S: A Hybrid's Tale

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Chapter 4

As the years passed her by, Serena left the young, confused and naive little 8-year-old girl behind and transformed into someone strong and confident and in control of her abilities as a vampire. She was feared by many but had grown to relish in it. She was a fast learner and had grown to be one of the best students the society ever had.

At the age of 11 she had her first successful assignment and ordered kill. At the age of 14 she graduated at the top of her class and ahead of the other candidates, as well as earned the title as ‘most feared assassin of the time’, and her code name became Slasher, derived from her very first kill those some years ago. Serena later learned that the society that had trained her were controlled by elders, and each elder was a respected representative of each faction of important and necessary supernatural beings. They consisted of a head for the Witches, Vampires, one of the few Lycans left for the Werewolves, the Elves, Fairies, and a messenger each for the Demons and Angels. Their role was to keep the supernatural world under control, in balance as much as possible and to send their assassin hunters in to clean up messes and carry out punishments and such. On rare occasions, even the royal families would call upon and pay the society to deal with problems that they were specifically qualified for. Slasher’s preferred assignments were those requiring justice or warranted revenge. Her chosen tasks started out as teaching thieves and bullies a lesson, but then later developed into finding and eliminating bandits, pirates and murderers.

The supernatural world had to be kept secret from the human world for the safety of all, so sometimes witnesses would have to be taken care of by the society also, but those kills must not look professional, instead they are orchestrated to look natural or accidental. On the other hand, if another supernatural creature is involved then Serena can bend her assignment into a well-earned meal without much trouble caused.

Over time, with vigorous training and hard work she has become stronger and faster than any other vampires, but sometimes her anger and hunger are also greater. Strict and regular fitness and combat training routines and regular fresh meals keep Serena in control, calm and at the top of her game.

Serena’s POV


“Mmmm” so sweet. I haven’t fed since yesterday and this demon was preying on small children, it had to be dealt with, so why not also sate myself as I am already here.

“S can we leave now? You have already completed the assignment and Ghoul (Phillip) has dealt with the other bodies, you are just taking too much pleasure in this.”

“Oh Scar (Henry) you don’t need to be so sour, I am just finishing up.”

“Yes, well it is getting late and we still need to finish preparations for the gathering tomorrow night.”

“Alright gentlemen we can leave now.”

We burn the last body, gather our bags and mount our horses and ride down empty dirt lanes and a solitary dark forest to arrive back at the Manor House.

“Ghoul can you take the horses back to the stables? Scar can you go to the guard office to assist with the security planning for tomorrow night? And I will report to the elders regarding our completed assignment.”

“Of course.” Replied Phillip meekly.

“Yes ma’am.” Said Henry, while saluting mockingly.


After the gathering, I spent time walking around the perimeter, checking in with the guards and covering any gaps in the patrols, until the last guest either left or retired to their room for the night after the gathering. Then I left for a run through the boundary forest before retiring for some rest myself, while other guards took over the patrolling.

I awoke late morning to the sound of clashing metal from sword training on the lawn outside my window. I pulled myself from the comfort and warmth of my bed and bathed in the warm water prepared earlier for me by the maids at the far end of my room, before dressing in my regular training attire of black trousers, black leather boots and a short sleeved black shirt of sorts. As I sat at the table in the dining hall for my breakfast, a guard relayed a message to myself that I was summoned by the elders to the meeting chamber, so I took my breakfast with me, that consisted of toasted bread and a jar of fresh blood.

I pushed open the large heavy wooden doors to the chamber and took my own solitary seat at the end of the table as I gave each elder and cursory smile.

“Good morning Serena, how are you today?” Greeted elder Winter.

“I am quite well thank you.”

“That is good, oh and happy birthday dear.” Replied elder Raven.

“Thank you.”

“Well enough with the pleasantries, we have another assignment for you. This one is different and requires a more careful approach.” States elder Hunter. They push some parchment towards me with important details and information written down on it as they continue.

“There is a pack to the north that owns a great deal of land, but recently has found themselves with a rogue problem. He believes to have a traitor amongst his pack but has asked for our help to deal with them and to help train his pack.” Explains elder Night.

“When do I start my assignment?”

“You leave for the north in a week, that should give you time to prepare.” Instructs elder Hunter.

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