The She Alpha

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19 year old amber becoming alpha and finding there is more to being a werewolf. Amber 19 years old and the next alpha of the Royals, the top of tall werewolf's. She is a powerful hybrid that's, kind, strong, fast, mean towards men, and the first she alpha. She just becomes alpha and will,soon will meet her mate, but she doesn't want one. Oliver 23 years old and alpha of the silver pack. He is the alpha of the second strongest pack and is a great leader. Oliver is kind, has a scary ora, strong, but not like his mate Amber. He has some trouble with rogues and is now is needing help from the Royal's with a up coming war.

Fantasy / Other
Cassandra Powell
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Chapter One

Amber's POV

I'm awoken by my mother saying that father needs to see me in his office ASAP.I get ready and head for his office. I knock on the door " Come in" I come in with my head up high showing no emotion and stand in front of the desk. "I called you here today for a important reason, you have been a great daughter that has no fear and works hard, you also are very strong to the point where you can beat me" I look at him and his shining eyes. " I'm getting to old to be a leader and I won't always be here to be alpha" he stands up and goes in front of me " I Roger silver moon is making you Amber silver moon the alpha of the Royal's" I nod accepting what was said. "Thank you father I'll make sure this pack is well taken of and stay powerful" he looks at me and smiles "Make me and your mother proud" I nod at him and give him a small smile. "I will announce this to the pack at dinner and there will be a celebration for you" I nod and go back to my room to prepare for tonight. My mother mind links me in the middle of my shower. "Amber I need to show you something out back" I get out and get dressed in some clothes and head out back. I come out and see my mom in the yard telling me to come here. I run to her and greet her with a hug. "I have a gift for you that I think you will cherish for ever" she then looks towards the woods and whistles. All a sudden a big bird on fire comes and lands on her shoulder. " His names is Ash, he is a Finix and is your loyal pet and he will never betray you" I look at her with happiness. "Thank you mother I will keep him by my side at all times" Then she gives me a crimson red ruby on a chain and puts it on around my neck. "This is a other gift and it help Ash find you if your out of reach, he can disappear and reappear as told" Ash flies around me and sits on my right shoulder. I head back up stairs and write a list on who will be my Beta, pack trainer, pack nurse, head nurse, and top warriors. This is all part of becoming the next alpha and I had this planned on my 19th birthday for this day. I look at Ash and think that I need places for him to sit on when he an't on my shoulder. So I head for the supplies and get materials to make perches for Ash. This is my favorite part of the day when I use my powers. I use my powers to make a perch. It's made with dark wood and has flame carving to represent Ash's flames. I then duplicate more for rooms I go most to and places outside with no trouble. I call some guards and tell them to set them up where I want them.

I get in work out clothes and go to the training room to let off steam. Ash sits on my shoulder on the way there. I was getting some looks with wide eyes when they see me with Ash on my shoulder. They bow with respect. " Good morning Princess Amber" I smile there way " good morning" I carry on and finally reach the training room. "It's empty for ounce" Ash flies to the perch at the door when I head for the punching bag. I stretch out a little and start punching for a good 30 minuets. Next thing I do is some weights and bench 300 pounds for awhile until I was done. "Come Ash" he lands on my shoulder and I head out to go take a shower for tonight. I'm almost at the door of the house when I hear I sound come from a animal in distress. I run to where I heard the noise and see a white nine tailed fox. "Hey there, you hurt" the Fox hurt it's leg so I pick her up and take her in the house with me. I get the first aid and head for my bathroom. Ash sits on his perch and I carry the Fox to the bathroom. "I need to give you a bath to get you clean" she nods here head. I sit her down in the shower and wash her with some of my soap and conditioner then dry her with the blow dryer and I spray a little of my favorite perfume on her. I sit her on the counter and look at her leg she has some porky pines spikes in her leg. I take them out easily and quick. "There we go all better" I put her on the floor and she jumps on my bed in excitement. " I'm going to name you snow, snow jumps off the bed and then jumps in my arms giving me a lick on my cheek. "I take you like that name" I go to my mother and show her Snow and get a opinion about her. "Mother I need you to meet some one" She gasps and goes straight to snow. "I didn't think the legend was real, but now I believe" I look at her with a questioning face. " The story is that the Moon goddess chooses a person stop a threat that comes for the werewolves and that person is given a white nine tailed fox to help her along the way" I look at her and think to myself. *I believe my mother, but if there is a threat to the werewolf kind what is it and why me* "Mother do,you know what the threat is?" She looks at me and shakes her head. "No it doesn't say, but the moon goddess will speak to you when the time comes " *Great now this is going to bug me and I'm going to have to train extra to be ready* "Thanks mom" I go back up stairs and get in the shower and then get ready. I leave Ash and Snow so they can rest for awhile. I head to the dinner room and see that everyone is here. I go to the table where my mother and father is and start eating. " In a moment I will make a announcement to the pack" he whispered to me. I finish eating and a second later my father whistle's getting the packs attention. "I have a announcement to make" "I Alpha Roger is stepping down as alpha and my Daughter Amber is the new Alpha of the Royal's" Everyone claps and cheers. I stand up ready to announce what I need to say. "I look forward to leading my pack to a bright future, I I'm going to announce names to be my Beta, head nurse, nurse, pack trainer, and the top warriors, and when I do stand up and be recognized" "My father will be your pack trainer, my mother your head nurse, Peter your nurse, my best friend Zack is my Beta, and my warriors will be chosen in three months." The pack claps recognizing them. Then everyone bows to me accepting me as there alpha. "You may finish up and retire for the night, that will be all. I get up walk out and head for my room. Tomorrow I have to move my parents into there own house. I go up stairs with food and water for Snow and Ash. "Im back guys" They come to my and greet me I lay there bowls at the wall and let them eat. I get on my phone and see how the weather is going to be this week. "Sunny all week" "Lets go to bed guys" they finish up, Ash goes to his perch, and Snow goes and lays on my bed. I go to Ash and give him a pet goodnight, and turn the light off and give Snow a kiss goodnight. I get under the covers and slowly fall asleep.

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