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Chapter Fifty Four

Everyone Knows Now

Perplexed looks circulated amongst the men, and Mrs MacLeish still scrutinising the room not happy to let the pan down just yet. I was so glad she was on our side, I don’t think I would like to go up against her, and her frying pan.

“We thought ye were being attacked.” Dougall mumbled rolling his eyes. No doubt his mind wandering back to the food still on the table.

“Have ye two been crying?” Sloane asked taking his wife’s chin and wiping her tears away with his finger.

Ula hiccup. “We’re just so happy.” She whined to more tears spilling, which got me started again. Conall hurried over and took me in his arms.

“Hush now.” He cooed. “Tell me what has ye so happy that ye are starting yer own loch?”

“Morgan.” Aunt wanted me to tell them. I should really tell Conall first before anyone else, but seeing as they are all here. However, before I could say anything aunt couldn’t hold back.

“Morgan’s pregnant.”

Everyone’s faces went from confused to downright shocked.

Conall lifted my chin. “Is this true love?” He looked nervous as if he wasn’t sure if this was a joke or not. I nodded watching a smile grace his face, forming into a wide grin. He brought his lips to mine, first rough, then gentle, then all consuming.

Pulling his lips from mine he picked me up and spun on the spot. “I’m going to be a da.”

I was suddenly tugged out of his arms by uncle and sat on the bed as if I was something fragile that might break. “You’ll no be swinging my niece again bráithar. Put yer feet up lass, can I get ye something to eat, a drink, some water.” He fussed with the water jug on the side table spilling the water as he tried to pour it into a cup.

“Told you.” Aunt with her arms crossed in front her chest shook her head to everyone’s laughs.

Conall rammed himself between Sloane and me. “She’s my wife, and she’s carrying my bern, not yer, bráithar. So ye’ll thank yeself tae keeping hands on yer own wife, and no mine.”

“It’s already started.” Aunt chuckled.

Haig came to the bed and lifted me up into a hug. “Congratulations nighean, you need anything ye just have tae ask.” Haig tried to hide his face but there was no mistaking a tear at the corner of his eye. He let go of me and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you da.”

Conall and Sloane were almost nose to nose, well Sloane had to bend a bit, being somewhat taller than his brother. It was aunt who brought their stand off to an end.

“Sloane if you don’t back down you are sleeping in the chicken house for a whole month. And Conall if you don’t want me to drag you out of this room by your ears and give you an air bath you won’t forget, you will back down too.”

I sat myself back on the bed trying not to giggle at the startled faces of Sloane and Conall. I didn’t see Silver pushed his way through the crowd in the small bedroom, coming to stand directly in front of me.


Two pups. He huffed in the only way a wolf could.

For the second time my eyes grew wide, how the hell did he know. “Silver how did you know I was having twins?”

He huffed again, flashed his tongue across my arm and left the room.

“Morgan?” Conall came to sit on the bed next to me and take my hand, rubbing circles with his thumb.

“Were having two.” I smiles weakly at him.

“Two what love?” The word twins hadn’t registered with him.

“Two babies.”

“Were…having…two berns?” Conall stuttered looking like he could barely breath gripping my hand.


Conall was staring at me as if I was a queen. “Ye have made me the happiest man alive leannan.”

Stroking my hand down his face he took my hand and kissed my palm.

Uncle leaned down. “Bráithar the lass needs tae rest.” He was at it again, aunt was right, Sloane was a gigantic mother hen, lord help me.

It was then that I realised Dougall was still stood in the doorway and hadn’t said a word this whole time. Trying hard to hold his grin at bay, he wasn’t succeeding.

“Dougall are you, all right?”

“His eyes flick to mine his grin growing wider by the minute. “I’m going to be an uncle of two berns. Can I be their godfather too. I will teach them to ride and fight with a sword.”

“Dougall they’re not even born yet, aren’t you getting a bit ahead of yourself?” I chuckled.

“The only thing Dougall will teach them is how to be a pain in the butt like him.” Conall cursed at him.

“Oh now, come on bráithar, let’s not forget ye wouldnae have gotten yer wife back if’n it wasnae fer me.”

“You’re no going tae let me live that down, are ye?”

Dougall grinned flipping a finger at Conall. “Never.”

“Right I think it’s time everyone leaves so my nighean can get some rest.” Haig said clapping his hands to get everyone’s attention to mumbles across the room.

I stand to give everyone a hug even Mrs MacLeish still clutching her fry pan, her eyes still scanning the room. She would make a damned good guard if she didn’t cook so well.

Once the excitement had died down and everyone left the room, with final words from Sloane to Conall that I needed rest and to keep my feet up. The room suddenly silent now but the sounds of our breathing. The day had been overwhelming to say the least, to finish with finding out that I was pregnant with two babes.

Conall stood but three paces away grinning like a Cheshire cat, his eyes flicking from my stomach to my face then back to my stomach. He was certainly happy about it. It wasn’t that I wasn’t, it was just a shock only now realising that everything I went through in Milan including the whipping from the beast Ronaldo, I had been pregnant the entire time.

Conall’s grinning was grinding my nerves. “Will you cut it out, they can feel you staring at them like a hungry wolf.”

His eyes meet mine, his much wider, his words more a gasp than a question. “They can?”

“No you eejit, Honestly Conall…” His shoulders stiffen before I can finish the sentence.

“What? What did you call me?” His voice dropping to a growling question.

My first thought was he’s seriously angry with me and I should be afraid and run. Eyeing the door behind him, no, there is no way I would get past him. The room suddenly feeling smaller. For a single second a spark lit his eyes, a smirk threatening to cross his face before it was gone. If I had been looking away, I would have missed it.

Still it did nothing to desist a tremble in my knees that he could be upset with me. Taking a step back, the back of my knees hitting against the bed.

“I…I could have called you a bampot, arse…” He took a step towards me, I’ve seen this before, this stalking as if I’m dinner. Swallowing the lump in my throat I plop down on the bed, my hands grasping the sheets beneath me. I will my mouth to keep quiet, it refuses to submit. “Dick, stalker…bully.”

He jumped at me, I screamed. Scrambling across the bed was a wasted effort my ankles caught in his large calloused hands, dragging me back.

“Conall.” I warned.

My warning had not one iota of effect as he hauled me across the bed and flipped me over across his knee, my hand flailing in mid-air, my stomach pressed into his thighs.

“Conall let me go this instant!”

“An eejit, am I?” He growled giving me a hard slap to the left cheek of my bottom. I yelped trying to reach my arms around to cover my now stinging cheek. He grabs my wrists and with one hand pulls them to the small of my back holding me in place so I can’t escape his knee.

“Bampot?” Another hard smack lands on my right cheek. “Arse.” I squeal at a harder smack.

“Stop. The babies.” I plead.

“The bairns are alright lass, I’ll no hurt them with yer arse whipping.”

“Conall, let me up. I’ll…I’ll tell Sloane…”

His hand stills on my now very sore bottom. His body vibrates with a silent rumbling chuckle that spears through my body. Oh Lord, now is not the time for heat and flicks of flames to rush to the apex of my thighs. The flat of his hand lands even harder at the centre of both cheeks. I let out a yelp that sounded more of a groan, awe hells it was a bloody moan.

“Oh you like this do ye lass, a little pain with ye pleasure?”

Yes. “No.”

His hand runs circles over my cheeks erupting more stinging and more zapping of flames where they have no business going.

“Ye have any more names tae call me lass?” He growled in my ear, his hot breath singeing sensitive spots on my neck and behind my ear.

“Noooo.” I answer, angry that it came out as a whimper.

Conall let’s go of my wrists, grabs my hips lifting and spinning me until he thumps me straddling his hips. I wince at the pain in my bottom connecting with his thighs.

“Sore are ye lass.” He runs his knuckles down my reddened face, gentle, his eyes focused on my lips. “Seeing as ye have had the pain, now ye can have the pleasure.” Self assured bastard.

I daren’t say that hence he think to spank me again. Even though I didn’t speak out loud it is as if he could read my thoughts with a chuff of a laugh, still glaring at my lips.” I’ll remember in future that ye like ye wee bottom spanked.” Oh lord. “If I give you pain, my hands and mouth will make it feel better.” He groaned kissing my neck.

The thoughts of what he can do with his hands and mouth triggered me to squirm on his lap. “I thought as much.” He whispers his mouth descending on mine with every ounce of raw need and want he has to offer.

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