Life After Life

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Chapter 16 - Veryan

We stood around trying to figure out a plan: the front of the cave had caved in, we didn’t know how big it was on the inside or where it even led to. Hayther and Prince Dorian were arguing when I heard a familiar scream. I took off towards her voice, I reached the pile of rocks clawing at them, desperate to get through. I knew that was her voice and I needed to get to her.

“Veryan, up here!” Dorian had climbed up the hill and was on top of the cave now. I took his outstretched hand and clambered up, rushing towards a giant opening in the ground.

“Everose!” I screamed out, desperation building. I reached the edge of the opening and looked down I saw her laying on the ground, her golden hair spread out around her like a halo, and she wasn’t moving. Hayther screamed her name as I began to look for a way to get to her.

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