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Chapter Forty Three

Cummer Gae Ye Afore

I paced the floor and had been doing so since Morgan took the girl down to the hay house supposedly to give her more information. Why she couldn’t have shared it with all of us was concerning. Ula and Sloane looked as worried as I felt even the wolf was edgy doing his own pacing.

My fear of losing my wife again over whelmed my senses. It had taken me two months to get her back and I was dead resolved that it would never happen again. The initial fear I had with Morgan being a crack shot with her crossbow and her earth magic. Yeah I ken that both Ula and my wife called it abilities, but to me a was bloody magic.

Just before we had reached the Callanish stones I had trouble coming to terms with the fact that I had spent my entire life training to be the guardian and protector to the descendant of the Tuatha da Danann. Only to feel as if she didn’t need me to protect her. If it wasn’t for Sloane giving me a talking to, with a little blackmail shoved in there with it. I would never have understood how we could work together.

I loved Morgan from the first moment my eyes fell on her, but protecting someone that was capable of wiping out an entire army did nothing for my masculine pride. Sloane set me straight opening my eyes to how we could and should work together.

Morgan and I were a team, the same as Sloane and Ula. It worked for them and it would work for us too. I couldn’t though lose her again, two months away from her had ripped my heart out. Now that I had her back I’ll be damned if I will let anyone take her from me again.

“Love did you hide the crystal well?” Sloane asked.

“Yes love I did.”

I stopped pacing to stare open mouthed at Ula. “What fucking crystal?”

“Last night I found a crystal orb of Beryl and a silver ring in Bridey’s cloak. She was going to use it to call her mother. It’s a communication crystal.”

Dougall added his pennies worth. “Aye I’ve heard of that. The healer at Sutherland castle had one she used when…well when she was healing.” Why a healer would need a communication crystal in the practice of healing had me stunned.

I felt a sudden claw of terror rip through me, “Ula can ye please check it is still where ye hid it?” My gut was turning over, I had a damned fucking bad feeling creeping across my skin inside and out. The wolf had stopped his pacing his body ram rod straight. He too was feeling how I was.

Ula scrunched her face up. “If it makes you feel better.” Oh, it was going to make me feel better alright. A bloody communication crystal. I raked my fingers through my hair, every nerve in my body screaming at me to get to Morgan, now.

Stretching up to pull the lavender box down she set it on the table with Sloane hurrying to move some dishes out of her way. Plunging her hand down inside the box through dried stalks, leaves and flowers her face lost all colour. The look was enough, without thought we were all up and racing out the door. Rushing down the yard, Ula nearly tripping over the damned wolf, Sloane swearing as he lumbered.

My heat was racing at the thought the damned girl had the crystal and was at this very moment calling her witch of a mother for my wife. As soon as they got through the garage door to the small garden and front door of the hay house, we could hear Bridey singing.

Cummer gae ye afore, cummer gae ye,
Gin ye winna gae, cummer let me,
Linkin lithely widdershins,
Cummers carlin cron and queyn
Roun gae we.

Ula and I burst through the door like a freight train. For someone as tiny as my sister-in-law she could run just as fast I could. I was surprised the door didn’t end up flying through the air with the two of us pushing through it at the same time.

“Oh no you don’t!” Ula yelled flinging herself into the air and tackling Bridey to the ground. The crystal ball rolling away only to be grabbed in the jaws of the wolf.

Morgan dropped the two cups she was holding her mouth dropping open. “What the…”

Sloane pulled his wife up while I yanked the girl off the ground, screaming and trying to kick me. I slapped her upside the head and growled at her. “Settle down lass.” It was not in my nature to hit a wee lass, but she was trying to call her mother Nicnevan to whisk my wife away. No one is ever going to do that again.

I dumped her on the sofa from the back and stayed there keeping a firm hand on her shoulder, so she couldn’t get up. Relief seeped out of my body at the sight of my beautiful wife, safe.

“What the hell is going on.” Morgan demanded.

Ula was trying to tell her, but Sloane had her shoved against his body with her head pushed up against his chest that her words came out as a muffle. I sniggered as she head butted Sloane, being the only way, she could get the big oaf to let her go.

Once she managed to extricate herself from Sloane’s bear hug, she wiped the sweat off her face. I ken what it was like being in one Sloane’s hugs, not pleasant.

“I was trying to say that Bridey was summonsing her mother with the crystal.” It was then I notice that the wolf was sat next to Morgan with the damned crystal in his mouth as if he was ready to go out and play ball.

Ula marched up to the wolf and stuck her hand out. “Give it.” Silver rolled the ball in his mouth so that it clattered against his teeth his tail wagging with mischief. “Give it to me.” Ula demanded sneering at him. He dropped the ball covered in slimy saliva into her hand. The goop slithered through her fingers and fell in glumpy blobs to the floor. Ula shivered. “Shit wolf that’s disgusting.” She grabbed a tea towel wiping the ball and her hands, a look on her face as if she had been sucking on the sourest of lemons.

Suddenly Silver began growling causing all of us to jump.

“What is it boy?” Morgan asked the fur on the back of his neck standing up.

The wolf ran to the door his head low, the growling getting louder. Whatever had caught his attention was not anything good. Ula pocketed the crystal.

Sloane got to the door first. “Bràthairs with me.” Sloane opened the door not softly or to peek but as a man on a mission would. The three of us moved together synchronised in our movement as we launched ourselves along the path to the garage door, Sloane opening it with as much determination as he had with the other, the wolf at our backs ready to spring forward.

I quickly turned to see that Ula had the girl by the wrist with Morgan at her side following us out into the yard. Morgan had taken the time to grab Abbey and her bolts. I ken she would never leave them behind if there was trouble brewing, even though she had the element of earth and could cast a sea of dirt to take down the biggest of armies, she loved that crossbow.

There was no sign of anything or anyone in the yard. Silvers fur still raised at the back of his neck again, his front lower than his rear stalking forward like a predator. We moved to the drive way beside the house with everyone close behind. The hairs on the back of my neck warning me something was about to happen, and it wasn’t anything good.

Silver moved up to the gate stalking to the middle of the road where he stopped, growling at something further up the road. Morgan gasped as soon as she saw what had her wolf growling.

Morgan sucked in a breath turning frantic eyes on me. “Mrs McTabbot.” She uttered. I didn’t have a clue who Mrs McTabbot was but by the look on Morgan’s face it was enough to tell me, who ever she was, she was trouble.

I pulled Morgan close to my body wanting to protect her even if it was some short dumpy woman that looked like death warm up. The woman unfortunately was a Brollachan, there was no doubt in my mind of that.

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