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Laughing, giggling and playing with her friend, Dossam feels someone's eyes on her. She turns around to find him. Ace. Dark, mysterious and breathtaking. A lycan who has his eyes set on her for some dark reason. She doesn't know whether to give in his temptation or to run in the opposite direction.


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“I will kill you!” Rebecca shrieks at me and I roll my eyes at her.

“You shouldn’t have hit me with the flip-flop!” I shriek back at her. We’re standing by the railing of the bridge, eyeing the yellow SpongeBob square-pants flip-flop which is floating in the water several feet beneath the bridge.

A few moments ago that flip-flop adorned my best friend’s right foot but it wasn’t lucky enough to spend the rest of its life with its other half when she threw it on me. My temper got the best of me and the flip-flop ended up falling *coughs* in the water. Rebecca curses colorfully making me wonder how she managed to learn such a wide range of vocabulary. I’d love to learn some too but judging Rebecca, I think she invented half of the swearwords herself.

“It’s your fault!” She shouts at me and I growl at her.

“Say that again and you’re next!” I threaten her but my threats did not affect her whatsoever. She rolls her eyes and looks down at her favorite flip flop floating deeper and deeper into the water. She lets out a pained cry and looks down at the flip-flop again.

“Go and bring it.” She growls at me.

“What? No!” I say taking a step back from her because I know if she lunges herself at me then I am no match for her because first, she is a werewolf and I am a human and second, she is a warrior and I don’t know any other tactic to defend myself in a fight other than running away.

“That was my favorite flip-flop, bring it back!” She shrieks at me, throwing a tantrum like a five-year-old when denied an extra cookie. At this, I burst out laughing.

“That was your favorite flip-flop?” I manage to ask between my laughs. My stomach is starting to ache but I just can’t stop laughing because my 21-year-old best friend just admitted that she loves flip-flops with SpongeBob square-pants. Now, I know what to get her for Christmas.

A bra with SpongeBob square-pants on them will be just the perfect thing for her. I am sure she’ll love it.

“Stop laughing. You sound like a dying cow.” She says sounding annoying which makes me laugh even harder. I clutch my stomach and kneel down on the ground and laugh my guts off. She rolls her eyes at me and looks at her watch.

“Are you done yet?” She asks, annoyance coating her voice.

“Just a minute,” I say sounding short on breath because of laughing so much. My stomach hurts so bad but I just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Stop it now or I am throwing you in the water!” She threatens me and I stop instantly because I don’t trust Rebecca. She does what she says and since I threw her favorite flip-flop in the water, she might as well throw me after it.

“You still like that shit?” I finally manage to ask and she shrugs.

“How old are you? Five?” She glares at me before lunging for me and I run for my life. I run as fast as my human body could allow me to. I run throw the forest, passing several trees and bushes. I may not be a werewolf but I love forests and I love running.

I hear her let out some more newly invented curses and my laughing comes back. I feel her close behind me so I pump my legs faster wishing I don’t develop crams due to running this fast without any warm up.

Soon I feel out of breath and stop to fill my lungs with sufficient air to help them function properly. She catches up with me and playfully hits me.

“I am a 21-year-old adult and I still love SpongeBob square-pants!” She says proudly and I burst into another laughing hysteria.

“I can’t wait to tell this to the whole pack!” I say and start running again. She takes off after me before letting out a warning growl.

“You’re not going to do such thing!” She shrieks after me and I run faster. I can’t wait to see the reaction of the whole pack. I try to run fast but my body did not allow it and I end up stopping once more to catch my breath.

She comes running to me and I notice that she’s wearing only one flip-flop while the other is swimming in the river with fishes, enjoying the separation. Maybe. The thought that she has been running like that all this time makes me burst out into another laughing hysteria. I swear my lungs are going to burst if I don’t stop soon. She looks annoyed by me as I continue to laugh.

“Now what?” She asks and I feel a tear escaping my eyes due to laughing so hard. I shake my head at her and start walking and try to stop my laughing. My stomach already hurts but I just can’t stop laughing. After walking for some moments, the pack house is visible between the trees and we walk towards it.

As we near the pack house, people give us strange looks and why not? I can’t stop laughing and Rebecca is walking with only one flip-flop on. The best part is that she hasn’t noticed yet that she has only one flip-flop on which makes me laugh harder. Rebecca mutters some curses at me under her breath but I mostly ignore her.

We were about to enter the pack house when it happened. I stopped laughing all of a sudden and I don’t know why. I feel so conscious of my surrounding all of a sudden. I feel an imaginary pull and the air sizzles with electricity as it thickens with tension.

What’s happening?

Suddenly, I feel a heated gaze on me and I couldn’t help but look in its direction. I turn around to find myself looking into two pitch black eyes. For a moment, I forget to breathe as a wave of power surges over me. The owner of those eyes is looking straight at me and I feel self-conscious.

He’s so tall and I see muscles bulging under his jacket. His hair is as dark as his eyes. His facial features are so sharp and perfect as if carved out of stone by an experienced sculptor. There’s this regal and guttural vibe to his look that makes me want to run away and hide from him.

Through the amount of energy radiating off him, I know that he is not a werewolf. He’s someone of a superior species.

“Lycan.” Rebeca mutters beside me and I nod. I see that he’s not alone. There’s one more Lycan with him who seems to be having a conversation with our Alpha. I couldn’t manage to look away. There seems to be something pulling me, gravitating me to him. I don’t feel safe. I feel overwhelmed by the power radiating off him.

I manage to tear my eyes off him and drag Rebecca with me inside the pack house still feeling his eyes on me...

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