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Chapter Forty One

Caught In A Clew

Ula turned to the girl her eyes wild with rage. “Who the fuck do you think you are speaking to?” She rounded the table to stand in front of Bridey. “You come into my home with the intention of nearly poisoning my neice so the evil witch Nicnaven can whisk her away, and you dare use that tone with me and scream like a banshee.”

Ula was more than shocked at the girl’s tone, mostly because no one had the guts to speak to her as Bridey had just done so. At least know one who knew about her abilities or her temper. What she wasn’t going to put up was this slip of a girl demanding anything from her, especially seeing as she was here to cause more problems to Morgan.

“You stole from me.” Bridey said in a lower voice dropping her eyes to the floor and wringing her hands.

“Sit your arse in the chair and close your mouth or I will gag you.” Ula spat at her. The girl huffed but sat in the chair putting her hands on her lap keeping her head down.

Ula took a deep breathe to calm herself before pouring herself a cup of tea, not missing the smirk on Sloane’s face nor his wink, letting her know he was proud of her. Sloane always had that effect on her, just a wink or a smile set her to calm.

After a few more mouthful’s of tea Ula turned to face Bridey still focused on the table. “Right now we know you weren’t working for the Stewarts in the low lands, so you will tell us how Andrew came to bring you here and what your association with Nicnevan is.”

The girl didn’t answer but continued to find the table space in front of her more interesting.

“You do know that I am Morgan’s aunt?” Still the girl said nothing. “Do you understand what that means?” Still no response. “Well I will tell you. I am also a descendant of the Tuatha da Danann as well, and as such I also have...abilities.”

The girl lifted her head still holding her mouth in a tight line.

“I have the air ability. Which young lady means I can whip you up into a wind if I care to.”

Sloane guffawed. “A wind, more like a cyclone or a tornado.” He composed himself his face changing to one of seriousness. “Ye have no idea how powerful my wife is, so I would no be making her angry again. I can no hold her back, no one can.” The girl gulped her eyes flicking from Sloane back to Ula.

“I was sent here by Nicnaven with instructions to give her and her husband a tea with the herbs in the pouch and then I was tae call Nicnevan using the crystal.”

“Morgan and Conall. Why, what does Nicnaven want with them both?” Ula asked her voice more level now she had settled down.

“She doesna want Conall, she wants the pendants and Morgan.” Bridey answered rolling her eyes.

“And?” Ula persisted.

“Nicnevan made a deal with Aoife. I don’t ken why though. I was just told what to do with the herbs and the crystal.”

“How did you come to be in a position for Nicnevan to give you those instructions?” Ula asked flashing a look at Sloane.

“As ye said I was caught in her clew.” Bridey answered but she had dropped her eyes to the table, telling Ula that she was lying or hiding something.

“If that was the case then were where you when she caught her clew?”

Bridey looked up then dropped her eyes again, wringing her hands. “I...I don’t remember, she did something to me to make me forget who I was or where I had come from.”

Ula frowned and caught the same expression on Sloane’s face. He didn’t believe her either. During conversations last night when everyone had been at the table it was mentioned several times how Morgan had lost her memory when she was misted off to 1494 and then hitting her head on a table causing amnesia.

Ula was sure the girl had heard the incident and was using it to cover what she should be telling them.

“So you have amnesia then?” Ula asked.

Bridey shrugged. “If that is what you call it then I suppose so.”

She wasn’t convincing in the least. Recalling listening to Morgan about her amnesia the answer and body signals Bridey had given were not one suffering the same.

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