I shivered. I turned and ran up the stairs and got as far as mid-way, giggling as his broad arms wrapped around me and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, didn’t he do this once before?

“Conall, put me down, you beast.” I giggled and shouted at him thumping into his back, not enough to hurt him, not that I could if I tried. He firmly slapped me on the behind as he strode down the stairs and through the kitchen.

“Say goodnight, wife.” He growled. I waved at the laughing threesome sitting at the table.

“Goodnight wife.” I shouted at them to another burst of their laughter.

Conall strode through the mud room and out the back door and down the yard towards the hay house.

“Put me down, you…big bully, I can walk.” His answer was another hard slap on my butt.

“Ouch, you are such a beast.” I yelled to another slap. “I’ll be black and blue by the time you have finished.” I yelled to his chuckle, the vibration of it travelling through my body.

He carried me still over his shoulder kicking the door closed with his foot and straight to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed jumping on beside me, before slamming his mouth to mine.

My giggles turned to pants as he ravaged my mouth. I’d missed his scent, his skin and the feel of him. If this is a dream I don’t ever want to wake up.

Releasing my lips, he kissed the side of my face up to my hair line. “You taste like chocolate. To feel your skin again…I thought I would never...” He moaned and then sniffed my hair. “You smell bonny, like heather in spring.”

My eyes closed heavy with need, the want for him. His lips coming back to mine kissing me long and hard, plunging into my mouth sending jolts of electricity to my breast, thighs, toes. His body crushed mine, I dragged my fingers over his back digging my nails into him, wanting more of him. I didn’t want to think about anything, just him, all of him.

His lips moved to kiss my cheek, my jaw and then down my neck. My hand travelling slowly to his chest feeling the solid rhythm of his heart beating as fast as mine.

He suddenly stopped taking hold my face in his hands his brows furrowed. “Fuck lass, I missed you so much I thought I was ne’er going to find ye, don’t ever leave me again.” His eyes were full of pain, regret and love.

“I missed you too, I don’t want to ever leave you either.” I whispered.

His hand slipped behind my head raising me up to brush his lips over mine hardly touching. He slowly kissed along the line of my mouth flicking his tongue at the corners. I held my breath in expectation, exhilarating at the gentle touches of his lips and tongue. Hell, I was dyeing wanting more but not daring to move or breathe.

Running his tongue along the seam of my mouth my lips opened for him, he seized my mouth in an urgency of need. I returned his kisses with the same passion and starvation as his fingers stroked my throat his other hand behind my head pulling me harder as his kisses became more demanding.

Crushing our bodies together I was drowning in him. He pulled back to both of us gasping for air, his lips descending on my face tearing my clothes off, tossing the remnants to the floor not caring for buttons and ties. I really loved those jeans and there goes my underwear never to be worn again. I didn’t care at this moment, my body as hot as the lava in a volcano, electrical shocks zapping all the right places.

His clothes went the same way mine did in tatters thrown who knows where.

His kisses turned into licks and nips, face, neck and shoulders.

“I’ve had a bath Conall, you don’t need to give me a second one.” I sighed at the perfect feeling, still not quite believing I was home and in my husband’s arms.

He pulled back again to whisper in my ear. “Lass I need more.”

“Oh God so do I.”.

He chuckled kissing my neck before raining kisses across my shoulder. He kissed lower across my breasts, nipping at my nipples making me jump and gasp, I grabbed his hair heat radiating down my body to my centre. A fire burning in my belly as he moved lower, tasting, nipping and kissing. Holy smokes I was already on the edge and he hadn’t even reached where I wanted him to be.

He kissed my inner thigh then nipped. It didn’t hurt if anything it was driving me higher with insatiable need. His lips moved down to my knees, kissing their backs and lower still to my ankles and my feet, taking his torturous time, his hands massaging every inch of my skin. Sucking my toes felt…bloody wonderful then he was on the move back up. Kissing and nipping as he went.

“Conall.” I moaned. I thought my body was going to explode until he reached the apex of my thigh. If my body was hot before now it was a raging inferno. What this man could do with his tongue was carnal, oh so amazing.

“So wet for me.” He growled between my thighs his hands moving beneath my cheeks to lift me up to him.

I didn’t last long not with the sucks, bites and licks, my body jerked as an almighty explosion rocked my already oversensitive skin sending me crashing into orbit with a shattering climax. Quickly moving up pressing his cock to my entrance and without waiting he plunged in deep to the hilt, grasping my hips to my moans.

“Home.” He groaned.

Yes, I was home, with Conall inside me felt like nothing on Earth. “Home.”

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