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Chapter Forty Two

Talk To The Wolf

Conall and I had stopped in the mud room listening to Bridey ranting on with Ula. We weren’t exactly eavesdropping just waiting to see what aunt would do with the girl.

When aunt let lose Conall sniggered, I elbowed him to quell his chuckles. He wrapped his arm around my waist, his other hand resting just above my elbow. My hair moving slightly by his warm breath before kissing the back of my neck, his own hair brushing across my shoulder and collar bone. Sinking back into his solid shoulder, closing my eyes to take in his earthy and heather scent I wavered, my knees weakening. His arm tightened around my waist, no hope of slumping to the floor in a wanting puddle.

“Behave.” I moan whispered forcing myself to listen to aunt’s censure at the girl.

I gasped when the girl said she meant to give both Conall and I the tea. A fire snapped alight in my stomach wanting me to go in there and smack some sense into the girl.

“I can feel yer ire rising.” Conall whispered into my ear before taking a nip. “Ye need to stay calm, I ken a way for ye to do so.” I bet he did which if I’m not wrong would mean retreating to our bed.

“Mmmmm.” Was the only sound I managed to utter before Conall turned my head attacking my mouth and turning me in his arms. The conversation inside temporarily forgotten. That was until aunts’ words echoed through the room.

“You two can come in now before you turn my mud room into a lovefest, and before Sloane eats your breakfast.”

Conall halted and pulled away from me with hooded eyes but the idea that Sloane would eat his breakfast was too much to resist. I chuckled, he grabbed my wrist and hauled me into the kitchen lest there be no breakfast left for him.

Dear lord, men and their stomachs. He pulled the chair out for me and pushed it in with urgency wanting to sit himself down and load his plate. Sloane laughed at him.

“Morning aunt did you sleep well?”

“Yes love and you?”

I nodded and gawked at Conall as he loaded my plate with bacon and toast. “Are you right there? Don’t you think I can manage myself?” My tone sarcastic.

Conall grunted. “Just making sure my bráithar does no eat yer breakfast.”

“Now your being ridiculous.”

All of a sudden Dougall appeared with Silver. “Ha breakfast, good I’m starving.” Dougall grinned grabbing a chair and filling a plate before he even managed to sit down.

Silver ran around the table and jumped up at me his paws on top of my shoulders. He licked my face with gusto.

“Am I glad to see you, but I don’t need a bath thank you.” I laughed so happy to see my wolf.

“Ye said that to me too.” Conall mumbled with a mouth pull of food a cheeky smile to his face.

Dougall stopped what he was doing and turned wide eyes at Conall. “Why would ye say that? Ye are no a dog.”

Sloane coughed into his hand, Ula rolled her eyes and I hung my head my cheeks running hot. I knew what he was referring to. I kicked Conall under the table.

“He’s no a dog he’s a wolf.” Conall said chewing trying to hide the smirk on his face.

“Honestly you lot are like bloody children.” Ula scoffed. It was then we noticed that Bridey was sitting in her chair stiff as a statue, terror riding her face, staring at Silver.

“You don’t have to worry about him.” I said pushing the wolf’s big paws off my shoulders. “Gees boy, I think you have grown since I’ve been away. What do you think Conall, he’s bigger isn’t he?”

Conall turned his head to look at Silver then back to his plate to shovel more food into his mouth. “Aye.” Who was I kidding when it came to these men and food? Ula and I shared a resigned sigh.

I nabbed a piece of bacon from Conall’s plate and fed it to Silver.

“Hey don be giving him my breakfast he can go out and find his own.” Conall protested. I’m sure if I hadn’t got the piece to Silvers mouth quick enough Conall would have snatched it back.

Silver took a step towards Bridey his yellow eyes focused on her face, his tail though held still. So this wasn’t a greeting to a new person, he was wary of her.

“He wants to eat me.” The girl muttered her terror notching up.

“He’s dubious of you and your intention.” I said.


“Yes, he knows what you came here to do, so he’s not very happy with you, but don’t worry I won’t let hm eat you.” I said to her still looking like she was confronted by a demon.

“Ye would give him indigestion.” Dougall added.

The wolf took another step towards her sending her scuttling up the chair. Sloane moved faster and was behind her pushing her back to the seat by her shoulders. “He just wants a whiff of you.” The girl eyed him with eyes as big as plates.

“Whiff me? Why?” She stammered slamming her eyes back to Silver.

Silver took the last step to stand in front of her and raising his muzzle sniffed, to her yelp. He turned his head to look at me. Nicnevan’s daughter. My mouth dropped open did Silver just talk to me in my head.

“What is it?” Conall asked seeing my shock. Shock I was definitely in either Silver spoke in my head or I’m going crazy.

“He.” I gulped not believing this. “Silver just spoke to me.”

Everyone’s faces changed to total confusion.

Conall turned me by the shoulders to face him. He is going to say I’m crazy and must still be tired.

“What do ye mean he talked tae ye?”

“I didn’t hear anything.” Dougall muttered.

“Or me.” Uncle added.

Aunt always the logical one said. “What did he say love?”

I turned to look at her wondering if she was going to think I am crazy too. “He said she…” I pointed at Bridey. “Is Nicnevan’s daughter.”

The girls face went a deathly white, it indeed told me that was Nicnevan’s daughter. Holy hell.

“You couldnae ken that.” Bridey whispered not sure to look at the wolf or at me.

“God’s blood.” Conall gasped running his hand through his hair. “Ye can speak any language, now ye can suddenly talk to the damned wolf.”

Silver padded back to stand by my side.

Do you want me to eat him?

“No.” I snapped at the words in my head that I knew came from the wolf.

Feumaidh gach beó a bheathachadh.

“Oh, so now you speak Gidhlig as well?” I huffed.

“What did he say?” Conall asked narrowing his eyes at the wolf who in turn eyed Conall with his own yellow eyes.

I sighed this was so overwhelming it was beyond funny. “He wants to know if I want him to eat you, and that all living creatures must be fed. Except that last bit was in the Gaidhlig.”

Conall got in Silver’s face. “Try it wolf an it will be wolf stew fer the next week.” Silver made a sound that was something akin to a snort, causing everyone to chuckle except of course Conall.

“That’s quite a talent ye have picked up niece.” Sloane sniggered. “I’m wondering if’n ye can speak tae all animals or is it just the wolf. There’s a mole digging up the yard, ye could be of assistance and tell him tae go dig somewhere else.”

Dougall couldn’t help himself as usual. “No the female kind, he means one of them furry blind creatures, they’re no so pretty.”

“Dougall.” Conall warned.

Sloane went to slap Dougall upside the head, but he jumped back knocking into Conall. Both of them landing flat on the floor and immediately began punching and wrestling one another until Sloane grabbed them by their shirts and pulled them apart.

Ula jumped out of her chair. “Settle down. There is enough testosterone in this room as it is. Last thing we need is a measure of the size of your dicks.” Ula said eyeing each of the males including Silver. Turning back to Bridey she said. “So, you are Nicnevan’s daughter. You seem to have left that tad bit of information out.”

Bridey flinched at aunt’s words. “I…yes I am but it’s no her fault.”

Aunt’s eyebrow arched. “I thought you said you were afraid of her?”

The girl gulped. “No, it’s Aoife I am afraid of, not my mother.”

“Right then, start talking and you had better make it good.”

“My mother’s powers have been failing her for some time and well Aoife…she stole my sister.”

“What?” Aunt gasped.

“My mother doesn’t have the power to get my sister back and Aoife said she needed Morgan and the pendants. When she has them, we would get Marigold back.”

“Marigold, that’s your sister?” I asked.

“Yes, she is younger than me. Don’t ye see I have tae do this, or she will kill my sister, ye have tae come with me.”

I couldn’t believe the girl actually expected me to hand myself over. By the raised brows and open mouths of everyone at the table they were just as alarmed at Bridey’s demands.

“What the fuck!” Conall shouted. “My wife is no going with ye.” He stood beside me, I put my hand on his arm to calm him.

Silver growled sitting beside me. Can I eat her instead? I gave him a look that said, ‘be quiet’.

“I still think I should drop her off in an obscure century.” Sloane firmed his jaw blowing out a frustrated breath, trying really hard to control his anger.

“Bridey do you know where Aoife is holding your sister?” Ula asked.

“Camster Cairns.”

Conall’s sudden loud voice made me jump. I hadn’t expected him to ask. “Round or long?” Bridey shrugged she obviously had no idea which one.

“Is it guarded?” Sloane asked with the same booming voice as Conall.


Sloane rubbed his hand over his chin. “Are there Brollachans there.”


Lord getting more than one-word answers was like pulling teeth. That was until she had something meaningful to say, if it could be called that.

“Morgan I would rather talk tae ye alone.” Bridey said looking me straight in the eye which would be a about the first time she has done so without having to be told to.

Conall clamped his hand on my arm. “Nay.”

“Why do you need to talk to Morgan alone, can’t you just tell us all, seeing as we know what is going on now?” Ula asked not trusting the girl as far as she could throw her.

“I have more information, but I will only impart it tae Morgan…” She looked around at everyone sitting at the table, ignoring the wolf snarling at her. “In private.”

I let out a breath if this was the only way to get the information, and Ula had removed any and all obstacles from her possession, then I will do it. I patted Conall on the arm. The concern etched in his face told me that he was not happy about it. Truthfully, neither was I. “It’s ok. Bridey we will go down to the hay house and you can tell me there.”

I led Bridey down the yard not taking my eyes off her. Surprised to see my husband, aunt and uncle not trailing behind us. Following her into the house I Motioned for her to take a sat on the sofa. I asked her if she wanted a tea, she nodded.

While I was filling the kettle up Bridey began humming a tune. I tilted my head, so I could see her, she had her back to me looking out the window.

“That’s a lovely tune are there words to it?”

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