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Chapter Forty Six

Back to Sutherland Castle

Sloane was taking a sip of tea but hearing that spluttered the contents of his mouth across the table, coughing, the scent of scotch permeating the air.

“God’s blood bráithar, watch me sandwiches.” Conall groaned having sat at the table having already demolished two of them.

“She’s not a full quid, is she?” Ula whipped, shaking her head.

“This is getting us nowhere.” I groaned. “Aunt I think we should call Nicnevan.” Everyone’s eyes suddenly focused on me.

“Ye cannae be serious lass.” Uncle muttered wiping his face on a napkin.

Aunt looked at me with more of an agreement than disapproval. “I think Morgan is right. Though I’m afraid that we can’t stay here.” That got all heads turning to her. “If any more of those monsters turn up, we could have a problem with the locals. We can’t keep hiding and disposing of bodies. How we got away with it the last time, is a miracle.”

“What are ye suggesting love?” Uncle asked.

Aunt took a deep breath glancing around the kitchen with a saddened expression. “We need to go to Sutherland castle.”

“Why do I have the feeling that ye are no talking about the ruins of this time.” Conall said expelling a long slow breath.

“No Conall, we can’t afford anyone seeing the Brollachans and reporting to the media, if they catch wind it will turn into a media shite storm. We need to take the fight back home.”

“Aye, I like that idea, I can use my sword, why they don use swords in this time, I’ll ne’er ken.” Dougall retorted to Conall’s eye roll.

“I see what ye are getting at. How do ye intent on calling this Nicnevan? I don’t trust this here lass, her máithar could have a lot more power than we are led to believe.”

“Sloane, I know just how to deal with that problem. Morgan you and I need to draw a pentagram to call Nicnevan, it will trap her so if she has any power, she won’t be able to use it from the confines of the circle.”

“Sure aunt if you think it will work.”

Her smile told me she was confident that it would. As for going back to Sutherland castle I was looking forward to catching up with Haig and Conall’s other brothers, well maybe not Aiden. “When do you think we should leave?”

Aunt got up out of her seat patting Sloane on the shoulder. “As soon as you are ready.” Ok that means now then.

“Okaaay. I had better get ready then, Conall you want to come with me to the hay house?” I still had issues calling it my or even our house. I hadn’t made up my mind as to where I wanted Conall and I to live, whether it is here in this time or in 1735.

I loved both places and both had pros and cons of living in either time periods. I still had my antique emporium, it wasn’t just a store it held dear memories, especially of its old owner Duffy, who had been more like a dad to me.

I hadn’t realised Conall was up until he grabbed my hand and started dragging me to the door. The last sandwich in his mouth. In a rush, not.

“Conall.” Aunt warned.

Conall gave her the middle finger over his shoulder, dragging me out the door through the mud room to the yard. As soon as we crossed the threshold of the hay house doorway, he spun me around, wrapping me in his arms and seizing my mouth as if he hadn’t kissed me in a month.

Pulling back more for air. “We are supposed to be packing.”

He put his hand to the back of my head. “Just give me a moment.” He whispered pulling me back to his lips. Damned this man really was going to be the death of me, could I stop the kiss though? Not on your nelly. He made me feel like the most precious, loved person in the world.

Still we had to get going before more of Aoife’s monsters returned. With all the inner strength I could muster I pulled back. “Come on love, we need to get ready.” I pecked him on the lips to his groan.

He let me go, knowing we had to prepare for leaving and going to his father’s castle. “Tonight, ye are mine.”

I stopped and turned to him. “Conall, love I’m yours all the time.”

“Aye so ye are…but I want to be inside ye…all the time.” He groaned through half lidded eyes.

I laughed. “That may be a little difficult. Raincheck?” He nodded.

“Tonight then?”

Lord he was insatiable. “Yes, tonight.” I took my clothes from the draw that aunt had washed. Not that I was aware of when she had time to do that, and took them to the bathroom to a groan from my husband as he stripped his own clothing. Yep knows what was on his mind, the bathroom was the safest option at the present.

“Conall?” I called. He came to stand in the doorway his arms folded his hip pressing against the door jam. “Where would you prefer to live, here at the hay house or at Sutherland castle? Unless there is somewhere else you would prefer to be.”

“You are my home. The question should be where do you want to live? You have the store here, Ula and Sloane, though having the wolf here may not be ideal.”

I squeezed my lips together. “You are my home too, but as far as places goes…I just don’t know.” He tilted his head.

“You don’t have to decide right now do you?” He shoved away from the doorway taking two strides towards me wrapping his arms around me and resting his chin on the top of my head. “We could, spend time in both places.”

“You mean a month or so here and then the same at Sutherland castle?”

“Why not, at least until ye decide where ye think our home should be. The castle is no the only place we can go. My father also owns a house in Glasgow if that interests you.”

I pulled back from him but staying within the circle of his arms, his scent of masculine, forest and him enveloping me in a bubble of love. “I’m not sure about that, I had only thought about the castle and here.”

“Baby you can go anywhere you want, it’s up to you. Hell, we could go live in Alaska with the Eskimos if you wanted to.”

I laughed. “No, I don’t think so, too cold.”

“Egypt with the pyramids?” I shook my head. “The Amazon jungle?”

“Definitely not.” I slapped his arm. “Now you are just being ridiculous.”

He pulled me closer skimming his lips across my cheek. “I am ridiculous, ridiculously in love with you.”

I breathed him in, my lashes fluttering. “I love you too.” He brought his lips to mine, soft moving like the wings of a butterfly. Then he pulled away.

“If we don’t get packed, Ula will be down here dragging us back to the house by our ears.” He chuckled. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes just need to grab my bathroom stuff first.” Conall went into the other room while I finished up.

Gathering up my toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner shoved them into a small grey bag, once I had changed. Without warning I needed to throw up just managing to manoeuvre myself to the loo just in time. Another brush of my teeth and cold water on my face had me feeling better. No doubt it was something I ate. The nauseous feeling passed as quickly as it came. I looked around the room to make sure there was nothing else I needed.

Going back into the main room Conall had redressed in his kilt. Damned he looked beautiful. His hair tied at the back into a ponytail with a leather strap. His white shirt open at the neckline displaying his chest beneath his cross strap that held his claymore at his back.

He was holding Abbey and my holder ready for me. “I like the way ye look at me.”

“Oh, and how do I look at you?” Trying to sound nonchalant turning my back to him so he could attach the holder.

“Ye know how ye do. Like I am the main course and desert all wrapped into one.” He chuckled. “Like ye could eat me.” He whispered laying soft kisses along my neck.

“Really I think your imagination is running away from you.” Tilting my head slightly enjoying the tender touches of his lips from my neck to jaw.

“Is it not the way I look at ye?”

He was right there, he always made me feel like dessert when he watched me, which was most of the time. He knew exactly how to melt my inner reserves of strength. When it came to him, I was powerless.

He turned me by the shoulders to look at him. “Well lass? Do I no look at ye as if I want to eat ye, to love ye in every way possible?”

I couldn’t deny it. “Yes.” My voice throaty as if I had spent an hour screaming wearing it out. I searched his eyes seeing the truth there and the lust that was never far away.

Wrapping his arms around me he pulled me to him, his voice husky and low. “Morgan, I love you with every bone in my body. What ye do to me should be a sin.” Moving his lips to hover over mine he whispered. “I cannae get enough of ye, an ne’er will.” His lips moved over mine from one side to the other with a gentleness. Tugging me closer the tenderness turning into pure and utter hunger. There I go again lost in his kisses.

“Jesus, Mary & Joseph.” Aunt’s exasperated voice came from the doorway. I hadn’t heard her come in lost in Conall’s passionate mouth.

“God’s blood, piss off Ula, yer timing is shite.”

I pulled away from him and slapped him on the shoulder. “Don’t talk to my aunt like that.” They were both smirking, of course they were.

“Are you two ready, we need to leave.”

“Yes.” I did up the straps of Abbey’s holder while Conall slipped her into it from the back before attaching my cape and tying it under my chin.

Conall attached his waist belt and added his sword and several daggers, tucking them into his waist band and shoving one down into his boot.

Walking to the dressing table he pulled the draw open and took out my sgian dubh handing it to me.

“Ah the skee-an-doo I wondered what happened to it.”

“Right, come on then, times a wasting.” Ula said retreating out the door, Conall clutching my hand we followed behind her.

When we returned to the main house Sloane and Dougall were also wearing their kilts with swords strapped to them. Bridey had her arms tied behind her back with Silver still hanging close growling every time she moved.

Dougall still had the pendant around his neck. We moved to stand in the empty place between the table and the doorway that led to the stairs.

Dougall stood in the middle surrounded by us. Conall wrapped his arm around me and held a hunk of Silver’s fur in his other hand. Sloane did the same on the other side with an arm wrapped around aunt. Bridey stood between aunt and I. Grabbing the girl’s shirt to make sure she didn’t break the circle, aunt put her hands over the girl’s ears not wanting her to hear the exact words Dougall was about to speak, replacing one hand quickly when he finished to grab her shirt again.

Dougall had one hand on the pendant the other he clasped Sloane’s arm, said the words and we were transported to land in Haig’s office at castle Sutherland.

The first thing I heard was the muttered cries of Haig. “Shite what in the name of God!”

Haig’s office was fairly large but with the arrival of six people and a wolf it was more like landing inside a cupboard. Haig was pushing a young woman away from him, her lips swollen and bruised from, well being thoroughly kissed I assumed.

Conall’s eyes grew wide. “Da! Are ye making ye way through the castle lasses, one at a time?”.

Everyone looked confused at Conall’s statement. Conall had told me of what had happened the last time he crossed time and landed in his father’s office, and the young girl in his clutches. This would be a different girl than the last one Conall had blustered in on.

“Fuck’s sakes lad can ye no mind ye own business. Have ye lot ne’er heard of o’ privacy” Haig held his arms out. “Tis no ma office, aye?”

Sloane’s face was red from embarrassment. “Sorry da, but we have a wee problem.”

Dougall was waggling his eyebrows at the girl as she straightened up her dress, then jolted forward when Conall smacked him upside the head.

“Aye then ye had better sit. Lily ye can go lass. Ula, Morgan it is good to see you both. Dougall good to see ye sober.” The girl left but not before eyeing Conall dragging her eyes down his body and licking her lips. Keep that up and she will have more than swollen lips, she’ll have a black eye to match. Yep am as jealous as hell, I’ll admit it, only to myself though.

Catching the look in Conall’s eye I think he has figured out the look I was giving the girl. He squeezed my hand making sure I saw his wicked smirk that held a promise. Yep he’s asking for a black eye too.

Haig sat down behind his desk. Conall took the chair on the right in front of him, I squeaked pulling me to his lap.

Haig rolled his eyes then spotted Bridey with her hands tied behind her back and her shirt top clutched in Sloane’s hand. “Who’s this then?”

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