Beloved Enemy

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Chapter 2

Emily watches as her brother and his Beta rushes from the room. She is not worried about them, maybe a little, but she knows they are two of the strongest wolves ever.

She sits back, and after closing her eyes, she tries to concentrate on her brother Emory.

Her brow furrows in effort, but to no avail.

“Damn, where are you?”

She sighs and returns to her office. Since Ethan does not have a mate, she has taken over the duties of Luna from her mother.

Contrary to popular belief, a Luna’s job is hectic. She is in charge of running the household. As omegas are no longer used as slaves, a schedule of work has to be drawn up and maintained.

She also buys food, allocate allowances, and does the household budget.

On top of all that, Emily gives school to the younger cubs.

She tries to listen in on the pack link, but Ethan is not allowing anyone in. She knows, that as the acting Luna, she would be the first to know if something goes wrong.

He needs to find his mate. We don’t want to be a Luna.’ her wolf grumbles.

‘I know, and he is looking.’

Asmia mumbles incoherently, but Emily can feel her wolf’s pain and longing.

‘Nothing yet?’ Emily asks softly.

I don’t feel any pull towards our mate.’

They both remain silent, each lost in their own thought and fears as she tackles the paperwork on her desk.

“They got away.” Her brother frustrated voice pulls her out of her brooding.

The door slams open and Ethan and his Beta storms in.

“We cannot follow them onto another packs territory, Alpha.”

Ethan grumbles, “Call Alpha Christopher, and let him know that rogues crossed his boundary.”

“Yes, alpha.”

Ethan turns back to Emily, “The council is sending someone over tomorrow.”

“Thank you for letting me know ahead of time, so that I can prepare.” Emily glares at him, “Who are they sending?”

“Boian, he is…”

“He is a vampire. Damn, Ethan, we don’t have any blood for him and I have not prepared a room.”

“He will bring his own blood, I hope. You can put him in the guest quarters in my apartment.

“I will contact the council and find out about the blood…” Emily stomps away, mumbling about the arrogance of Alphas.

Her hand pauses on the door handle, “He is here about Emory?”


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