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Chapter Forty Five

Forgotten Healing

I woke to soft lips dotting kisses along the seam of my mouth, a warm breath floating across my skin. I kept my eyes shut enjoying the feeling. I could wakeup to this every morning. “Conall?” I yelped remembering he had been stabbed.

He continued the ministrations of his lips peppering mine. “Hmm hmm.”

“What you doing, you were stabbed you should be resting.” Pushing against him to get him up was a failed attempt, it was like trying to move a damned mountain, he didn’t budge just kept kissing around my mouth. “Conall your injured.”

“Hmmm, and ye healed me.” He murmured then pressed his lips hard to mine pushing his tongue for me to open for him. How the hell could I not, he always turned my body into mush. He moved slightly so he could deepen the kiss and that was it, I was lost.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting this.” Came aunts voice, more teasing than serious. “Conall your supposed to be healing not ravaging your wife.”

He pulled away from the kiss. “Go away.” Then is mouth descended right back on mine.

“I won’t fucking go away, get off Morgan so I can tend to your wound.”

“God’s blood.” He huffed pulling away from me once again. “Jesus Ula, yer a pain in the arse at times.”

“I’ll be more than a pain in your arse if you don’t let me tend to that damned wound of yours.” Aunt reached forward and ripped the padding she had taped to his back before he had a chance to get up.

“Shite Ula are ye trying to rip my back off.” Only when there was no response, he turned his head to look at his sister in law. Her eyes were wide with disbelief. “What?”

“There’s no wound, nothing. Not even a scratch.”

He snorted. “That’s because my wife healed me.”

Pushing myself from under Conall while I had the opportunity to do so with him glaring at my aunt, I moved onto my knees, so I could see too. She was right his skin was perfect, not a mark. I ran my hand across where the stab wound had been to a moan escaping his lips. What his moans could do to me was ridiculous, just a single one caused a fire to flame inside me. This man was going to be the death of me.

“I’m sorry Morgan I totally forgot you could heal, how the hell I didn’t remember is beyond me, but this…this is amazing.”

I huffed. “How could I forget I could heal.” I felt bad that I had forgotten, it could have cost my husband his life.

Aunt sat on the bed forcing Conall to move to my side, doing so with a grunt, not happy to be sharing the space with her.

She hugged me. “It’s understandable with what happened, you were in shock seeing him being stabbed by that…I won’t say woman because she wasn’t. She was a monster.” She patted my back. “Love you did remember and that’s what’s important.”

“She was my neighbour.” I murmured not quite believing the woman who I never liked, who had spent a great deal of time whispering with Joe, was a Brollachan.

“Neighbour?” Conall and aunt said at the same time.

I nodded. “Yes, she was the woman that took over our house after my mother died and I moved in next door with Mrs Lockmeadow.”

Aunt took my hands in hers. “Oh, I’m sorry love, I didn’t know.”

“No, it’s ok I didn’t like her. Always whispering with Joe when they thought I wasn’t around, how she stood his stink was anyone’s guess.”

“Well then I’m glad she’s…well you know not around anymore.”

“Where’d she go?” Conall asked.

A smile bleached aunts face. “Morgan shot her through the heart with the first bolt. The second one right between the eyes.”

Conall chuckled. “Making sure she was dead hey?”

I blinked at him. “She stabbed you.”

“Aye but as ye can see I’m all mended, thanks to ye. Now if’n ye don mind Ula, how about ye scarper and give us some privacy. I want to kiss my wife.”

Ula scoffed. “Nope not happening we still have a little matter of a young female tied to the kitchen chair.”

“She can wait.”

“No, she can’t.” I said scrambling off the bed before he had a thought to grab me and hold me there.

“God’s blood Morgan ye are going to be the death of me.” I giggled internally, hadn’t I just thought the very same thing about him.

Arriving in the kitchen following aunt I had to hold back a smile. The girl was indeed tied to a chair and right in front of her was Silver. His muzzle pulled back so that his teeth were bared. He looked more like he was trying to portray a toothy smile, if the situation wasn’t so serious, I would have laughed at the sight of him.

The girl though looked petrified glaring back at him. Sloane was sitting at the other side of the table with his arms folded. Dougall was stuffing his face with sandwiches.

“Oh aye there ye are. Conall should you be no sleeping with ye wound.” Sloane eyed his brother. Conall was shirtless, I raised my brow at him pointing at his chest. He waggled his eyebrows at me. Hmmm I know what your game is mister.

“Nay, Morgan healed me. All good now.” With that the girl snapped her head to Conall. No doubt not believing he was standing after seeing him go down stabbed in the back and covered in blood.

Conall walked around the table and snagged a sandwich off Dougall’s plate. Dougall narrowed his sneering pulling the plate close to him haunching over it making sure Conall couldn’t snag another one.

Ula rolled her eyes and went to the counter to make Conall sandwiches. “I’ll make you some Conall, and for Christ’s sake put a damned shirt on.” That’s what I said, not vocally but he knew what I meant.

“Morgan come with me to our house and help me find a shirt.” He wiggled his eyebrows again. Yeah, we all know what that means, a shirt is the last thing on his mind.

I shook my head. “No, you go right ahead and get one without me, and have a shower while your there, your still covered in blood.” His face dropped to that of a child being denied sweets. “Go on with you, and don’t be long.”

“Your sandwiches will be ready when you get back.” Ula added buttering six slices of bread, she knew how to feed a starving man.

“I thought he’d been stabbed, how did ye heal him.” Came the small voice of Bridey. I shrugged.

“I just did.” I was not going to discuss my healing or anything else with this girl. “So, uncle are the bodies still out there on the road?”

“Nay lass, Dougall and I did a clean-up, so all is good. Ula are ye making a fresh pot of tea, our niece looks a little peaked?” It was really a silly question the kettle was always on, a fresh pots of tea at the ready.

“Yes love, kettles just boiled. Morgan sit down. Do you want a sandwich?”

I took a seat next to Sloane. “No thanks, I’m fine.”

“How did ye heal him?” The girl asked again.


Bridey wet her lips. “Ye could teach me tae do it.” I laughed. “It’s a handy skill to have…and I would very much like tae ken how ye did it.”

“Not happening Bridey. Now why don’t you tell me more about how Aoife managed to snatch your sister?” I leaned over the table towards her. “What does Aoife want with the pendants and me?”

Bridey narrowed her eyes. “Ye teach me how tae heal and I may give ye the information ye want.” I was speechless that she presumed to bargain with me.

I had just about enough, my nerves were rattled at the thought I nearly lost Conall, anger bloomed deep in the pit of my stomach. “How about I have Silver here tear your goddammed throat out?” The wolf with his muzzle still pulled back snarled.

Do you want me to eat her? I can drag her outside if your squeamish.

“No, I don’t want you to eat her, gees Silver have you eaten today?”

Bridey’s eyes opened so wide it looked like her eyes would pop out of her head any minute. “Ye can talk to this here dog?”

“Wolf.” I was sure she was in the room when Silver first spoke to me, strange that she seems to have forgotten that, or she thought I was joking that first time.

Ula chuckled setting a cup of tea in front of me and a plate of sandwiches in front of the empty chair beside me, ready for Conall. “You would be surprised what my niece can do.” She glared at Dougall. “Don’t touch, these are Conall’s.”

“He stole one of mine.” He moaned to a scowl from Sloane. “Fine, ye don care I’m a growing lad, and a starving one.”

Ula plonked her hands on her hips. “Starving, you just ate eight sandwiches.”

“Less the one Conall stole.”

“What did I steal?” Conall asked coming in the door freshly showered, a pair of blue jeans hugging his lower body, a dark blue tshirt causing his pecs to bulge from the constraints of the shirt. His hair still wet hung down to his shoulders.

Holy Goddess he was the epitome of a god, he was beautiful and strong and all mine.

“Morgan put your tongue back in your head before you drool on my kitchen floor.”

I swallowed hard and embarrassed that the perusal of my husband and his body sent me to another world. Conall’s smirk turned into a wide grin.

“Like what ye see. Told ye to come with me.” That was Conall, not one ounce of shame in his entire body, more than aware I was literally salivating over him.

I cleared my throat needing to change the conversation and turning back to Bridey. “Start talking.”

She shifted uncomfortably on the chair, not being able to move much due to the restraints. “I don ken much.”

“Really, yet you sought to bargain with me?”

“All I ken is that Aoife wants yer pendants and ye. She took my sister fer exchange. So, if ye could see yer way to agreeing tae go tae her, then I can have my sister back.”

I shook my head not believing that the girl thought after everything that had happened, I would just hand myself over with Conall’s travel pendant and the two half pendants. This girl had to be a penny short of a pound.

I understood she wanted her sister back but why she thought I would oblige had me dumbfounded. “Well that’s not going to happen.”

“That’s rather selfish of ye.” Bridey frowned.

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