Beloved Enemy

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Chapter 3

Ethan stands next to Emily watching the black SUV approaching the pack house.

The vampire from the council has arrived. Ethan has never met him, but he has a reputation among the alphas.

A tall, lean man, elegantly dressed in black, emerges from the SUV.

He is not what I expected.’

‘Don’t let his exterior fool you. I can sense a predator inside.’ His wolf warns.

Emily is already greeting him, so Ethan walks closer.

“Good morning, welcome to our pack.”

The man turns his serious brown eyes towards Ethan and nods, “Good morning, Alpha.”

Ethan turns, “Let’s continue this discussion in my office.”

The vampire follows him quietly. Even with his enhanced wolf senses, he can barely hear the man’s footfalls.

He opens the door and watches the vampire take a seat. He gestures for Emily to sit, before taking his seat behind the desk.

“I read the report, but I want to hear your account of the incident first hand.”

Ethan clears his throat, “As you might know, our pack runs a wolf sanctuary that overlaps the nearby National Park. We received a call that an injured wolf was seen.”

“Emory was closest, so he was dispatched. That was the last time we heard from him.”

“I send another ranger to check on him. He found Emory’s SUV, door open, and not sign of him.There was no sign of a fight, no scent. No indication of who took him.”

“The council assumed that hunters took him. They have been cracking down on groups known to operate in your area. None of the hunters know anything about Emory.”

“They are giving up?” Emily asks softly.

“No, they are not. That is why they send me.”

He stands up, “Show me his SUV. I assume nobody has been using it?”

The walk through the pack house in silence. Emory’s black SUV is in the basement parking.

“We found nothing in the SUV.”

Boian walks towards the SUV, touching the hood. He closes his eyes, and begin to circle the SUV. He stops at the door, and gets in. He stays in there for a long time.

Ethan walks closer and opens the door, “What did you see?”

Boian ignores him. Ethan growls. “What did you see?”

“I saw enough.”

He walks towards the door, stops and turns back, “Show me to my room. I need to make some phone calls.”

Emily looks at her brother ’s face , before hastily walking towards the door, “I will show you.”

Ethan stands in the garage for a long time, trying to decide if he should wait for the asshole vampire to tell him more, or to just beat it out of him.

“Alpha, I am here. What did I miss?”

Ethan growls, “Thanks for showing up.”

Kyle’s eyes widen, “It went that bad?”

“The asshole saw something but he is not telling .”

“We went over the SUV and we found nothing,” Kyle frowns.

Ethan growl louder, “Kyle, his gift is Psychometric.”

Kyle looks confused.

“You do know all vampires have gifts?”

“Yes, telepathy, telekinesis…”

“Most are more extreme. He can see the history of an object by touch. As he is a vampire, his gift is more…enhanced.”

“He won’t tell you what he saw?”

“No, the council probably forbade him to tell us. Fuck, I want to know what he saw.”

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